AWS Cloud Credit for Research

Frequently asked questions

General information

  • What types of research projects are funded?

    The AWS Cloud Credit for Research program is aimed at supporting finite projects that seek to build a cloud-hosted service, software, or tools and/or seek to migrate a research process or open data to the cloud.
    Research credit will not support administrative workloads, operations, and ongoing or established research projects. Research credit will not support general lab projects or ongoing research. Applications for the general funding of a lab will not be accepted.
    Projects should fall into one of three project types: proof of concept or benchmark for comparison; development of repeatable, sharable solutions; or advanced workshops or tutorials.
  • Who can apply for AWS Cloud Credit for Research?

    Researchers at accredited research institutions can apply for AWS Promotional Credit. Researchers are defined as:

    • Full-time faculty at an accredited research institution;
    • Full-time research staff at an accredited research institution; or
    • Graduate, post-graduate or PhD students enrolled at an accredited research institution.

    Student applications may request up to $5,000.00 in AWS Promotional Credit. Faculty and staff do not have an award cap.

  • Is this a global program?

    Absolutely! The AWS Cloud Credit for Research program encourages applications from researchers around the world.

    The only exception is applications from the greater China region. Currently, we are unable to process applications from this region. We are working to be able to offer AWS Cloud Credit for Research in the greater China region soon. Please stay tuned for updates.

  • If your address is located in India, is there any change?

    Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (“AISPL”) is the marketing entity and local seller on record for AWS services in India. AISPL administers the AWS Cloud Credit for Research program in India for AISPL Customers in India.
  • Is an institution-provided email address required?

    We require applicants provide their official institution-issued email ID (.edu, .org, or equivalent) to expedite the verification and decision process. Applications from non-institution domains will not be accepted.
  • Is an AWS account number required?

    Yes. Please set up an AWS account prior to applying for AWS Promotional Credit.

  • What are the terms and conditions for applying and accepting AWS Promotional Credit?

    The AWS Cloud Credit for Research Program follows the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions.