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Thought leadership & executive education for public sector transformation

The Amazon Web Services Institute helps digital transformation leaders in governments and other public organizations around the world to reform and modernize public services using the cloud. The AWS Institute produces thought leadership content, provides a global executive education program, and maintains a by-invitation worldwide network of public sector leaders.

  • Thought leadership: Our content library includes case studies and expert insights that will help you develop your transformation strategy. You'll find videos, articles, blogs, and reports about how to modernize services. We cover topics including data management, security, and digital identity.
  • Executive education: The AWS Institute executive education by-invitation program equips public sector leaders with the knowledge they need to accelerate digital transformation and deliver better public services. Recognized academic, industry, and government experts deliver our no-cost, global program.
  • AWS Institute network: This international network links leading digital reformers in public service around the world so they can share experience and expertise. Via roundtable discussions with sector peers, and member insights shared via a regular newsletter, the network supports and accelerates transformation. AWS Institute executive education program participants and other leading digital reformers are invited to join.

Open data leads to innovation

Transport for London (TfL) gathers journey data through running the city’s public transportation system and roads network. It embraced data sharing principles.  Private sector enterprises used the data to develop Apps underpinned by the cloud. They made journeys simpler and faster.  Now TfL uses the same open data approach to accelerate plans to cut pollution and accidents.

Digital transformation insights

Explore digital transformation topics including sovereignty, legacy, security, and how to get started. Find insights and use cases for your sector and region in our content library.

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Executive education

The AWS Institute executive education program offers targeted learning opportunities with your peers. These may focus on a country or on a sector, such as healthcare or defense.

The program features panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions and workshops, as well as online video content. Recognized academic, industry, and public service leaders deliver the program.

Participants explore common challenge in a neutral space:

  • Public sector transformation case studies to illustrate best practices and pitfalls when transforming public services using the cloud.
  • Country and/or sector specific perspectives on themes including data management, data sovereignty, security, legacy management, procurement, sustainability, and AI/ML.
  • Challenges to transformation they and their peers experience such as access to digital skills and how to recruit and retain talent.

Public sector transformation executive education with the AWS Institute

Public sector transformation is a mindset and is not only about technology. Senior leaders at an AWS Institute executive education program learn how cloud adoption aids and accelerates better public services from experienced government reformers. 

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