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Sesc Digital logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

Sesc Democratizes Access to Cultural Assets Using AWS Marketplace

The Social Service of Commerce (Sesc) of São Paulo, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, sought to democratize access to Brazilian cultural assets by developing a high-quality audio streaming solution. To complete the project within an accelerated timeline, Sesc used AWS Marketplace—where users can find, buy, deploy, and govern third-party software, data, and services that run on AWS and manage them from a centralized location—to verify and maintain security and compliance best practices while navigating complex procurement processes. Using AWS, Sesc abided by stringent regulations and made iconic concert recordings freely available to listeners all around the world while sticking to an ambitious 45-day timeline. Read more>>

“Purchasing the digital rights management service through AWS Marketplace helped us meet procurement requirements with confidence. If we had to build something from scratch, we certainly wouldn’t have met the project deadline.”

Fernando Tuacek, Manager of Sesc Digital

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Contentsquare Scales AWS Marketplace Usage to Increase Enterprise Software Sales by 14x

Since Contentsquare was founded in 2012, it has grown from a small 10-person team to a global workforce of over 2,000 people. Its all-in-one platform, Digital Experience Analytics, helps businesses of all sizes track user interactions to optimize web and mobile experiences. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), this software opens up exciting analytics possibilities, and Contentsquare needed a growth accelerator so that it could help more companies unlock insights and drive digital excellence.

In 2022, the company began selling its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering in AWS Marketplace—a curated digital storefront where customers can find, subscribe to, deploy, and govern software, data, and services on AWS. As Contentsquare’s preferred route to market, AWS Marketplace simplifies the discoverability and procurement of the company’s Digital Experience Analytics platform—accelerating its customers’ time to value. This strategic move empowered the company to scale rapidly and establish a worldwide footprint, serving over 1.3 million companies around the globe. Read more>>

“We’re constantly meeting our customers where they are, and the support we receive from AWS along with these procurement efficiencies have empowered us to increase enterprise software sales in AWS Marketplace by 14-times year-over-year.”

Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer, Contentsquare


Accessing IMDb-Licensed Content for Visualizations through AWS Data Exchange with Tableau

Data analytics and visualization solutions company Tableau, which is a part of Salesforce, aims to help people see and understand data in new and creative ways. To showcase its products and inspire people to explore data visualization, the company created Data + Movies, a program for people of all skill levels to use and analyze licensed data from AWS Partner IMDb, an entertainment information database to create visualizations and share them publicly. IMDb makes its datasets available through AWS Data Exchange, which customers can use to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. As a result, Tableau can access the data with ease, keep it updated, and deliver it to customers in a streamlined way. Read more>>

“Whereas the 80 visualizations uploaded for Data + Music accumulated about 219,000 views in 4 years, the Data + Movies visualizations earned more than 100,000 views in just 3 months.”

Karen Mahardy, Senior Marketing Manager, Tableau

RadioTimes logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

Improved Operational Efficiency and Customer Time on Empowered by MetaBroadcast Using AWS and IMDb

MetaBroadcast needed to seamlessly provide highly valued entertainment metadata to its customer Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), MetaBroadcast accomplished this goal by licensing metadata from IMDb, an AWS Partner, and ingesting data into MetaBroadcast’s metadata management platform, Atlas, powered by AWS. By building its solution on AWS, MetaBroadcast enhanced data security, improved service delivery times, encouraged sustainability practices, and increased scalability and reliability. In using Atlas, the editorial team experienced greater efficiency in managing data. The addition of IMDb metadata also helped to increase the average time consumers spent on program and film pages. Read more>>

“ caters to the evolving needs of modern viewers, helping them decide what to watch and where to find it. Complementing our own data and data feeds from other sources with IMDb descriptive data further enriches our records, helping us to deliver a fulfilling web experience to our users….In addition, the quality of the records boosts the overall performance and traffic.”

