Machine learning solutions

Solutions available in AWS Marketplace use machine learning to solve a wide range of use cases in multiple industries.

COVID SOLUTIONS USING MACHINE LEARNING    |    Use Machine Learning for PPE and Social Distancing Detection. 

Choose from pre-built models or build your own

The increased amounts of data, tools, and applications require more and more the use of machine learning algorithms and models. The solutions available in AWS Marketplace offer customers the flexibility of choosing from a large selection of pre-built models and algorithms covering a wide range of use cases and industries. AWS Marketplace also offers AI platforms that can help you simplify data experimentation and formulate deeper insights from disparate sources across your data estate.

Machine learning use cases

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Identify abnormal customer spend or aberrant machine behavior and detect fraud.

Language Processing

Language Processing

Use language processing ML models to improve your customer’s experience.

Vision Processing

Vision Processing

Explore how vision processing can help take your quality control to the next level.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics
Use text analytics to summarize and translate documents and extract insights.


Leverage pre-trained models for forecasting hospital occupancy, diagnosis and other use cases.

ML Platforms

Machine Learning and AI Platforms

Build your own models using data preparation and machine learning platforms.

Data Products

Data Products for Machine Learning

Use data products from Amazon Data Exchange to build ML models using third-party data.


Build ML applications faster

Plug and play pre-trained machine learning models from third-party sellers across various use cases without sharing the data outside your environment.

Reduce time for data prep

Use pre-trained models and solutions that can help identify high-quality data from your overall data set suitable for training the ML models.

Simple feature engineering

Leverage models and solutions to identify and extract additional features from your data that can be used to train your own downstream models.

Discover pre-trained ML models

Pre-trained ML models are ready-to-use models that can be quickly deployed on Amazon SageMaker. By pre-training the models for you, solutions in AWS Marketplace take care of the heavy lifting, helping your team deliver ML powered features faster and at a lower cost.

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Browse pre-defined listings, or post a custom request and get qualified bids. Pay directly through AWS only when work is complete and you are satisfied.

Explore NVIDIA NGC Catalog in AWS Marketplace

Build, optimize, and deploy ML solutions faster with the latest GPU-optimized software from NVIDIA.

Why buy in AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to find, testbuy, and deploy the third-party software you want, with the simplified procurement and controls you need.

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