Education and learning solutions in AWS Marketplace

Digital learning solutions to facilitate collaboration and communication.

Educational institutions around the world seek reliable options that allow administrators, professors, teachers, and students to maintain connectivity and productivity on- or off-campus. In uncertain times, education providers need dependable solutions to facilitate distance learning for their students and enable remote work for staff. AWS Marketplace provides a curated digital catalog to help institutions navigate evolving situations and quickly deploy solutions.

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Data backup and recovery

Minimize downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers in AWS.

  • Securely backup your on-prem, hybrid, and AWS workloads.


    Automated IT resilience solution that helps recover your environment from unexpected outages, data corruption, or malicious attacks.


    Centralized dashboard that allows you to automate AWS EC2 backup, database backup, recovery, and disaster recovery (DR).


    Data management platform that automates the protection and management of data, apps, and workloads running in AWS.


    Enterprise-class backup and scalable instant recovery of applications running in any AWS region.

  • Protect and secure data on productivity applications such as Office 365, with cloud based backup and recovery solutions.


    Accelerate endpoint backup and recovery across employee devices and cloud apps (Office 365, G Suite, Slack, SFDC).


    Secure and encrypted cloud-native service that protects Office 365 data from threats and accidental deletion.

    Pure Storage

    Block storage that enables you to test, develop, migrate, and run mission-critical apps across a hybrid landscape.


    Fully automated AWS-native backup and disaster recovery.

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Social distancing & screening

Securely monitor social distancing requirements and screen students and employees as they return to school.


Self-certification, entry validation, and contact tracing solution.


Holistic self-screening and case management solution.


Mobile application for employee screening and social distancing alerts.


Anonymous contract tracing solution for employee exposure alerts.

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Remote work

Solutions like Amazon Chime and Amazon AppStream 2.0 work together with solutions in AWS Marketplace to enhance communication, collaboration, and offer customized learning experiences, regardless of location.


Automate Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 life cycles to virtual desktop workload deployment and management.


Persistent virtual desktop that provides access to Windows 7 and Windows 10 environments.


Learning management system that packages applications and continuously monitors for vulnerabilities and application updates.

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Virtual Contact Center / Help Desk

Quickly setup a virtual contact center or a help desk and scale to meet demand spikes with customer engagement solutions such as Amazon Connect and workforce reporting and analytics solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

  • Extend the functionality of Amazon Connect and easily deliver omnichannel customer service with these integrated solutions.


    Outbound voice dialer platform that provides real-time lead filtering, segmentation, prioritization, and scheduling.


    Voice of the customer platform that enables you to listen, analyze and act on customer interactions across channels.

    Symbee Connect

    Customer engagement platform that unifies contact center data from Amazon Connect with advanced omnichannel features.


    Allows voice agents to send and view SMS, MMS, and Facebook Messenger messages from their desktop to cell phone users.

  • Run and operate your call centers more efficiently and extend the functionality of Amazon Connect. Simulate real-world customer interactions to accelerate migrations, reduce risk, and assure high-quality customer experiences.


    Workforce engagement management suite for Amazon Connect that uses AI-driven analytics to uncover insights.


    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that accelerates migrations, reduces risk, and improves customer experience.

  • Extend the functionality of Amazon Connect with solutions in AWS Marketplace that optimize productivity, manage call capacity, and improve the customer experience.


    Speech analytics solution that converts call recordings into structured data to search and analyze conversations.


    Real-time and historic data visualization for Amazon Connect that provides insights via dashboards and wallboards.

    NLX Studio

    SaaS platform for building and managing AI-powered conversational applications at scale.

  • Enable quicker resolution of tickets and better availability of IT services with IT Service Management (ITSM) help desk software.


    Automate process workflows, tasks, and approvals based on best practices to increase employee productivity and improve efficiency.

    Micro Focus

    Analytics-driven service management solution that accelerates agent productivity and reduces ticket volumes.


    Collaborative platform that helps teams streamline and automate incident resolution, meet SLAs, and accelerate migration.


    Connects ServiceNow with the AWS Support Center to automate the creation and resolution of incidents directly from your ITSM tool.

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Well Managed and Secure Desktop

Improve security and simplify the deployment and management of Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 with solutions available in AWS Marketplace. Access the applications needed on any computer, whether in the classroom, campus, or home office.

  • Protect computer networks that are remotely bridged to client devices, including personal computers used to work from home.

    Trend Micro

    Defend cloud workloads and virtual desktops against threats, malware, and vulnerabilities.


    Visibility of endpoint activity for threat detection, response, and forensics from a single lightweight agent.

    Sentinel Labs, Inc.

    AI powered endpoint protection to prevent, detect, respond, and discover all assets from one platform.

  • Simplify the deployment and management of Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0.


    Enables migrations to Amazon Workspaces and provide full user environment management and application layering.

    Nuvens Consulting Ltd

    Integrates between the user domain and Amazon WorkSpaces to allow simple provisioning and management of WorkSpaces.


    Automates Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 life cycles, facilitating deployment and management at scale.

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Distance learning

Education does not need to stop when schools are closed. Solutions like Amazon Chime and Amazon AppStream 2.0 work together with solutions in AWS Marketplace to enhance communication, collaboration, and offer customized learning experiences, regardless of location.


Maximize learning initiatives with a fully-managed learning management system (LMS) solution for open-source Moodle.


Video training platform that provides live and on-demand streaming functionality for remote learning and communications.

Ubuntu based Linux desktop GUI environment with open source productivity tools and applications.

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AWS Marketplace is available for procurement through various contract vehicles supported by our network of partners. Our partners can provide assistance on your questions regarding their contract vehicles, procurement processes, and other general information to support your order.

Why AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog of software products offered by third-party software and service sellers that complement AWS solutions. Public sector organizations can easily find, try, buy, deploy, and manage software and services with one consolidated view for governance and asset management. AWS Marketplace can make it easier for public sector organizations to:

Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Accelerate cloud migrations by leveraging migration tools including inventory, business case development, workload migration, and validation.

Build intelligent applications

Buid intelligent applications with a curated catalog of algorithms and models purpose-built for public sector and educational use cases.

Support compliance and security needs

Support compliance and security needs with the ability to create a customizable, private catalog of organization-approved software solutions.

Simplify contracting, speed procurement
Simplify contracting, speed procurement, and get optimal software pricing with pre-reviewed standardized cloud license terms. Learn more
AWS Marketplace Channel Programs enable Consulting Partners to access, recommend and deliver any of the software products and solutions available in AWS Marketplace. For more information on AWS Marketplace channels, please visit the AWS Marketplace Channel Programs.
Additional education resources

From remote workspaces to remote help desk, AWS tools are available to help enable virtual learning. 

AWS remote work and learning solutions allow employees, contact center agents, and students to remain productive.
As you explore ways to shift to remote learning and working, AWS has resources to help you today.

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