Easily embed interactive visualizations and dashboards in your applications

Amazon QuickSight makes it easy to embed analytics into your application, empowering your users to gain deeper insights with your application’s data. Embedded analytics software enables users to integrate business analytics capabilities into their own applications and web portals. This integration empowers users to gain deeper insights through the embedded nature of interactive visualizations and dashboards allowing for easier in depth analysis of data. QuickSight’s interactive dashboards and visualizations blend seamlessly into your application, which lets you personalize the look and feel. It has a serverless architecture that automatically scales your applications from a few to hundreds of thousands of users without the need to build, setup, and manage your own embedded analytics infrastructure. It provides 'pay-per-session' pricing so you only pay for what you use instead of high, monthly per-user licenses. QuickSight embedded analytics enables your users to perform advanced analytics with capabilities such as ad-hoc analyses and machine learning based insights, providing you with new ways of monetizing and differentiating your applications.

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Seamless, embedded analytics

Amazon QuickSight lets you to quickly embed interactive dashboards and visualizations into your applications without needing to build your own analytics capabilities. Blend analytics seamlessly into your application with QuickSight's Embedded themes, which let you personalize the look and feel (e.g. colors, fonts etc.) of your reports and dashboards. Integrate into your applications user experience by setting defaults and handling errors to match your app's user experience.

Enable deeper data insights

Amazon QuickSight empowers your users to gain deeper insights through ad-hoc analysis and machine learning capabilities such as anomaly detection, forecasting, and natural language queries. In addition, users can author, publish, and share their own dashboards and reports to get specific answers to their customized questions. These capabilities provide you with new ways of monetizing and differentiating your applications.

Serverless and Easy to Manage

Seamlessly scale from tens to hundreds of thousands of users with Amazon QuickSight’s server-less architecture with built-in high availability, eliminating the need to setup, configure, or manage servers. Additionally, with QuickSight’s APIs, you can programmatically manage your analytics workflows such as setting up multi-tenant architecture for isolating data between multiple end-users, moving dashboards across accounts, automating deployments, and managing access for users with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Pay only for what you use

Amazon QuickSight’s pay-per-session pricing model means you only pay when your embedded dashboards are being used. You don’t have to worry about expensive user-based licensing especially when providing analytics capabilities to a large number of users (e.g., Software-as-a-Service apps, enterprise portals).

How it works

With QuickSight, you can easily embed interactive visualizations and dashboards in your applications and web portals. When users access those dashboards, you pay based on how much they are actually used. Create and publish dashboards in QuickSight and then embed those dashboards in your applications with single sign-on and APIs using the AWS and QuickSight SDKs. Make changes to your live dashboards in minutes, without writing code and without a cumbersome deployment process.

How embedded analytics works

Customer stories

Sound of data logo
Direct Interactions on AWS

For over 30 years, Sound of Data has been working in telecom, technology, and customer experience. “We have found a BI tool which integrates seamlessly into our IT landscape.”

Gerard Nijboer, Product manager, Gearbox Application - Sound of Data

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic Avionics Corporation provides customized inflight entertainment and communications systems to over 300 airlines worldwide.

“Our cloud-based solutions collect large amounts of anonymized data that help us optimize the experience for both our airline partners and their passengers. We started using Amazon QuickSight to report on inflight Wi-Fi performance, and. With its rich APIs, pay-per-session pricing, and ability to scale, we quickly rolled out QuickSight dashboards to hundreds of users. The constant evolution of the platform has been impressive – ML-powered anomaly detection, Amazon SageMaker integration, embedding, theming, and cross-visual filtering. Our users consume insights via natural language narratives; this allows them to read all of their information right off the dashboard with no complex interpretation needed"

Anand Desikan, Director of Cloud and Data Services - Panasonic Avionics

Soomla Logo

SOOMLA provides app marketers, monetization managers, and product teams with unique in-app advertising insights.

"We needed a solution for displaying our data to customers that could be embedded into our products, and we needed it quickly. With QuickSight we were able to get the first version of our product developed within two weeks. Our development team is able to iterate extremely quickly and focus the efforts on functionality rather than managing servers. The UI is intuitive and embedding the QuickSight dashboard into our solution was easy. We estimate it would have taken three to six months if we had used another technology. We can now achieve 10x faster application development and respond to customers' needs by releasing new features every week. Lastly, native integration with our S3 data lake using Athena and pay-as-you-go pricing made QuickSight an easy choice."

Yaniv Nizan, CEO - SOOMLA

Soomla Logo

Blackboard is a leading EdTech company, serving higher education, K-12, business, and government clients around the world.

“The recent wave in digital transformation in the global education community has made it clear that it’s time for a similar transformation in the education analytics tools that support that community,” says Rachel Scherer, Sr. Director of Data & Analytics at Blackboard. “We see a need to support learners, teachers, and leaders in education by helping to change their relationship with data and information—to reduce the distance between information and experience, between ‘informed’ and ‘acting.’

“A large part of this strategy involves embedding information directly where our users are collaborating, teaching, and learning—providing tools and insights that aid in assessment, draw attention to opportunities learners may be missing, and help strategic and academic leadership identify patterns and opportunities for intervention. We’re particularly interested in making the experience of being informed much more intuitive—favoring insight-informed workflows and/or embedded prose over traditional visualizations that require interpretation.

“By removing the step of interpretation, embedded visualizations make insights more useful and actionable. With QuickSight, we were able to deliver on our promise of embedding visualizations quickly, supporting the rapid iteration that we require, at the large scale needed to support our global user community.”

Rachel Scherer, Sr. Director of Data & Analytics - Blackboard  


EHE Health is national preventive health and primary care Center of Excellence provider system.

“As a 106-year-old organization moving toward greater agility and marketplace nimbleness, we needed to drastically upgrade our ability to be transparent within our internal and external ecosystems,” says David Buza, Chief Technology Officer at EHE Health. “With QuickSight, we are not constrained by pre-built BI reports, and can easily customize and track the right operational metrics, such as product utilization, market penetration, and available inventory to gain a holistic view of our business. These inputs help us to understand current performance and future opportunity so that we can provide greater partnership to our clients, while delivering on our brand promise of creating healthier employee populations.

“QuickSight allowed our teams to seamlessly communicate with our clients—all viewing the same information, simultaneously. QuickSight’s embedding capabilities, along with its secure platform, intuitive design, and flexibility, allowed us to service all stakeholders—both internally and externally. This greater flexibility and customization allowed us to fit the client’s needs seamlessly.”

David Buza, Chief Technology Officer - EHE Health

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