1. How long is the usual Amazon ML Solutions Lab engagement?
The Amazon ML Solutions Lab partnerships typically last from 3 to 6 months.

2. What can you expect to get out of the Amazon ML Solutions Lab?
In most cases, you can expect to receive working models; however, machine learning is still in its nascent stages and is an active area of research. The ML scientists will leverage their expertise to thoughtfully set realistic expectations upfront. In addition, you can expect to receive a significant amount of training and education along the way in the form of workshops, tutorials and bootcamps, to allow your developers to take what they have learned through the process and use it elsewhere within your organization. This also includes providing guidance on change management for machine learning, establishing centers of excellence for ML, and materials for further on-site training.

3. What is Amazon ML Solutions Lab Express?
The Amazon ML Solutions Lab Express is a four to five week accelerated program which brings developers on-site with Amazon machine learning experts for an intensive boot camp (typically one week), followed by guidance and hands-on implementation with custom modeling for around three to four weeks. It’s strictly designed for organizations which have already established a relevant data lake and data catalog, and who already have a large volume of high quality, trusted, labeled data available for modeling. The primary goal of ML Solutions Lab Express is to work with you on feature engineering and building models quickly.

4. Is there an on-site component for the Amazon ML Solutions Lab?
Developers can visit AWS to learn about the basic and advanced concepts of machine learning from machine learning experts at Amazon in a fun and interactive environment. Optionally, this session can also take place at your location. The remainder of the engagement takes place through regular weekly check-ins. As required and for longer projects, AWS practitioners may work as ‘badged’ members of your teams, on-site with you.

5. Which geographies is the Amazon ML Solutions Lab going to be available at?
The Amazon ML Solutions Lab is launching globally; however, the ML Solutions Lab Express will not be currently supported outside the United States as the Express program requires scientists to have more frequent touchpoints with you, and in that regard, AWS is currently restricted by its limited on-site presence outside the US. This page will be updated when the ML Solutions Lab Express becomes available outside the US.