AWS Billing Conductor

Simplify billing and reporting with customizable pricing and cost visibility

Assigning accounts to a billing group gives you an aggregated view of the cost and usage data for those accounts by billing period.

Create global and service-specific pricing rules, which can be assigned to all billing groups or individual billing groups as needed.

Create custom credit or fee line items that apply to the current or prior billing period for each billing group you maintain.

Generate Cost & Usage Reports for each of your billing groups, available at the payer account and the primary account of a billing group.

Whether you’re in the business of managing IT costs for your customers, or simply trying to improve cost accountability for internal teams within your organization, AWS Billing Conductor enables accurate, customizable billing to meet the complex needs of your business and customers.

AWS Billing Conductor supports your billing and reporting workflows by customizing the billing rates, distribute credits and fees, and shared overhead costs at your discretion. With a few clicks, accounts will have a view of their costs that aligns with your business logic when logging in the AWS billing console.

Simplify your billing process with AWS

How it works

The AWS Billing Conductor is a customizable billing service, allowing you to customize your billing data to match your desired business structure. To start, you map your accounts to mutually exclusive financial groups – billing groups. You can then define the billing parameters for each group such as pricing rules and custom line items. Once each billing group is defined, you will be able to view the output of your configuration, by billing group, on the billing console bills page as well as generate a Cost and Usage Report (CUR) for each billing group.

Use cases

Map accounts financially

Group accounts with the same financial owner into a billing group, and create as many billing groups as needed. Assign one account for each billing group as the “primary account”. Primary accounts have cross-account visibility and can generate a Cost & Usage Report (CUR) for the entire group.

Define billing parameters

Create global and service-specific pricing rules, which can be used together to determine the rate your end customer sees. Create custom line items to allocated fees and credits, which can be calculated using a flat or percentage-based calculation method.

Generate billing reports

Create a Cost & Usage Report (CUR) for each billing group. This capability is available at the payer account, as well as the primary account for the billing group. Non-Primary accounts assigned within a billing group can generate a CUR only for their account.

How to get started

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