AWS Promotional Credit Resource Hub

Resources to help AWS Promotional Credit recipients get started in the cloud

Explore resources to help you get started using AWS Promotional Credit. Learn how to add a promotional code to your account, figure out which services are covered, and find where to access technical support.

For detailed information, review the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.

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AWS Promotional Credit resources

Discover how to apply AWS Promotional Credit to your account and bill, which services it covers, and how to make sure you allocated the credit to the correct account(s).


How do I add a promotional code to my AWS account?

Learn how to apply your AWS Promotional Credit or code to your AWS account.


How is AWS Promotional Credit applied to my account?

Discover how to apply credit to your bill.


Does my credit cover a particular AWS service?

Watch this video to learn how to determine if your credit covers a particular AWS service.


How do I disable credit sharing for accounts in my organization?

Credit is applied across all accounts by default. Learn how to disable credit sharing by applying your credit code(s) to a specfic account.

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