Amazon Web Services (AWS) is on a mission to accelerate higher education's digital transformation.

AWS works with institutions around the world including Arizona State University, the University of Oxford, and Ventura County Community College to modernize all aspects of their mission delivery. Our customers rely on AWS to support the continuity of teaching and learning, connect the campus community to systems and tools, and store institutional knowledge and data. They use AWS to make data-driven decisions to save money and resources, enable researchers to accelerate time to science, and power their educational technology systems.

What is Cloud Computing?


AWS allows you to spin up and suspend quickly at a low cost. Our IT team does a fantastic job of keeping us operating at a very high level and running on AWS gives us even much more flexibility.

Michael Soupios
Director of Digital Media and Web Development, Seton Hall University

How AWS helps higher education institutions

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  • Modernize and secure the academy

    AWS helps provide increased agility, data security, and compliance, as well as implementing disaster recovery and helping lower costs.

    Becoming more agile is important and modernizing your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and student information system (SIS) is how many institutions get started. You can learn more about Oracle PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner modernization today. Additionally, unexpected events can have longstanding business and reputational impact, particularly for institutions that house complex systems. To help make sure your systems are secure and redundant, AWS offers tools to build disaster recovery and business continuity protocols, so that you can protect your institution without incurring the expense of another physical site.

    Case study: Security is a top priority at The University of Notre Dame

    “As we work to place 80 percent of our IT resources in the cloud, we are taking full advantage of the rich security features available,” said Mike Chapple, senior director of IT service delivery at Notre Dame. “As an information security professional with experience in the public and private sectors, I’m excited at the opportunity the cloud provides for innovation in information security. Amazon Inspector is a great example of how AWS is accelerating investment in security-focused services, and we like the approach of a highly scalable, API-driven security as a service that we can place throughout our cloud operations.”


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    Migration services

    Migrate your on premise ERP and SIS workloads to AWS to increase agility and decrease infrastructure cost.

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    AWS Migration
    AWS Control Tower

    AWS Control Tower provides the easiest way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment, called a landing zone.

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  • Transform the student experience

    Ensuring the continuity of teaching, learning, and remote work is vital. At the same time, we know there’s work to be done to eliminate the digital divide.

    AWS can help enable secure, scalable, and cost effective solutions, allowing students to access important software from anywhere in the world. We can work with you to use voice technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to create innovative solutions that inspire and develop the best possible outcomes.

    Case study: Arizona State University enhances student life and drives deep learner engagement

    Ranked the most innovative university by U.S. News & World Report for six consecutive years, Arizona State University (ASU) has earned its reputation as a multidisciplinary leader—in part, due to its strategic adoption of technology that enhances curriculum and helps the university better serve more than 130,000 students in addition to the local community.


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    Amazon AppStream 2.0

    Provide students access to the applications they need for class through any computer.

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    AWS Workspaces

    Leverage a fully managed, virtual desktop enables students and researchers to access data, applications, and resources remotely.

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  • Turn data into wisdom

    Optimize the entire lifecycle of university data and use analytics to make data informed decisions.

    Our customers tell us they need better ways to store, manage, and unlock insights from the large amounts of data at their institutions. At the same time, data optimization can identify cost saving opportunities across the institution. Let us show you how.

    Case study: Maryville University uses a data lake to improve student success and retention

    Maryville University recently launched an ambitious, multi-phased project to collect and analyze data to improve student outcomes. To make its vision immediately actionable and impactful, the university decided to focus on improving student retention first.


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    Build a centralized data repository allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale.

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    Learn the fastest way to get answers from all your data to all your users.

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  • Empower researchers and accelerate research

    Collaborate securely with other institutions as you accelerate time to research.

    AWS supports ground-breaking research in collaboration with leading higher education institutions, as well as national and international research agencies. AWS provides cost-effective, scalable, and secure compute, storage, and database capabilities to accelerate time to science.

    Case study: UC San Diego Health uses AWS to implement AI imaging model in 10 days

    When COVID-19 arrived in the United States in the spring of 2020, UC San Diego Health researchers had already developed an image recognition model using ML to identify pneumonia in difficult-to-detect cases. Because pneumonia was quickly becoming one of the major indicators of severe infection in COVID-19 patients, UC San Diego Health asked AWS for help setting up a system for applying the model in a clinical setting that would enable medical practitioners to use the information in diagnosis and treatment.


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    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

    Leverage an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

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    Allows your AWS consumers, researchers, scientists, analysts, and students to easily launch secure, complex compute resources within minutes.

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Benefits of the AWS cloud

Campus-wide IT management

On-demand services help IT teams build secure environments for applications, freeing them to focus on student success.

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Big return on big data

Easily build, deploy, and operate big data solutions that support predictive analytics, retention efforts, and student engagement.

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Pay for only what you need

Reduce costs with the AWS pay-as-you-go model. Your institution can plan for growth or increased seasonal demand.

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Faster time to research

Accelerate research timelines by spending less time building infrastructure and more time on science.

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AWS Marketplace for education enables customers to discover, subscribe, and deploy SaaS and API products that support regulated workloads.

Alexa in education

Enhance student learning and living with voice technology

Amazon Alexa is ushering in a new era of technology. One where students, educators, and parents can use their voice to interact with technology that deepens learning, provides access to critical information, and saves time.

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