"Classmethod, Inc. helps systems integration projects for all sizes of enterprises by leveraging cloud and mobile technologies and has been developing/running applications for those customers. Recently we have been certified for “AWS Partner Network Big Data Competency”, which is the 1st certification in Japan and one of 11 partners out of 10,000+ APN partners worldwide. We have solid experience on building and consulting data analytics platforms.

We also run a website which covers state-of-the-art IT related topics such as AWS (Redshift and other services), BI and ETL."

"Marketing people among our customers have strong demand for data analytics, and we would like to help customers by delivering data analytics platforms in fast and with affordable cost. Amazon Redshift does not require neither initial cost nor preparation, and customers can start to use it at any time. They can use familiar SQL for query processing and can scale at any size easily. Query statistics and performance monitoring features are helpful for performance tuning so that customers can keep query performance as expected. We believe Redshift is the best service for data analytics platform because customers can start from small, scale at any size."

Satoshi Yokota,
Founder & CEO

"Classmethod provides a packaged solution 'Customer Story' which includes both implementation and administration for data analytics platform. 'Customer Story' consists of Amazon Redshift as DWH, Amazon Kinesis for M2M data collection, Talend for collection and ETL for various data from on-premises, and Treasure Data for mobile log collection. For instance, generated big data from inside enterprise (e.g. POS) are collected and denormalized, and also unstructured data such as access logs and censor logs are gathered and transformed. Those data are ingested into Redshift and are visualized by BI tool such as Tableau so that it can accelerate reiteration of hypothesis and test cycle."