Customers worldwide are exploring quantum computing and quantum dynamics with Amazon Braket and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

Volkswagen logo

Volkswagen Group is one of the world's largest producers of passenger cars and Europe's largest automaker. “At Volkswagen, we want to gain in-depth understanding of the meaningful use of quantum computing in a corporate environment. The key will be the testing and continuous further development of algorithms on various quantum computers,” said Florian Neukart, Director Advanced Technologies and IT Strategy, Volkswagen Group of America. “For the first time, Amazon Braket makes it possible to address and use quantum computers of different service providers via a standardized programming interface. This offers considerable opportunities for accelerating development work and improving our quantum algorithms. We are convinced that Amazon Braket can help deliver the benefits of quantum computing to society and industry even faster.” 

Fidelity Center for Applied Technology

The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) is a catalyst for breakthrough ideas, contributing to a successful future for Fidelity and its customers. FCAT teams track emerging social and tech trends, test product concepts and ideas, and build scalable solutions that support more efficient operations and enhance customer satisfaction. “Amazon Braket enables FCAT to develop hardware-agnostic software so we can easily switch to new quantum systems as they become available. We’re able to research the strengths of different quantum backends, build hybrid classical-to-quantum, and quantum-to-quantum workflows.” said Adam Schouela, Head of Emerging Technology at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology. “FCAT worked with Amazon’s Quantum Solutions Lab to create proofs-of-concept that push the boundaries of what is possible today with cloud-based quantum computers for the financial sector, as part of our broader efforts to be able to quickly deliver innovative solutions to help meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.”

Amgen logo

Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, with a presence in approximately 100 countries. The firm focuses on the discovery, development, and manufacturing of innovative medicines. “Quantum computing has the potential to outperform existing computational methods when it comes to important questions in drug discovery. In fact, the computational demand of running accurate quantum calculations scales quickly out of reach for classical computers as the size of the molecular system in our research increases, and we must resort to approximations that sacrifice accuracy for efficiency,” according to Yax Sun, Director and Narbe Mardirossian, Scientist, at Amgen. “By collaborating with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab and QSimulate, we’ve been able to quickly build and test a cloud-based approach using multiple compute resources on AWS for a critical drug discovery process – a process we plan to transition to a quantum computer in the future when it is practical. Looking ahead, Amazon Braket has the potential to substantially benefit the research and scientific community by providing on-demand access to quantum computing technologies and accelerate innovation in biotechnology.”

enel logo

Enel is a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global power, gas and renewables markets. It is the largest European utility, and is present in over 30 countries worldwide, producing energy with over 88 GW of managed capacity. “Enel distributes electricity through a network of over 2.2 million kilometers and with around 74 million business and household end users worldwide. Because of our wide service network, the ability to optimize our resource planning is an essential component of digital transformation, and one that we can turn into a concrete advantage,” said Fabio Veronese, Head of ICT I&N of Enel S.p.A. “During a collaboration with DATA Reply and AWS, we have tested innovative techniques to perform optimization using Amazon EC2 resources, as well as today’s quantum computers through Amazon Braket. These techniques are promising, and we expect they will lead to solutions that can deliver savings to our operations, especially over time as quantum hardware matures."

Qu & Co logo

Aioi is a full-service insurance agency, a subsidiary of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance co. Ltd, and a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, inc. MS&AD Insurance is the fifth largest insurance carrier in the world and offers Toyota insurance products in 28 countries. Aioi is focused on developing new and innovative products for risk assessment, and has started exploring quantum computing applications for the insurance industry. One area where Aioi sees potential long-term use of quantum computing is in processing the vast amount of data generated by automobile telematics.

“We expect the amount of data from the telematics of self-driving cars will grow exponentially as self-driving technology becomes prevalent, and we wanted to explore whether we can apply quantum computing to create novel solutions,” said Michael Fischer, Chief of Innovation at Aioi Insurance Service. “It was easy for us to get started with simulators and access quantum computers on Amazon Braket, so we moved ahead with a PoC for telematics analysis. We first created a quantum neural network that computes driver scores, and then ran it with Amazon Braket, using the IonQ quantum computer. With each successful test, we further experimented with an increasing number of qubits. These methods and concepts we learned with Amazon Braket will continue to be applicable and help prepare our business for the expected vehicle data tsunami.”

University of Waterloo logo

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) is a world-leading quantum institute at the University of Waterloo. IQC is advancing the field of quantum information at the highest international level to discover and develop powerful new quantum technologies that will drive future economies. “While it’s hard to predict which products and sectors will be disrupted the most by quantum computation, or when the disruptions will happen, there is great risk in being caught off-guard and great opportunity in managing the uncertainties wisely. The wise path involves continually exploring where the algorithmic advantages may lie and being ready to run on whichever quantum computer offers the resources needed to achieve the advantage,” said Michele Mosca, Full Professor at the University of Waterloo. “A quantum computing service, like Amazon Braket, that offers ready access to multiple hardware devices enables quantum readiness and agility.”


Rahko is a London-based quantum machine learning company that is focused on chemical simulation for drugs, batteries, advanced materials and chemicals. “Quantum computing is enabling us to support customers to advance development in areas such as drug discovery and development, battery tech, and material science,” said Miriam Cha, Chief Operating Officer, Rahko. “Working with Amazon Braket and with the support from the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, the Rahko-led consortium with Johnson Matthey, King’s College London, and the National Physical Laboratory, was awarded an Innovate UK Grant for Quantifi, a project focused on bringing near-term quantum computing capability to material science. The ability to model materials at the quantum level will allow us to pave the way for significant advance across many critical research areas.”

Qu & Co logo

Qu & Co supports organization's in-house discovery and optimization activities by developing novel quantum-computational chemistry methods and integrating those with customers’ existing computational-chemistry and material-science workflows. “We are focused on delivering practical quantum-computational approaches for our clients’ most challenging computational workflows,” said Benno Broer, CEO of Qu&Co. “For this purpose, we evaluated different quantum software development platforms. Our experience developing our novel algorithms for quantum machine learning and computational chemistry with the new Amazon Braket service has been very positive. Amazon Braket promises a solid integration between classical and quantum hardware, and gives us a hardware-agnostic development environment, classical simulators, and access to different quantum computers. From that same AWS cloud environment, we can apply tools such as Amazon SageMaker to innovate on behalf of our customers.”

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