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Media companies today are looking for increased uptime and enhanced availability in their data production workloads. Dynamic scaling data platforms help business accelerate data pipelines while also reducing the complexity, cost, and deployment time of big data projects.

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Mux Data is a real-time analytics platform used by some of the largest video brands in the world, like Vimeo, CBS, Discovery, and Udemy. Mux Data helps the engineering and operations teams at these companies monitor and improve video streaming performance by measuring the Quality of Experience of every stream: things like startup time, rebuffering, video quality, and playback failure.
  • Get answers about video performance - Monitor the four key dimensions of video QoS such as playback failures, startup time, rebuffering, and video quality
  • See what’s happening (before users do) - Get alerts when something goes wrong, and use our powerful dashboard to dig deeper.
  • Understand every single view - Track playback down to the individual user level, so your team can know exactly what’s going on.
  • Metrics Tracking - See what your users are seeing , around the world, in real time, to quickly and efficiently correct any issues they may be experiencing.
  • Understand your performance - Our industry-first viewer experience scores quickly summarize your video experience’s performance so you can track day over day and week over week performance.
  • Understand the viewer experience - Track viewer playback down to the individual user so that engineering and support can know exactly what is happening on every viewers device and debug more efficiently.

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TED Improves Viewer Experience by 60%

To power their online videos and platform, TED’s engineering team built the entire video production pipeline themselves. When the JioPhone was released in India and took the country by storm, they started to get alerts that their video was dropping for Android Phones which were running FireFox. Using Mux, they were able to identify the specific users that were affected by this issue and detect what the issues were. By isolating that the problem was residing with the JioPhone running KaiOS (fork of Firefox OS), TED’s engineers were able to quickly and effectively tackle the specific issue affecting these customers which resulted in a 60% increase in Quality of Experience (QoE) scores.
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Mux gives us confidence when we roll out new changes and its game changing. I can hit publish after making changes to the player and A) know that I’m not breaking anything and B) see when it has a positive impact.

           Mark Bogdanoff, Video Tech Lead at TED


Qubole Data Service (QDS) is a self-service, cloud data platform based on enterprise-grade data processing engines. Processing engines include Apache Spark, Presto, Hive, Quantum, and Airflow. QDS is an intuitive, and fully automated environment for analytics, machine learning, and end-to-end data processing. This includes batch and streaming extract, transform, load (ETL), unplanned SQL queries, model training, and deployment.

Qubole’s solution enables media companies to scale seamlessly to accommodate new data and users without additional administrative overhead. QDS takes care of all infrastructure complexities so that users can focus on queries to attain business critical insights. QDS’ pre-configured financial governance policies and built-in optimization reduce cloud computing costs by up to 50%. These customer benefits are possible due to the following product features included with Qubole Data Service (QDS):

  • Comprehensive self-service user experience
  • Enterprise-grade data processing engines
  • Adaptive serverless platform
  • Industrial-strength infrastructure security
  • Any scale deployments with low administrative overhead

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TiVo an entertainment technology and audience insights company that needed a solution to store data, run analytics workloads, and generate reporting. The engineering team chose Qubole. It allows them to easily scale and manage its Presto clusters, as well as audit queries and debug commands. QDS has provided TiVo with elastic scaling and optimized workloads.  This resulted in cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced data availability.

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The Qubole interface makes it easy for our developers to go to a notebook, pick a cluster, and get started with a query. They don't have to worry about managing the cluster, and they're able to collaborate with other developers easily by sharing notebooks.

           Lucas Waye, Principal Engineer, TiVo Inc.

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