Posted On: Jul 11, 2022

Amazon Nimble Studio now allows you to attach AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) roles to be attached to Nimble Studio components (including custom configurations), giving workstations access to AWS services, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon FSx, without manual credential management. Now you can manage permissions for every AWS service across all workstations in your studio.

Administrators can now create custom configurations with IAM roles to provide AWS credentials to initialization scripts, giving workstations access to AWS resources. For example, using the Initialization role, you can retrieve a secret from AWS Secrets Manager using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) from an initialization script, granting access to access keys. Using the Runtime role, artists can be granted IAM permissions to specific S3 buckets to download files onto their virtual workstations without requiring them to manually enter credentials. Please see Nimble Studio’s User guide for tutorials on integrating these examples and additional information.

This feature is available in all regions where Nimble Studio is available, see the AWS Region Table for a full list of available regions. To get started with Amazon Nimble Studio, sign into the Nimble Studio console and select your region.

9/13/22: This post was updated to provide better detail about this launch, and provide example uses for this feature.