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Billing groups allow you to group accounts with similar financial owners and provide a contextual view of their cost and usage. The “primary account” of the billing group, which you assign, is given cross-account billing visibility for the entire group.

The pricing configuration allows you to create global, billing entity, service, and SKU-specific pricing rulea, which can be used together to determine the rate your end customer sees in the billing console and CUR.

You can allocate fees and credits, using a flat or percentage-based calculation to match your internal billing logic. The assignment of custom line items is by billing group and you’re able to create a custom line item to adjust current month billing as well as the previous month. Custom line items can be created for one time or recurring adjustments.

Generate a Cost & Usage Report (CUR) for each of your billing groups, available at the payer account and the primary account of a billing group. Non-Primary accounts assigned within a billing group can generate a CUR only for their account.

Purchases of reserved instances and savings plans are contextual. If they are purchased by an account within the billing group, the entire billing group can (potentially) benefit. If they are purchased outside of the billing group, the accounts within the billing group do not receive a benefit.

Each billing group’s charged amount (what the accounts within the billing group see), actual costs, and margin (the difference between those two values) is available for review on a billing period by billing period basis within the AWS Billing Conductor console.