The AWS Cloud provides scalable, cost-efficient solutions for governments around the world. Our cloud services can be employed to meet mandates, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across civilian agencies, national defense and intelligence communities, and state and local governments.

The AWS Partner Competency Program has validated that the below partners have demonstrated experience in delivering quality government solutions.

Partners that have demonstrated expertise in working with government customers to deliver mission-critical workloads and applications on AWS. 

AT&T Systems

A&T’s technical staff works with USGS to assess workloads determining the migration category including identifying workloads and governance for all business units.

A&T provides Cloud Hosting IaaS, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and ancillary Cloud services supporting USGS. This solution acquires cloud-computing services replacing existing aging infrastructure at USGS datacenters allowing for growth and innovation of existing and new projects.


Accenture is a leader in U.S. Gov. Private Cloud IaaS., a leader for enterprise cloud application services, and Accenture is a worldwide leader in cloud professional services.

AFS has significant reach-back to industry-leading cloud expertise. Our exclusive partnership has led to the formation of the Accenture Amazon Business Group, to help enterprises migrate to and run their business in the AWS Cloud.


Industries: Public Healthcare

Aquilent is a full-service Cloud solution provider to the federal government. 

Offering flexibility and customization at every point in the federal Cloud adoption cycle- Aquilent's offerings include Cloud Broker & Reseller Services, Implementation Services, Cloud Managed Services, Security Services, DevOps Platform Services.

Arcus Global

Industries:  Citizen Services

Flexible, responsive approach; approved PSN security patterns; pro-active, rules-based monitoring; and great support.

Our clients say that our “flexibility and turnaround times are incredible.” We built the UK’s first ‘official sensitive’ application hosting platform on AWS and have migrated hundreds of servers to the cloud for local authorities.


Secure migration, critical information assurance and normative fulfillment, saving cost & time of services delivery.

Consulting services based on DRII best practices, Homologation of architectures from traditional concepts to cloud terms based on AWS cost-efficient architecture strategies, data migration based on ISO27000 guidelines, OS and DB managed services and local billing. 

Booz Allen

We blend strategy, creative, technology, and analytic solutions to help client's master digital challenges.

We transition our government clients’ enterprise architectures from closed systems to open agile enterprises, while rebooting the software development practices that support them. 


Industries: Citizen Services

ParkXplorer is a Smart City mobility platform for the management of "surface parking at the municipal level" offering innovative and efficient solutions in the field of urban mobility.

ParkXplorer, is an innovative computer based system designed to integrate information from multiple devices to: manage in real time the operator's resources, optimize control processes to make them more effective, facilitate with its tools analyses and decision-making - and it has a system architecture and a model of scalable and flexible data. 


CSRA provides a comprehensive cloud life cycle management solution around AWS inclusive of provisioning, monitoring, configuration management, metering, billing and migration methodologies and tools.

Our integrated set of management capabilities across a hybrid environment enables clients to utilize the cloud in an agile and easy manner while taking advantage of scalability, flexibility and agility of the cloud. 

DLT Solutions

Customers benefit from DLT through: education, acquisition guidance, migration services, expansion coaching, and management.

DLT's solutions include: mentoring customers on their most suitable path to the cloud, identifying problem areas within existing environments and suggesting solutions, providing AWS customers with the ability to rapidly procure IT services, and allowing AWS customers to scale up or down as needed.


One-stop partner for cloud solutions and services to address all the AWS requirements for the public sector.

InfoReliance offers leading AWS Managed Services, Consulting, and Resale solutions combined with 3rd party tools, compliance, and 24x7 support to deliver the most secure mission critical workloads for the public sector. 


Industries: Citizen Services

Government organizations dramatically reduce costs and improve citizen services by moving to AWS with Itera.

Itera knows about government challenges. Careful assessment and migration to AWS Cloud, together with effective daily infrastructure management, help government organizations achieve IT goals that can't be accomplished in traditional datacenters. 


Industries: Citizen Services

JHC Technology’s CORE Solution delivers a proven, FISMA Moderate, zero-trust architecture for the cloud.

We deliver a standardized approach to custom solutions that meet Government requirements, leading to six Government agency ATOs with AWS IaaS. CORE centralizes management through a layered security model across a multiple-VPC environment. 


We secure, architect, manage and operate government IT systems for the cloud, reducing operating cost through automation and innovation.

Lockheed Martin has been a leading IT provider and systems integrator to the US Federal Government for the past 21+ years. We support the most complex government organizations in the world with state of the art IT solutions, industry leading cyber security and cloud services.

REAN Cloud

REAN Cloud migrates enterprise workloads to AWS via DevOps automation of performance, security, & compliance.

