Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace has ready-made applications, device management services, and big data solutions to inform your connected business.

Quickly connect, collect, and act on data from connected devices with AWS and AWS Marketplace solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in AWS Marketplace, along with AWS IoT services, enable organizations to quickly leverage ready-to-use applications tailored to your business needs, ensure connectivity, and provide device management to speed up the insights that fuels efficiency, productivity, and growth. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of listings from independent software vendors that enables you to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

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IoT use cases by industry focus

These are just a few examples of how organizations are managing, monitoring, and driving insights from their connected devices with AWS services and solutions in AWS Marketplace.

Data visualization from multiple sources

Visualize data from your transportation fleet so you can act to maintain reliability, availability, and performance.

Device operation management

Build dashboards to monitor anything, from environmental factors to network connectivity to video feeds.

Monitoring and response automation

Auto-create work orders and dispatch crews with smart monitoring of connected city assets.

Accelerated IoT development

Accelerate and optimize the development, deployment, and operation of smart home and smart city IoT solutions.

Monitoring of remote patient health applications

Enable healthcare providers to remotely monitor the status of a connected sensor, so the system can monitor the health of the patient.

Remote management and monitoring

Track, monitor, and manage  connected device fleets in order to ensure IoT devices work properly and securely after they have been deployed.

Monitor worker safety

Monitor worker safety and productivity

Track data relating to human movement, location, and environment, so you can prioritize areas of focus for safety and productivity.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance analytics captures the state of industrial equipment so you can identify potential breakdowns before they impact production.

Device connectivity

Quickly deploy and operate secured private networks with a stack that integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Process monitoring

Investigate and share analytics insights as well as contextual data from your manufacturing and business systems.

Manufacturing platform

Allow manufacturers to build and rapidly deploy applications, connect with IoT, and increase worker productivity.

Location Intelligence

Increase productivity and new revenue streams with indoor and outdoor coverage location intelligence services.

Device connectivity

Use data science to predict, prevent, and mitigate potential asset failures and increase the life of the assets.

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