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Tens of thousands of government agencies, education institutions, and nonprofit organizations around the world use AWS. View all government, education, and nonprofit case studies.  

The whitepapers section features a comprehensive list of technical AWS whitepapers, covering topics such as architecture, security, and economics. View all whitepapers.

  • Digital Transformation Checklist: Using Technology to Break Down Innovation Barriers in Government (December 2017) PDF
    • Provides guidelines that governments can use to break down innovation barriers and achieve a digital transformation that helps them engage and serve citizens.
  • A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration: Migrating Services to AWS (December 2015) PDF
    • Tips and tricks for moving from an on-premise environment to the AWS Cloud.
  • How Cities Can Stop Wasting Money, Move Faster, and Innovate (January 2016) PDF
    • Strategic guidance for local and regional governments looking to use AWS services
  • AWS Cloud Transformation Maturity Model (September 2016) PDF
    •  Maps the maturity of an IT organization’s process, people, and technology through the four stages of an AWS cloud journey.
  • An Introduction to High Performance Computing on AWS (August 2015) PDF
    • Overview and best practices for running HPC applications on AWS.
  • Maximizing Value with AWS (February 2017) PDF
    • Achieve Total Cost of Operation Benefits Using Cloud Computing
  • 10 Considerations for a Cloud Procurement (March 2017) PDF
    • A top 10 list of cloud procurement considerations for public sector.
  • Using AWS in the Context of NHS Cloud Security Guidance (July 2019) PDF
    • Provides organizational advice for using AWS to align with UK National Health Service (NHS) cloud security guidance.
  • Securing Internet of Things (IoT) with AWS (April 2019)
    • Guidance on mitigating IoT-related security vulnerabilities and how AWS's security capabilities for IoT can help.
  • AWS Response to CACP Information and Communication Technology Sub-Committee (May 2017) PDF
    • Information Canadian police agencies can use to help determine how AWS services support their requirements.
  • Developing Canada’s Digital-Ready Public Service (March 2019) PDF
    • Recommendations to attract and retain a highly skilled, diverse workforce to support the Government of Canada’s digital strategy.
  • How Technology Helps Cities Become Sustainable and Inclusive (October 2018) PDF
    • How cities are using technology to enhance access to services and quality of life of their residents.
  • 5 Ways the Cloud Can Drive Economic Development (August 2018) PDF
    • Overview of the enterprise-level benefits of the cloud, as well as the residual impact on economic development.
  • Budgeting for Change: Four Ways the UK Government Can Spend Smarter and Deliver Better (June 2018) PDF
    • This paper identifies recommendations for the UK Government for spending smarter and delivering better citizen services, with the aid of technology.
  • Cloud is the New Normal (December 2015) PDF
    • Customer insights on the new era of productivity and innovation in the public sector.
  • Cloud Brings Peace of Mind (January 2016) PDF
    • Advice on turning to cloud services to strengthen security measures.
  • In Cloud We (Should) Trust PDF
    • Myth-busting insights from AWS.