Getting started

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started on Amazon QuickSight.

Preparing data

Learn how to prepare your data before using it in Amazon QuickSight.

Building analysis

Step-by-step procedure to create a new analysis using Amazon QuickSight.

Managing users

Learn how to manage user access to Amazon QuickSight and Amazon QuickSight access to AWS resources.

Learn more on the Amazon QuickSight documentation page.

Product demo videos

QuickSight 101 (3:03)
Refreshing your data (3:23)
Connecting to your data (3:37)
Sharing and collaborating (4:35)
Visualizing your data (4:54)
Preparing your data (3:05)
Advanced data prep: Row level security (16:08)
Advanced data prep: Table joins (6:05)
Accessing Amazon S3 data from Amazon QuickSight (0:52)
Accessing Amazon Redshift data from Amazon QuickSight (1:52)
Using SQL to import data into Amazon QuickSight (3:51)
Analyzing AWS billing data using Amazon QuickSight (5:01)
Amazon QuickSight for marketing (1:33)
Amazon QuickSight for sales (2:04)
Amazon QuickSight for finance (2:02)
Amazon QuickSight for HR (1:28)

Webinars and live presentations

Introduction to Amazon QuickSight: Business analytics for everyone (54:35)
(LAUNCH) Introducing ML Insights in Amazon QuickSight (1:01:42)
(LAUNCH) Embed QuickSight dashboards into your applications (17:19)
Serverless analytics - Amazon Redshift Spectrum, AWS Glue, and Amazon QuickSight (36:52)
Social media analytics using Amazon QuickSight (34:46)
Insights for everyone: Deploying QuickSight at scale (48:42)

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Release notes

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Community forum

Visit the Amazon QuickSight community forum to get your questions answered and provide your feedback.

Amazon Quicksight FAQs
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Read Amazon QuickSight FAQs for additional information.

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