Amazon QuickSight

Unified business intelligence at hyperscale

Unify business intelligence siloes

Amazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale. With QuickSight, all users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect reports, natural language queries and embedded analytics. With Amazon Q in QuickSight, business analysts and business users can use natural language to build, discover, and share meaningful insights in seconds, turning insights into impacts faster.

Reinvent business intelligence

Amazon Q in QuickSight

Amazon Q in QuickSight enhances business productivity using Generative BI capabilities to accelerate decision-making. With new dashboard authoring capabilities in Amazon Q, business analysts can use natural language prompts to build, discover, and share meaningful insights in seconds. Amazon Q makes it easier for business users to understand data with executive summaries, a new context-aware data Q&A experience, and customizable, interactive data stories.

Generative BI

Create and deliver pixel-perfect reports

Create, schedule, and share reports and data exports from a single fully managed cloud-based BI service. Get business-critical information to users how and when they need it with critical operational reports and dashboards in the same solution.

QuickSight Pixel-perfect Reports

Embed analytics to differentiate your applications

Embed interactive visualizations and dashboards, sophisticated dashboard authoring, or natural language query capabilities in your applications to differentiate user experiences and unlock new monetization opportunities.

QuickSight Embedded

Why customers choose QuickSight

Empower all your users with data-driven insights from the same source of truth across interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect reports, natural language queries, and embedded analytics.
Speed up development by using one unified authoring experience to build and share insights across modern dashboards, pixel-perfect reports, and embedded insights. 
Automatically scale to tens of thousands of users without the need to set up, configure, or manage your own servers. 
QuickSight is serverless and can automatically scale to tens of thousands of users, without any infrastructure to manage or capacity to plan for. You no longer need to apply software patches or upgrade hardware to meet increasing demand.

Benefits of moving to QuickSight

increase in BI analytics usage

return on investment (modeled)

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