The Amazon ML Solutions Lab is a program to help you accelerate your use of machine learning in products and processes.

The Amazon ML Solutions Lab pairs your team with Amazon machine learning experts to prepare data, build and train models, and put models into production. It combines hands-on educational workshops with brainstorming sessions and advisory professional services to help you ‘work backwards’ from business challenges, and then go step-by-step through the process of developing machine learning-based solutions. At the end of the program, you will be able to take what you have learned through the process and use it elsewhere in your organization to apply ML to business opportunities.

Amazon has been investing in machine learning for more than 20 years, innovating in areas such as fulfilment and logistics, personalization and recommendations, forecasting, fraud prevention, and supply chain optimization. The Amazon ML Solutions Lab provides you access to the talent that built many of Amazon’s machine learning-powered products and services to accelerate the development of your own ML experts through direct guidance and instruction.


Amazon’s machine learning experts will partner with you to work backwards from your potential opportunities to help you identify how machine learning can help, lay out the challenges involved, and define a clear path to success upfront.


Amazon’s machine learning scientists will be available to work with your own data to build custom models that go from idea to prototype to production quickly.


Inspired by the saying ‘give someone a fish, feed them for a day; teach someone to fish, feed them for a lifetime’, the Amazon ML Solutions Lab aims to ‘teach you to fish’ with respect to machine learning, by imparting knowledge, experience and education through the process.


Developers will learn about the fundamentals of machine learning from Amazon's machine learning experts at the AWS Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Optionally, this session can also take place at the customer site. As required and for longer projects, AWS practitioners can work as ‘badged’ members of your teams, on-site with you.

If you already have data prepared for machine learning, this four-week intensive program might be suitable for you; it starts with a boot camp for one week hosted at Amazon, and is followed by three weeks of intensive problem-solving and machine learning model building with Amazon machine learning experts.

Please contact your AWS Account Manager to get started. If you do not have an AWS Account Manager, please contact Sales.

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