Helen Hackworthy, Listings and Platforms Editor,

Sinclair Broadcast Group logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

IMDb and Fabric Inc. team up to enrich Sinclair Broadcast’s media and entertainment catalog with an integrated solution

IMDb and Fabric developed a solution to seamlessly connect proprietary media catalogs to authoritative IMDb data using AWS Data Exchange. Fabric Studio, the software-as-a-service powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), helps M&E companies author, edit, and maintain rich metadata for their film and television catalogs. Fabric licenses IMDb data through AWS Data Exchange. The integrated solution makes it possible for Fabric’s customers to search for titles and access relevant information to enrich their catalogs with IMDb data.

Sinclair Broadcast Group (Sinclair) can procure IMDb licensed data directly through their existing relationship with Fabric. M&E customers will have one agreement and one fee directly with Fabric; this setup provides cost and resource efficiencies compared to maintaining multiple agreements and payments. The solution also provides customers with the freedom to start using the data quickly and with ease. Sinclair has been using the Fabric solution to enrich programming metadata for almost a year. Read more>>

“Though we use a variety of data sources as part of the solution, IMDb is an example of a rich data source that is being improved upon regularly. Most recently, we have seen keywords and tags being expanded upon from IMDb and its vast community of contributors, which has proved to be useful in our efforts to acquire programming across our networks to build out themed events for our audiences. During this period, not only have we successfully streamlined operations because of these solutions, but our network ratings have also increased across the board on Comet (+17 percent), Charge (+37 percent), and TBD (+10 percent) year over year.”

Ben Lister, Head of Programming, Sinclair

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Jollibee Group Reduces Costs by 30% Using AWS Marketplace

When it comes to big business operations, the DIY approach to technology doesn’t always cut it.

Jollibee Group is a global business with a small cloud team of five people worldwide. To achieve its business goals and drive growth through a successful digital transformation, it needed the expertise and services of an experienced managed services partner.

The company turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and eCloudvalley (ECV), an AWS Marketplace Skilled Channel Partner, to get more out of AWS Marketplace—where customers can find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS. By partnering with ECV, Jollibee Group reduced costs as well as accelerated and optimized its digital transformation beyond what it could have accomplished alone. Read more>>

"When working with an AWS Partner like ECV, we get the benefit of its expertise and relationship with AWS.”

Ella Salonga, Senior Manager for Business Technology, Jollibee Group

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With AWS Marketplace, easyJet Accelerates Innovation and Elevates Customer Experience

easyJet’s new data platform supports multiple business functions, including passenger bookings and internal personnel scheduling. Built on the scalable and reliable infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), easyJet can handle spikes in customer traffic, such as the more than 900,000 bookings per hour it might see during peak seasons.

This digital transformation also enabled easyJet to launch new products and services faster. Previously, easyJet worked with multiple ISVs to procure new software, including Cisco, Databricks, and Splunk. Managing different billing cycles with different suppliers was labor intensive—and not conducive for quick experiments and faster implementations, which are the runways for IT innovation.

As the moment approached to renew with one existing service provider, easyJet took the opportunity to leverage the same solutions—but in AWS Marketplace, where it could take advantage of SaaS free trials, flexible billing cycles, exclusive cost savings, and customizable solutions, terms, and pricing from preferred vendors. Read more >>

"AWS Marketplace lets us simplify the management of all of our contracts, so rather than having multiple smaller contracts with as many organizations, we've got one central AWS bill that we put everything through.”

Simon Challis, Senior Technology Manager, easyJet

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Streamlining Real-World Data Extraction and Analysis by 70% Using AWS Data Exchange with Moderna

Biotechnology company Moderna is creating a new generation of transformative medicine using mRNA technology. To power its intense workflows, the company needed to make its processes for ingesting, analyzing, and storing massive scientific datasets faster and more efficient.

Moderna standardized its complete real-world data strategy with AWS Data Exchange on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, Moderna is using several AWS services alongside solutions from AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party data, software, and services to streamline data procurement. Read more>>

"We have accelerated the data acquisition process from 8–10 days to only 3 days using AWS Data Exchange. We’re empowering users to make more informed, data-driven decisions.”

