Posted On: Nov 17, 2020

Starting today, you can use the console to aggregate AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations across all accounts in your organization with AWS Organizations. The new Organizational View feature in Trusted Advisor allows you to generate reports with detailed check results across multiple accounts in your AWS organization. In addition, you can view a high level summary of check status within the console.  

You can choose to generate reports in CSV or JSON format from the Organizational View tab in AWS console with options to filter by region, check category, specific check, resource status, organizational unit, and account. Once generated, you can download the reports and ingest data into established workflows using your preferred tools. For example, you can use Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight to generate and view reports, as shown in this blog article.  

Organizational View is available to customers using Organizations. To use Organizational View feature, your organization must have all features enabled and the management account of the organization must have Business or Enterprise level of AWS Support.

Trusted Advisor is an online tool that provides you real time guidance to help you provision your resources following AWS best practices. Trusted Advisor checks help optimize your AWS infrastructure, increase security and performance, reduce your overall costs, and monitor service limits. Organizations helps you centrally manage and govern your environment as you grow and scale your workloads on AWS.  

To get started and enable the Organizational View, see documentation. Learn more about Trusted Advisor and review full set of Trusted Advisor best practice checks.