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Dive deep into a collection of the best digital government policies and strategies, standards and practices, and open source software created by governments around the world available for you to reuse.

Policies and strategies

Defining a vision and strategy are the first steps in your modernization journey. Explore, adapt, and reuse proven policies, strategies, and blueprints from governments around the world.
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Flag of Malaysia
Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint 

Malaysia's digital strategy setting out the consolidated initiatives and targeted outcomes as it pertains to the citizen (rakyat), business and the government, across three phases of implementation up to 2030.

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Flag of United Kingdom
Government Cloud First policy 

UK government’s Cloud First policy, introduced by the UK government in 2013.

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Flag of United States
18F Open Source Policy 

Policy on use of free and open-source software (FOSS) published by 18F, a part of the Technology Transformation Services within the US General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service.

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Flag of India
Cloud Adoption policy of Telangana 

The policy of the state government of Telangana which endeavors to drive large scale adoption of cloud within all its departments.

Standards and practices

Setting the right standards and working practices can enable your teams to deliver quality outcomes. Learn what has worked for others and see what you can introduce in your transformation programs.
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Flag of Singapore
Digital Service Standards 

Singapore’s Government Technology Agency Digital Service Standards guides agencies in how to implement their digital services for citizens and businesses.

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Flag of Brazil
Design System do Governo Federal 

The government of Brazil's user interface design standards and templates for creation of digital services.

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Flag of Canada
Digital Principles for the Government of British Columbia 

Principles to guide the day-to-day work of BC Public Servants and contractors who are designing, developing, and delivering digital services.

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Flag of United Kingdom
UK Technology Code of Practice 

UK government’s Technology Code of Practice is a set of criteria to help government design, build and buy technology.

Open source software

Leverage freely available open source solutions that help solve common government problems, including solutions for messaging, payments, citizen identity, online forms, content management, procurement marketplaces, data visualization tools, and more.
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Flag of India
Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) 

MOSIP is a modular identity platform providing all aspects of a digital, foundational ID system.

Source code 
Featured software 
Flag of Italy
IO, the app for Italian public services 

IO is an open source native mobile application for iOS and Android, providing an interface for citizens to manage their data and their digital citizen profile, receive communications, and complete in-app payments.

Source code 
Featured software 
Flag of Estonia

X-Road® is open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides unified and secure data exchange between organizations.

Source code 
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Use open source software to build the digital foundation of government services

Most public facing government services use similar functional components. Providing these components once, for all services to share, builds a strong digital foundation and enables innovation and experimentation to rapidly develop public services.

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