Developer tools

Choose from a variety of AWS, open source, and third-party frameworks that simplify AWS AppSync application development and deployment. These popular frameworks are supported across multiple languages.

Developer libraries

Use flexible libraries to connect your Web, iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter applications to AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs.


AWS AppSync developer guide

Read our technical documentation on using AWS AppSync.

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AWS AppSync API Reference

Read our AWS AppSync API Reference documentation.

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AWS Amplify DataStore

For offline use cases, read the Amplify DataStore documentation.

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Guides & tutorials

GraphQL decision guide

Overview of GraphQL benefits and implementation approaches.

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Amplify GraphQL guides

Amplify guides give you a more in-depth understanding of how to use the Amplify CLI, libraries, and hosting to build out common GraphQL functionality, end-to-end solutions, and frequently asked for workflows.

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Build a front-end application with GraphQL (React/iOS/Android/Flutter)

Tutorials that will teach you how to deploy a web or mobile GraphQL application based on AppSync in under an hour.

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Workshops & whitepapers

GraphQL real-time race workshop

Learn to build a fully functioning serverless web application that delivers real-time data to fans based on their location, event scoring, and event updates for a fast-paced sports event called the GraphQL Real-time Race. 

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AppSync workshop

The AWS AppSync immersion day workshop provides an introduction to implementing serverless GraphQl APIs connected to multiple data sources with AppSync (a managed GraphQl service on AWS)

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DataStore whitepaper

This whitepaper discusses the benefits, implementation details, and use cases of Amplify DataStore.

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The Wall Street Journal: Newsroom enhances real-time updates with AWS AppSync (5:37)
Cedrus: Migrating a legacy application to a serverless ecosystem (6:45)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Power modern serverless applications with GraphQL and AWS AppSync (30:47)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Best practices to securely operate GraphQL at scale with AWS AppSync (34:18)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Unify access to siloed data with AWS AppSync GraphQL resolvers (29:25)
Mixing Amplify with CDK - Building an authenticated GraphQL API with TypeScript on AWS (23:28)


Browse through articles written by experts to help you develop and operate GraphQL APIs on AWS.

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