Research and Technical Computing on AWS

Technology, data, and funding to advance science

Research is an innovation practice – with researchers needing access to tools that enable rapid experimentation. Amazon Web Services (AWS) works with higher education institutions, research labs, and researchers around the world to offer cost-effective, scalable, and secure compute, storage, and database capabilities to accelerate time to science. 

With AWS, researchers can quickly analyze massive data pipelines, store petabytes of data, and advance research using transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and quantum – all while securely sharing their results with collaborators around the world. AWS also provides researchers with access to open datasets, funding, and training to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Oxford drives cutting edge research with AWS

Cloud for research

Explore on-demand seminars, trainings, and tutorials in your research area.

Scientific community and society

Biological sciences

Health sciences

Earth and environmental sciences

Physical sciences


Research tutorials and seminars

Explore ten minute videos designed to help you use the cloud for research.

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Research blogs

Get inspire by the work of researchers around the world and hear the latest news about AWS research.

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Research case studies

Read how AWS research customers have increased agility, lowered costs, and accelerated innovation using AWS.

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Training and Certification

Learn from AWS experts, advance your skills and knowledge, and build your future in the AWS Cloud.

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Quotation mark

We run over 10,000 bioinformatics workflows per month. So we’re extremely grateful for the scalability and robust functionality of AWS.”

Robert L. Grossman
Professor of Medicine and Computer Science and Director of the Center for Translational Data Science, University of Chicago



Amazon Lightsail for Research

Run complex research simulations in the cloud with ease.

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High Performance Computing

Accelerate innovation with fast networking and virtually unlimited infrastructure.


AWS ParallelCluster: Use an open-source tool that allows you to scale and manage your HPC clusters on AWS. Scale your compute capacity on-demand, which reduces job wait times. Learn more ›

AWS Batch: Fully managed batch processing at any scale. Learn more ›

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Innovate faster with the most comprehensive set of AI and ML services.


Amazon SageMaker: Build, train and deploy machine-learning (ML) models regardless of ML expertise. Learn more ›

Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab: a free machine learning (ML) development environment that provides the compute, storage (up to 15GB), and security—all at no cost—for anyone to learn and experiment with ML. Learn more ›

Data Management and Storage

Access reliable, scalable, and secure storage for your data in the cloud.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Object storage built to retrieve any amount of data from anywhere. Learn more ›

AWS Backup: Centrally manage and automate your storage backups. Learn more ›

AWS Lake Formation: Create a centralized, secure, and curate repository of all your data, including raw data, and data that’s been prepared for analysis. Learn more ›

Open Data on AWS Data Exchange: Researchers and data enthusiasts can now find on AWS Data Exchange more than 100 petabytes of high-value, cloud-optimized data sets available for public use from leading organizations such as NOAA, NASA, or the UK Met Office. Learn more ›