AWS Cloud Credit for Research

Resources for the research community

Explore Amazon Web Services (AWS) research-specific resources so you can better leverage the cloud to build open source science as service applications, software, and tools. See how to perform a proof of concept to evaluate moving research workloads to the cloud and train key stakeholders on cloud best practices for research workloads via workshops or tutorials.

Find more resources for getting started with credit at the AWS Promotional Credit Resource Hub.

AWS Cloud Credit for Research

Learn how to use your AWS Promotional Credit for research.

No-cost online AWS training pathway for researchers and research IT

AWS curated a list of on-demand courses tailored to researchers’ needs. The courses are designed for researchers and research IT professionals who want to become more proficient in optimizing research on AWS.


The future of research computing on AWS

The tools researchers use for scientific analysis and discovery are changing. Learn how AWS customers apply next-generation high performance computing, serverless architectures, and predictive analytics, in concert with machine learning, to do more with their research budgets and solve previously intractable research computing challenges.

Five ways to use AWS for research—starting right now

AWS Cloud services accelerate research and time to science. Here are five ways the cloud helps scientific researchers focus more on research than on the computational resources required to do it.

Resources for researchers and institutions to work remotely

The rapidly changing global health situation has impacted the lives of many people, including researchers at universities and institutions worldwide. AWS put together a list of resources to enable remote learning and working from home.

AWS Education: Research Seminar Series

AWS Education: Research Seminar Series

Connect with researchers worldwide to exchange ideas, share information, and discuss scientific topics. Join an upcoming session led by researchers and experts or catch up on demand.

Research and technical computing on AWS

AWS works with research labs and institutions around the world to help researchers process complex workloads. See how AWS supports researchers. Stay up-to-date with what's new. Learn about program collaborations, key initiatives, resources, and funding programs.

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Research and technical computing