Open Government Solutions

Learn from the research and experience of other public sector organizations with open source code, standards, and practices implemented by governments around the world.

These resources developed by the public sector can help government agencies at the local, regional, and national levels find solutions that have worked for others so that they can accelerate their digital transformation.

Explore solutions by category

Accelerate your government’s digital transformation using these international public sector policies including spend controls, technology code of practice, cloud first, and procurement.

Find out about agile practices and project phases as well as the roles, skills, and capabilities that make up a digital team.

For designers and coders: Get best practices, reusable design solutions with written guidance, coded examples, accessibility standards, and content style guides.

Find all the tools you need to build interactive prototypes that look like government websites and services. Share ideas with stakeholders and do user research.

Re-use open source code and digital services developed by governments to fast track your own development.

Tap into the resources and solutions used by public sector bodies around the world to combat the impact of emergencies like COVID-19.

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