Data and analytics solutions

Gain deeper insights, enhance decision making, and act in real time with data and analytics solutions in AWS Marketplace.

Increasingly, organizations have stringent requirements from the time data is generated, to the time actionable insights are delivered to the users. Therefore, data needs to be collected, stored, processed, and analyzed within relatively short windows – ranging from daily to real-time. AWS services and AWS Marketplace solutions equip you to manage your business and data more effectively by enhancing decision making and enabling real-time action.

Data and analytics use cases

Analytical platform
Analytical platform

Govern data and business metrics delivering robust analytics to accelerate decision making.

Analytical platform
NoSQL databases

Meet data demands while reducing your footprint and minimizing overall complexity.

Analytical platform
Time series database

Gather real-time visibility into stacks, sensors, and systems to stay competitive.

Analytical platform
Graph database

Extract value from data, gain transparency, and reach smarter business decisions.

Analytical platform
Operational intelligence

Monitor and troubleshoot across all of your infrastructure—cloud, virtual, or physical.

Analytical platform
Data lake for analysis

Architect a data lake to store all your data and transform it for analysis when you need it.

Analytical platform
Data labeling

Enhance processes, predict future trends, and increase efficiencies by optimizing large datasets.

Analytical platform
Data science clusters

Reduce costs by avoiding the time-consuming tasks to configure complex analytical infrastructure.

Analytical platform
Analysis and visualization

Discover and deliver actionable insights with analytics and visualization tools.

Analytical platform
Enterprise search

Search, analyze, and visualize data in real time without sacrificing speed or security.

Analytical platform
Data Science Collaboration

Streamline data science workflows and share insights to increase productivity.

Analytical platform
Data virtualization

Integrate enterprise data sources for simplified access and delivery of data across the organization.

Analytical platform
Data lake query engines

Reduce time to insight with rapid queries that connect directly to your data lake storage.

Expert help for Databases and Analytics

Expert help for databases and analytics

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