AWS Cloud Credit for Research

Access to technology that accelerates innovation

The AWS Public Sector Cloud Credit for Research Program supports researchers who seek to:

  • Build cloud-hosted publicly available science-as-a-service applications, software, or tools to facilitate their future research and the research of their community
  • Perform proof of concept or benchmark tests evaluating the efficacy of moving research workloads or open data sets to the cloud
  • Train a broader community on the use of cloud for research workloads via workshops or tutorials
AWS Cloud Credit for Research


Researchers that fall into the following categories are eligible to apply for AWS Cloud Credit for Research:

Full-time faculty at an accredited research institution

Full-time research staff at an accredited research institution

Graduate, post-graduate, or PhD students enrolled at an accredited research institution

Application process

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will evaluate academic research support proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year. Typical review cycles are 90 to 120 days. Please plan accordingly. Due to the heavy volume of applications received, expedited reviews are not possible.

Awarded amounts will vary depending on the research proposal and service usage requirements documented in the application.

Student awards will be up to a maximum of $5,000.00. Faculty and Staff awards are not capped.

Awards are in the form of AWS Promotional Credit applicable to AWS services. Amazon EC2 usage supported by AWS Promotional Credit will be for on-demand and spot instances only.

Communication regarding applications and awards are via Please check your spam folders.

If you are awarded AWS Promotional Credit for no-cost usage of applicable AWS services, the AWS Promotional Credit will be good for the entirety of the one or until the credit has been fully utilized.

Please make sure to account for the duration of the AWS Promotional Credit in your project timeline.

For more information, please read our AWS Cloud Credit for Research FAQs.

AWS Educate

AWS Educate

With the increasing demand for cloud employees, AWS Educate provides an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning.

Research customer success stories

Stanford Archaeology Center Case Study

By using AWS, the Stanford Archaeology Center researchers have easy access to vital data regardless of where they are, and have a system for ensuring that data used in collaborative efforts is accurate and up to date.


Penn State Case Study

Penn State moved its research portal to AWS which made it easy for 6,000 researchers worldwide to design more than 50,000 synthetic DNA sequences, using Penn State’s design methods and optimization algorithms.


International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Case Study

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) uses Amazon S3 as a key-value store and is able to seamlessly index and manage input from hundreds of thousands of public CPUs around the world.


Black Dog Institute and CSIRO Case Study

The Black Dog Institute (BDI) partnered with CSIRO to conduct the We Feel study, which uses AWS to analyze tweets from around the world and measure how emotions are impacted by environmental factors.