Business Analytics

Detect anomalies, forecast demand, and personalize shopping experiences with business analytics.

BUILD AI AND ML POWERED SOLUTIONS FASTER    |    Pre-trained machine learning models available in AWS Marketplace.


Gain valuable insights to improve your business

In a world driven by data, it is often challenging to find the right insights to build and expand your business. Machine learning-driven analytics can help you improve profitability by automating the detection of potentially fraudulent online activity, accurately predict demand and streamline supply-demand decisions, boost business productivity by delivering accurate and useful information faster, forecast business trends, and find hidden insights, such as anomalies or outliers, from your business data.

Learn how to perform both batch and real-time inferences on a trained model.

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The following solutions from AWS Marketplace sellers focus on Amazon Sagemaker for model delivery.


ElectrifAi's Recommendation Engine builds customer ranking score models in different consumption categories to see the response in a certain campaign.

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Financial Transactions Fraud Detection is a deep learning based algorithm capable of training on transactional data to detect fraudulent transactions.
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Peak's 21 Day Forecast Challenge helps quantify, within 21 days, the financial opportunity that exists within your business via ML-driven forecasting.

How to prepare your data pipeline for machine learning and AI

Get the practical guidance to help you prepare a data pipeline that can automate machine learning workflows.


Build ML applications faster

Plug and play pre-trained machine learning models from third-party sellers across various use cases without sharing the data outside your environment.

Reduce time for data prep

Use pre-trained models and solutions that can help identify high-quality data from your overall data set suitable for training the ML models.

Simple feature engineering

Leverage models and solutions to identify and extract additional features from your data that can be used to train your own downstream models.


Learn about the latest practices on how to analyze data to obtain deeper insights with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how to use data analysis strategies to get faster insights and meet your business outcomes.
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Learn how companies are using external data sources to prepare and accelerate businesses reopening.

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Learn how data and analytics leaders are tapping into the expanding ecosystem of data products for insights.

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