Media and entertainment solutions in AWS Marketplace

Create and deliver personalized consumer experiences anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Consumers expect real-time access to content across multiple devices and channels, presenting media and entertainment companies with significant flexibility, agility, and scale challenges. Cloud solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and software vendors in AWS Marketplace enable media and entertainment companies to accelerate their content development, streamline asset management and distribution as well as modernize and migrate media workflows.


Accelerate content creation by removing capacity constraints and geographical limitations to collaboration.


Automate and secure your content delivery and management. Distribute media assets in the most efficient and resilient way possible.


Enhance visibility of media workflows before and after mass migration. Accelerate data pipelines, lower cost, and complexity.


Media and entertainment companies are seeking ways to transform their ideas into personalized, high-quality, live and on-demand content that captivates consumers. This often leads to questions of how to:

▶ Scale infrastructure to meet demands: With consumers demanding more over-the-top (OTT) content and new viewing options, media companies are adjusting to formatting and delivery needs while growing their global reach. Migrating to the cloud and cloud-enabled tools allow companies to effectively scale their media supply chain and infrastructure workflows.

▶ Manage ever-expanding content on multiple delivery vehicles: To keep their competitive edge, content creators and distributors must provide deep and varied libraries of exclusive, high-quality content appealing to different audiences. In a direct-to-consumer (D2C) environment, software tools enhance creation and development of content. This enables media companies to grow, store, and manage their digital media offerings.

▶ Personalize, retain, and monetize: Media and entertainment companies are under pressure to extract meaningful customer insights that inform smarter content production, recommendations, and discovery. Deploying advanced technologies such as data lakes, analytics, and machine learning can boost performance and efficiency. It can also facilitate tangible business outcomes such as deeper audience engagement and greater monetization.

This paper provides insight into the need for media and entertainment organizations to transform their operations, and examines the opportunity presented by cloud-based technologies to streamline and enable the entire media production supply chain.

Media and entertainment use cases

Here are just a few examples of how media and entertainment companies are using solutions in AWS Marketplace to successfully achieve their business goals:


Accelerate content creation and storage

Below is a sample of solutions offered in AWS Marketplace for facilitating content development and expanding your breadth of offerings.

Video production

Enable developers to quickly and easily create, edit, and animate videos at scale.

Studio storage

Transfer large datasets with flexible and accessible storage solutions.

Data transfer for content production

Rapidly move data and video to the cloud, regardless of asset type and size.

Secure asset management and delivery

Here are some use cases that illustrate how to streamline content delivery, asset management, and distribution workflows.

Media asset management (MAM)

Manage media assets with collaboration, production, and distribution.

Digital rights management (DRM)

Secure the delivery of digital media with digital rights management.

Video and audio streaming

Connect with viewers on any device through streaming engine services.

Modernize and migrate business processes

Here are some use cases that illustrate how software as a service (SaaS) and cloud native architecture enable business agility.

Migration discovery

Discover IT assets across your application portfolio, identify dependencies, and build a migration plan.

Infrastructure and application monitoring

Gain valuable insights by analyzing performance data, identifying usage and monitoring dependencies.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

Provide security teams visibility to uncover incidents by recording system activities taking place on endpoints.

Analytical platforms

Store, govern and orchestrate historical data and business metrics delivering robust analytics to accelerate decision making.

Ready to use data science clusters

Reduce costs by avoiding the time-consuming tasks to build, configure, and maintain complex analytical infrastructure.

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