REAN Cloud brings a proven Migration DevOps Methodology to dramatically improve the speed of migration execution.  Our solution helps to secure applications while leveraging the flexibility, scalability, elasticity and cost-savings of the AWS Cloud.


FedRAMP compliant solutions for managing and monitoring secure government workloads.

Smartronix Cloud Assured Services help government agencies through the entire IT transformation process from strategy, to migration, cloud optimization and secure 24x7x365 FedRAMP compliant Managed Services. 

Soluciones Orion

Orión, a trusted advisor, 14 years helping our government accounts to accomplish their goals.

Our experienced and professional architects ease the innovation and agility for citizen management, and provide a secure and compliant approach to the entire AWS Platform.


Consulting services to aid in rapid adoption of AWS & enhanced security integrated with native AWS offerings.

Unisys provides full life-cycle cloud consulting, implementation, application migration and management services. Unisys’ Stealth(cloud) for AWS cloaks EC2 instances from unauthorized users and isolates communications between instances in a VPC. 

Veris Group

Industries: Governance, Risk and Compliance and Adaptive Threat Division, and Cyber Readiness and Engineering

We support our clients on their cyber needs, primary through Public Sector Regulatory Governance (FISMA, FedRAMP, IRS 1075, CJIS., ITAR, others), Cyber Ops and Cloud Architecture/Migration support.

Veris Group, LLC, is an industry-leading, award-winning company providing a full spectrum of cybersecurity services like Public Sector Regulatory Governance (FISMA, FedRAMP, IRS 1075, CJIS., ITAR, others), Cyber Ops, and Cloud Architecture/Migration support.  

Technology Partners that provide innovative, cloud-based solutions for government customers that comply with the highest AWS standards.


Adobe technology opens the door for government to implement compelling new solutions focused on the citizen experience.

Create, manage and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile sites and on-site screens that are global in reach, yet personally relevant and engaging. This solution also allows you to simplify the creation, processing and securing of electronic forms and documents.


CloudCheckr's comprehensive platform unites cost, security, and compliance data for easy AWS management.

CloudCheckr provides reports, alerts, and automation to simplify cost, compliance, and security management. With CloudCheckr, users are able to leverage the power of AWS while still maintaining control of their environment.

Infor CloudSuite Public Sector

Infor CloudSuite Public Sector is a highly secure and flexible cloud-based solution suite build specifically for government organizations.

Infor CloudSuite™ Public Sector helps manage budgets, payroll and assets, and deliver better citizen services—all in a cost-effective cloud environment that delivers unmatched efficiency, reliability, security, and compliance.


NS2 Secure CloudEdge is a HCM SaaS offering in a FedRAMP node that simplifies deployment and has US Citizens support and operations.

The solution delivers a US Federal Node, built on the AWS GovCloud (US) region, for the SAP SuccessFactors SaaS portfolio to address Federal Civilian and Department of Defense customers that have FedRAMP and DISA security compliance requirements.


Endlessly configurable, our platform can automate any of your processes regardless of how specific or unique.

SmartSimple can automate every step in your workflow, regardless of how unique the requirement. Cloud-based, the platform can scale up or down and has powerful tools ranging from data collection and analysis to robust tracking and reporting features. 


Splunk enables customers to gain critical security, operational and economic insights across their AWS and hybrid environment.

Splunk software and cloud services enable customers to transform the machine data generated by their applications, infrastructure and services into real-time security and operational insights. Splunk integrates with AWS services such as CloudTrail, Config, Inspector and VPC Flow Logs. 

Trend Micro

Streamline compliance and protect your workloads with agile security, built for AWS and hybrid environments.

Defend AWS workloads against threats and accelerate compliance with Trend Micro Deep Security. Our host-based intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS), anti-malware, and log & integrity monitoring in a single product you can protect workloads, without impacting agility.


Appian delivers a modern enterprise platform for digital transformation that is accelerating solution delivery for the benefit of Government stakeholders.

With Appian, Federal Government key initiatives, including: Constituent Case Management, Regulatory and Statutory Compliance, Eligibility and Enrollment, Investigative Case Management, and Acquisition and Procurement can be easily deployed using our low­code, FedRAMP certified platform.


Okta enables organizations to securely store and manage users, increase productivity and lower IT costs.

Okta’s IT products are geared toward IT and security leaders. At a very high level, these products simplify the way users connect to enterprise technology, while increasing efficiency and keeping IT environments secure.


Socrata is the global leader in software solutions that are designed exclusively for digital government.

Socrata’s cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, supported by the Socrata Open Data Network and Socrata Partner Ecosystem, deliver unprecedented data-driven innovation and cost-savings for hundreds of public sector leaders and millions of their constituents around the world.


Partners interested in listing their Government product, solution, or practice must have achieved the Government Competency through the AWS Competency Program.

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