Sustainability solutions in AWS Marketplace

Find innovative cloud-based solutions to build towards net-zero carbon, mitigate climate risk, and drive business growth

Sustainability solutions in AWS Marketplace

Find innovative cloud-based solutions to build towards net-zero carbon, mitigate climate risk, and drive business growth

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Sustainability & ESG technology and data solutions

Financial institutions, corporates, nonprofits, researchers, government agencies, and higher education customers are leveraging sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) technology and data solutions to innovate for a more sustainable world. AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that can help you make sustainable investment decisions, visualize and mitigate climate risk, reduce waste, and pioneer the next-generation of sustainability solutions. 

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Browse the categories below and discover popular sustainability solutions to help you calculate your carbon footprint, identify sustainable investment opportunities, and meet rapidly changing customer demand and emerging reporting requirements.
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The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative

Accelerate sustainability research and innovation with no-cost access to over a hundred sustainability data sets

Now find open data from the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative catalog in AWS Marketplace

The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) accelerates sustainability research and innovation by minimizing the cost and time required to acquire and analyze large sustainability data sets. 

Easily find and access sustainability data sets

ASDI identifies relevant and authoritative sustainability data sets and hosts them on AWS. We provide no-cost access to over a hundred sustainability data sets, organized into fourteen categories.

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Speed up your work with cloud optimized and searchable data sets

Sustainability data sets are cloud optimized as highly available object stores, ready for large-scale analysis. Sustainability data sets in the ASDI catalog are managed directly by authoritative sources and trusted third party providers, maintaining data integrity, reducing latency, and reflecting latest updates.

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Advance sustainability solutions with tools and open-source code

The AWS promotional credit program managed by ASDI supports experimentation and development for sustainability-related projects. ASDI provides tools, tutorials, and open-source code to advance sustainability work. 

The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative   |  (1:27 min)

AWS Partner Sustainability Solutions


ESG Safeguard - Transcripts Sentiment Dataset

The Amenity Safeguard ESG dataset applies NLP to track portfolio or single security ESG exposures with ease, leveraging our comprehensive approach to ESG data. 

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Clarity AI

Sustainability ESG Risk scores delivered via API/Datafeed. ESG risk tree includes 4 main metrics: E+S+G+ESG risk, and our universe extends for 30k companies, 385 governments, 150k funds and portfolios. 

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FactSet Truvalue Labs

Satisfy the exploding demand for sustainable investment products, identify material risks, and integrate ESG into all phases of the investment process with FactSet’s ESG investing solutions.

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Diligent ESG

An agile, purpose-built platform and nexus for ESG data from diverse sources to support goal setting, risk monitoring, GHG measurement and stakeholder reporting.

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Weather Analytics - Historical Weather

IBM Watson Advertising Weather Analytics combines weather data from the world’s most accurate forecaster. This dataset contains historical weather data for 42,000+ US zip codes going back to 2016 and is updated daily.

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MetricStream ConnectedGRC

Centrally manage requirements of various ESG frameworks including GRI, SASB, TCFD, and others, and optimize the process with automated data collection and reporting. 

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Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight provides quantitative, actionable signals based on best in class machine vision and data science algorithms.

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Ursa Space

URSA Space's subscription and custom services provide access to satellite imagery and analytic results with no geographic, political, or weather-related limitations.

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Now find the Registry of Open Data in AWS Marketplace

The Registry of Open Data on AWS makes it easy to find datasets made publicly available through AWS services. Open data such as weather, satellite, terrain, flood risks, etc. are available on the Registry of Open Data on AWS to support customers in building sustainable innovation solutions.  

What companies say about sustainability solutions on AWS Marketplace

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“At Accenture, we’ve been creating a platform to support our clients that are facing supply chain instability due to workforce, climate, pandemic, or social impacts. Building resiliency requires visibility into labor, weather, commodities, Tier N challenges and real-time inputs from suppliers in a collaborative environment. Using AWS Data Exchange, we are able to quickly consume the most up-to-date data to inform our models, like the news and sentiment data from Amenity Analytics. This allows us to create predictive insights into early supply chain risk factors, simulate what-if scenarios to minimize costs and delays, and automatically adjust to supplier disruptions in real time."

– Prasad Satyavolu; Lead – Industry X Manufacturing and Operations North America

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“At Capgemini we are committed to unleashing the power of purpose-driven growth for financial services organizations through innovative data-driven products and services based on ESG principles. Leveraging AWS Data Exchange to consume Arabesque’s ESG data enables us to deliver intelligent ESG solutions with hyper-personalization to drive sustainable banking and investing for retail customers faster and easier than ever before.”

-Tej Vakta, Head of ESG Solutions, Financial Services Insights & Data, Capgemini

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"Using AWS Data Exchange allows us to easily consume and use Arabesque S-Ray data in the Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE), our AWS- based investment data and analytics ecosystem. With ICE, we stitch together the robust ESG data from Arabesque S-Ray, with client portfolio information, and our investment analysis data to provide asset, portfolio and sector-level sustainability metrics. We then use AWS Data Exchange to distribute the final product, Investics DARTS, to AWS customers. Institutional asset managers and asset owners can license Investics DARTS data via AWS Data Exchange and programmatically receive daily updates, enabling them to easily monitor ESG compliance and performance metrics on their entire investment portfolio." 

-William Pryor, President of Investics

UT Austin
At Neuravest, our core business is applying machine learning to non-traditional datasets and creating investment portfolios based on the resulting insights— all on behalf of our asset management customers. We are excited to develop new environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions for our customers by applying our machine learning expertise to Arabesque S-Ray data. With AWS Data Exchange, we can quickly source high quality machine-readable ESG datasets, and easily integrate them into our solutions - many of which already run on AWS.

-Erez Katz, Co-Founder and CEO, Neuravest

PG Ventures
"At PG Ventures, we set out to solve a very specific problem: How to identify the risks in soil relocation from underground mining activities in Central Europe. CATALYST Insights, a Canadian Earth observation company, provided us with the ground displacement data we needed to uncover these man-made disasters. We use AWS Data Exchange to consume CATALYST’s Insights data, which supports planning for immediate and future impacts as coal mining slows globally as a result of carbon neutral requirements. The flexibility of CATALYST's services, combined with the ease of licensing their data via AWS Data Exchange, has enabled us to start mitigating these mining collapses and prevent future damage.”

-Christoph Schmidt, Co-Founder, PG Ventures

“During the Code Green Hack-a-Thon at re:Invent 2021, we set out to make a mapping tool that shows the communities that have the greatest current and forecasted need for improvements to their water supplies, air quality, and waste management. We used Crux data products through AWS Data Exchange, which allowed us to quickly cleanse and prepare the data via the AWS Glue integration, and uploaded it to our Amazon S3 buckets. From there, we started to build a model using Amazon SageMaker that we then piped into a visualization tool. Using AWS Data Exchange saved us time in collaborating and formulating data processes and helped us focus on the application itself.”

– Isaac Trevino, Hack-a-thon participant, and Software Developer

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Sustainability data solutions in AWS Marketplace

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