Posted On: May 16, 2023

Amazon Braket, the quantum computing service from AWS, adds support for Aria, IonQ’s largest and highest fidelity publicly available device to date. With Aria, customers can also experiment with IonQ’s built-in error mitigation techniques for the first time, a key tool to get the most out of today’s noisy quantum hardware. Furthermore, customers can now choose between two trapped-ion devices, including the current IonQ Harmony device, allowing them to compare and contrast quantum hardware characteristics by only changing a few lines of code. Finally, the availability of each IonQ device is now expanded to 15 hours per day on weekdays.

With this launch, customers can use the familiar Braket SDK and APIs to access the latest 25-qubit device from IonQ, including full support for recent features such as verbatim compilation and native gates. Additionally, customers can use Aria to experiment with error mitigation, which aims to reduce systematic errors in noisy quantum systems by splitting a circuit into an ensemble, and post-processing the outputs. On Aria, customers can now develop quantum algorithms with and without error mitigation, exploring the effects of this technology on result quality. 

The IonQ Aria device is available starting today in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. Researchers at accredited institutions can apply for credits to support experiments on Braket through the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program. To get started, see the following resources: