Data governance

Identify, classify, and protect your data while supporting regulatory compliance using third-party tools.

Organizations are looking to protect, secure and control critical data assets. Data Governance establishes the processes and responsibilities that ensure the quality, consistency, and security of the data used across an organization.

Learn how to use third party data to improve customer experiences, advance research, and innovate faster.

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These solutions available in AWS Marketplace are purpose-built to help organizations break down data silos and implement policies to ensure the proper use of data.


BigID’s actionable data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, security, and governance.

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Collibra delivers an end-to-end, integrated data intelligence platform with an enterprise security and stability approach to automate data workflows.


Reltio Enterprise 360 brings together data from all sources to provide enriched relational insights and a single source of truth for all enterprise data. 

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Key benefits of using third-party solutions available in AWS Marketplace

Quickly get from data to insights

Allow business users and experienced data analysts to turn data into actionable insights.

Automate data preparation

Prepare, secure, and govern data for data warehouses, analytics, line of business applications, and machine learning.

Database management at massive scale

Build your data lake, data warehouse, or data application and power the analytics needs of your organization.