Extract insights from third-party data

Leverage ML models on AWS Marketplace to drive new insights from the data that you procure from AWS Data Exchange.

BUILD AI AND ML POWERED SOLUTIONS FASTER    |    Pre-trained machine learning models available in AWS Marketplace.


Drive insights from data using machine learning models

Leverage pre-trained machine learning models from Machine Learning Marketplace to generate additional signals and features from your AWS Data Exchange data. Once you have subscribed to datasets from AWS Data Exchange, you can create machine learning models from AWS Marketplace without having prior knowledge in machine learning.
Learn how to quickly and easily import trading data to Amazon S3, run data analysis using Athena, and backtest trading strategies on the imported data.
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With thousands of datasets to discover on AWS Data Exchange, let’s get you started with a collection of some popular datasets that you can optimize to generate insights.

ESG News Sentiment Dataset applies industrial-scale NLP to thousands of news sources to develop in-depth, real-time scoring at the company level.
Arabesque S-RAY

The ESG Raw Data Module grants access to a broad range of granular sustainability data, empowering clients to execute a comprehensive analysis of a company/portfolio's ESG performance, risks, and opportunities.

Foursquare Places 2021 is a trial dataset of POI data that leverages foot traffic data to predict customer behaviors and forecast demand for enterprises.

IMDb's Movie/TV/OTT Data (SAMPLE) provides a subset of essential metadata for movies, TV and OTT series, as well as performers and creators.


Rearc's COVID-19 dataset contains up-to-date data on confirmed cases, deaths, and testing collected from John Hopkins University during pandemic.

Self-Driving Car Safety & Autonomous Driving Simulations data set is a collection of 2D and 3D content and metadata to power image recognition.


Improve data preparation

Optimize machine learning models to classify your data and make it ready for downstream analysis.

Enhance feature engineering

Derive additional machine learning model features from external data provided by AWS Data Exchange .

Accelerate proof of concepts

Train algorithms and create effective models.

"Using AWS Data Exchange allows us to easily consume and use Arabesque S-Ray data in the Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE), our AWS-based investment data and analytics ecosystem.  Institutional asset managers and asset owners can license Investics DARTS data via AWS Data Exchange and receive daily updates, enabling them to easily monitor ESG compliance and performance metrics on their entire investment portfolio"

—William Pryor, President of Investics


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Learn about the innovative techniques being leveraged in data pipelines, with data analysis, and for data visualizations.
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