Build Your Startup with AWS

Building your foundation but need some guidance? AWS has the resources and instruction you need to start today.

Start Building

We’ve put together a set of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the AWS cloud, whether you’re looking to build a new application, understand how to set up your architecture, monitor your applications, or reduce your operational costs.

Where to Begin

Get to know the AWS Cloud and learn the fundamentals behind building a mobile app, a simple web app, or a public facing API.
Get to know the building blocks behind the AWS Cloud.
Walk through how to use AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync to build an app.
Walk through how to build a simple web application from the ground up.
Walk through how to build an API with AWS API Gateway and AppSync.

Building Infrastructure

Explore key components of AWS’ secure, extensive, and reliable global cloud infrastructure to help you lay the optimal groundwork for your architecture.
Walk through the various database types to see which is right for your use case and industry.
Walk through when to use virtual machines, serverless architectures, and containers.
Walk through the types of websites, users, priorities, and testing methodologies

Getting the Most Out of AWS Services

Learn how to manage costs and set up application and resource monitoring so you can build fast and spend wisely.
Walk through the main services you’ll use to gain deep visibility into your application performance.
Walk through how to monitor your AWS resources and set up automated actions for operational excellence.
Walk through the five best practices to establish a strong cost governance practice.

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