Posted On: Jun 16, 2022

Today, AWS Service Catalog announces support for cross-account AppRegistry applications and attribute groups. With this release, applications can now be shared within your AWS Organization enabling recipient accounts to associate their local resources to shared applications. If you have application resources deployed in more than one account within your AWS Organization, you can now maintain a single repository of your applications and application metadata.

You first enable AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) for your AWS Organization, a service that enables customers to easily and securely share AWS resources across accounts in an Organization. Once enabled, you use RAM to share your application to your Organization, organizational unit (OU), and accounts. In order to manage your application resources, AppRegistry creates and maintains an AWS Resource Group in every account where the shared application has resources. In these accounts you can navigate from AppRegistry to AWS Systems Manager Application Manager to view your application resources, monitor the application operational and compliance status, view operational items, and perform runbooks against application stacks or individual resources.

AppRegistry is available via the AWS Console, API and CLI in all AWS commercial Regions. This feature is available at no additional cost. To learn more, read the documentation on the Service Catalog AppRegistry.