Carlos Peralta, Director of Data Engineering, Moderna

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Jaguar Accelerates Procurement and Innovation with AWS Marketplace Channel Partner Private Offers

Jaguar is an iconic luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover Limited. Headquartered in Coventry, England, Jaguar continues to transform and innovate to deliver a luxury and world-class experience for car buyers. This innovation requires the ability to rapidly prototype future car buyer experiences without getting locked into capabilities not yet in place. To help accelerate this innovation, the company chose the no-code Composable Architecture Platform from TomorrowX, allowing Jaguar to quickly and securely deploy customized solutions, reuse existing code, and automate documentation with transparency.

Now, Jaguar is able to move even more quickly by procuring this and other third-party software solutions through Softcat PLC in AWS Marketplace. By leveraging the procurement expertise of Softcat PLC with the custom pricing and terms available through AWS Marketplace Channel Partner Private Offers, Jaguar is able to purchase and deploy solutions more quickly, allowing the heritage car brand to continue to innovate to deliver a world-class client experience.

“The security governance of AWS Marketplace provides us with peace of mind. These security governance benefits of AWS Marketplace coupled with the procurement expertise of Softcat PLC, resulted in the fastest quote to purchase order cycle I have seen in any company.“

Max McCormick, Luxury Services & Experiences Product Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

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Better Together: Total Expert Increases Efficiency and Gains Momentum Using AWS Marketplace

Total Expert, the customer engagement platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions recognized the need to be nimble as it sought to reach new markets. It has made AWS Marketplace an integral part of its overall business strategy—as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer and Independent Software Seller (ISV). Building on AWS helps Total Expert to achieve faster procurement and internal process alignment while creating a new growth channel. Read more>>

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CSS Centralizes Procurement and Passes Efficiencies to Its Customers Using AWS Marketplace

Common Securitization Solutions (CSS) supports a majority of US mortgage securities in the highly regulated secondary mortgage market industry. The securitization platform that CSS runs was already on Amazon Web Services (AWS) when the company decided to insource all its business functions, including procurement, to minimize risk and optimize costs. In AWS Marketplace, CSS found those benefits and more—even reducing the complexity of procuring third-party solutions. Read more>>

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Tufts Medicine Turns to AWS Marketplace for Agile Solutions that Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

Across the Tufts Medicine health system, machines that help save lives are everywhere. Supported by the cloud, IT systems behind this medical technology achieve greater levels of fault tolerance and availability. And for any unforeseen challenge or long-term strategy not already served by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tufts Medicine has an abundant resource—AWS Marketplace. There, fast access to thousands of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions helps simplify and accelerate software procurement, so Tufts Medicine can strengthen how it delivers patient services and significantly reduce costs. Read more>>

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Technology that Delivers: iFood and Appoena Gain Agility Using AWS Marketplace

Brazil-based online food delivery service, iFood, is challenged to meet changing market demands while managing growth. Critical to that effort was the consolidation of its observability toolkit. iFood asked Appoena, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner with expertise in Datadog implementations and migrations, to use AWS Marketplace to procure and deploy the software on its AWS environment. Migrating to the new solution would help the company to consolidate multiple observability tools into one, giving it seamless visibility across the data infrastructure. Datadog is one of several independent software vendor (ISV) solutions iFood has transacted through AWS Marketplace. That list continues to grow as the benefits of a simplified approach to procurement, management, and reporting have begun to pay dividends. Read more>>

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Naranja X Modernizes Financial Services More Efficiently with SaaS Solutions in AWS Marketplace

Naranja X is a FinTech enterprise modernizing banking and credit card services for nearly 5 million customers across Argentina. The company migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to connect customers with more convenient products, services, and benefits that support financial health.

Providing excellent service to millions of customers across more than 180 bank branches and a mobile app does not happen in a single transaction, especially as Naranja X continues along its journey to become a digital banking ecosystem. IT teams rely on quick, cloud-native improvements to support a seamless, cross-channel customer experience and optimize evolving business processes.

But Naranja X teams can’t always do it alone. Working with independent software vendors (ISVs) to deploy ready made software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions can enable Naranja X developers to build and solve at speed. But managers must also protect against accelerating costs or security risks.

