Posted On: Apr 5, 2019

Today AWS Elemental MediaLive adds the option to create “Single-pipeline” channels, a lower cost alternative to “Standard” channels. MediaLive Single-pipeline channels have one input and a single encoding pipeline delivering a single channel output, rather than the redundant dual Availability Zone (AZ) pipelines that MediaLive provides with a Standard channel. The rates for inputs, outputs, and add-on functionality used for Single-pipeline channels are significantly lower than the rates for Standard channels.

AWS Elemental MediaLive Standard channels provide two ingest addresses for push inputs or require two ingest locations for pull inputs. Two encoding pipelines are provisioned, distributed across two separate AZs, and two channel outputs are delivered to two destinations.

AWS Elemental MediaLive is a broadcast-grade live video processing service. It lets you create high-quality video for broadcast and streaming delivery to internet-connected devices.

The service functions independently or as part of AWS Elemental Media Services, a family of services that form the foundation of cloud-based workflows and offer you the capabilities needed to transport, create, package, and deliver video.

AWS Elemental MediaLive is available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), and South America (São Paulo) regions.