Embed customized data visuals, interactive dashboards, and natural language query into any application, in minutes.

Amazon QuickSight Embedded allows you to add interactive analytics into any application in minutes, using customized, interactive visuals, and dashboards.

With easy to integrate cut and paste code, add novel, insightful analytics capabilities to your applications, or scale to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users in a customer-facing application, at low cost, without managing any infrastructure.


Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics Demo

Key benefits

For analysts

Share insights with newer and larger audiences by embedding analytics for internal or external users

No extra coding or licensing needed, with 1-click embedding option for apps, wikis, websites and more

Leverage existing BI and data investments further by providing timely, contextual insights to even more users

For developers

Add powerful analytics such as interactive dashboards, NLQ, or BI authoring to apps without specialized resources or investment

Match embedded content with your app look and feel easily using themes and powerful JavaScript SDK

Scale automatically to 100,000s of users without any servers to manage

For business leaders

Provide contextual analytics to your users where they need it

Offer new product tiers by embedding advanced analytics and create new revenue streams

Increase user satisfaction by providing seamless data-driven experience integrated within the application

Powered by QuickSight Program

Build Faster

Get technical support, and training directly from QuickSight specialists.

Launch Bigger

Do joint press release, get AWS website listing, featured blog and social media banners, and more go-to-market support.

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Click here to get started with embedding this healthcare dashboard into your application.

Customer service

Click here to get started with embedding this customer service dashboard into your application.


Click here to get started with embedding this retail dashboard into your application.

Get started with QuickSight Embedded

1. Build

Build data rich visuals and interactive dashboards in minutes using QuickSight’s easy-to-use interface.

2. Embed analytics in your app

Copy and paste QuickSight’s embed code in your apps, portals, and sites to embed in minutes.

And That’s It! You are done!

No servers to manage, pay for what you use, and bring data-rich experiences to your end users without any additional engineering work.

Why Amazon QuickSight?

Embed rich data visuals, interactive dashboards in minutes
High performance with SPICE – in-memory calculation engine
Advanced ML-powered analytics such as NLQ, anomaly detection, narratives, and more
Scale to 100,000s of users without any servers
Pay for what you use
Enterprise ready with high availability, security, multi-tenancy, and compliant with various programs.