Quickly create more capable and compelling conversational AI experiences across multiple channels, such as contact centers and social media


QnABot on AWS is a generative artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (or chatbot) that responds to your customer’s questions, answers, and feedback. It allows you to deploy a fully functional chatbot across multiple channels including chat, voice, SMS, and Amazon Alexa.


Enhance your customer’s experience

Provide personalized tutorials and question and answer support with intelligent multi-part interaction. Easily import and export questions from your QnABot setup.

Leverage natural language and semantic understanding

Use Amazon Kendra natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to better understand human questions. Build conversational applications using Amazon Bedrock, a managed service offering high-performance foundation models.

Reduce customer support wait times

Automate customer support workflows. Realize cost savings and serve your customers better so they can get accurate answers and help quickly.

Implement the latest generative AI technology

Utilize intent and slot matching for diverse Q&A workflows. Leverage natural language understanding, context management, and multi-turn dialogues through large language models (LLMs) and retrieval augmented generation (RAG).

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the appropriate AWS CloudFormation template. If you want to deploy using VPC, first deploy a VPC with two private and two public subnets spread over two Availability Zones, and then use the QnABot VPC AWS CloudFormation template. Otherwise, use the QnABot Main AWS CloudFormation template.

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