AWS Cloud Credit for Research

Frequently asked questions

Proposal preparation

  • Please try to avoid complex symbols, as these do not render well in the application form. In addition, we encourage applicants to use general language and avoid the use of subject-specific language when possible.
    Your proposal should contain the following information:
    1. Description of the problem to be solved
    2. Proposed AWS solution (including specific AWS tools, timeline, key milestones)
    3. Plan for sharing outcomes (tools, data, and/or resources) created during project
    4. Any potential future use of AWS beyond supported project duration by individual research group or broader community
    5. Names of any AWS employees you have been in contact with (this is not a prerequisite of application)
    6. Any AWS Public Datasets to be used in your research
    7. Keywords to facilitate proposal review
  • AWS approves applications based on factors such as clearly defined outcomes, potential to disseminate the results and data through sharing a pipeline or software, succinctly defined milestones, the applicability of AWS services within the project scope, and value of AWS Promotional Credit requested suited to the scope of the project (as evidenced by a link from the AWS Pricing Calculator to substantiate the AWS Promotional Credit desired).

    Please note that the intent of AWS Cloud Credit for Research program is to support research-oriented workloads on AWS. Administrative workloads to run routine IT operations on AWS are not supported. Credit for general research being conducted in a lab are supported. Credit to support on-going research are not supported. Applications that detail these types of workloads or project will not be supported.

  • AWS Cloud Credit for Research is not aimed at providing continuous funding for a single research project.