When leaders at Naranja X procure in AWS Marketplace, they have access to thousands of third-party cloud solutions that can be deployed almost instantly with little to no upfront commitment and are supported by powerful cost-control tools. And Naranja X doesn’t have to leave any preferred ISVs behind. Read more>>

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Tide is Increasing Innovation Through Data-driven Business Decisions Built on
AWS Machine Learning

Tide is the leading business financial platform in the UK. Tide helps SMEs save time (and money) in the running of their businesses by not only offering business accounts and related banking services, but also a comprehensive set of highly usable administrative solutions. Tide has around 500,000 SME members in the UK (more than 9% market share).

To leverage the advantages of cloud-based data infrastructure - such as scalability, administration, security, and ease of use for its various stakeholders - Tide has begun migrating its data operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the last few years.

During the assembly of building blocks for its machine learning (ML) and data warehouse platform, Tide relied on various solutions procured from the AWS Marketplace including Snowflake, Tecton, Databricks, and Fiddler AI. By using quick payment methods and maintaining them in one central location, they can stay focused on rapidly generating new business insights. Additionally, the use of standardized contracts shortens the procurement cycle by saving weeks of upfront negotiation time. Essential features such as standardized contracts, quick payment methods, centralised contract management, and machine learning models are made more reliable and efficient with solutions from the AWS Marketplace.

“Since adopting solutions from the AWS Marketplace, the time it takes to import new data sources has been reduced from multiple days to just hours, plus our experimentation time has been reduced from weeks to a few days.”

Chanchal Singh, Head of Data Engineering, Tide

GBM logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

Genius Sports Finds Key Players in the AWS Marketplace to Improve Observability and
Centralize Operations

Genius Sports is a London-headquartered sports technology company that provides innovative solutions for sports teams, betting operators, and media brands to help them leverage their data. Its products and services give opportunities for broadcasters, streaming platforms, or rights holders to monetize official data and video and create immersive digital experiences for fans.

Since it handles an extremely large amount of data, Genius Sports utilizes AWS and AWS Marketplace solutions to power its mission for a more sustainable sports data ecosystem. When Genius Sports wanted to increase its cloud observability and reporting, it procured services from Sophos, Splunk, CrowdStrike, and Auth0 through the AWS Marketplace private offers program, enabling it to achieve cost savings with a single AWS bill and centralized management as well.

“Going through AWS Marketplace to procure software solutions has been a straightforward task, with no fuss and no additional paperwork. It’s a clean and simple experience.”

Kristian Belov, Head of IT Service Management, Genius Sports

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The DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga Accelerates Adoption of Cloud Technologies with AWS Marketplace

The DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, also known simply as the DFL, has been responsible for the organization and marketing of German professional football since 2000. In 2020, the DFL announced AWS as an official technology provider for the league, heralding innovation in statistics, data analytics, and personalized offerings. AWS Marketplace plays a role in this innovation, enabling the DFL to accelerate the adoption of new cloud technologies that integrate with its technology stack. For example, the DFL was able to use AWS Marketplace to quickly procure an identity and access management solution that supports deeper customer segmentation and more than 50,000 weekly logins. Additionally, through AWS Marketplace’s private offers purchasing program, the DFL receives cost-saving licensing terms tailored to its unique needs.

“AWS Marketplace offers an intuitive and unified billing process across vendors. As a result, we save with procurement efficiencies.”

Moritz Mücke, Head of Digital Innovations, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga

GBM logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

GBM Gains Reliability with an AWS Marketplace First Approach

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM) provides financial products and services for corporations, institutions, and investment firms. GBM wanted to strengthen the reliability of its backend system infrastructure and, through AWS Marketplace, discovered several innovative solutions that had not previously been on its radar. The company now manages 16 solutions (and counting) in AWS Marketplace and sees benefits beyond strengthened system reliability. These benefits include a 30 percent average savings across all AWS Marketplace procurements and a dramatic drop in product support resolution times. Read more>>

Sony logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

Sony Streamlines Security Solution Purchasing with Private Marketplace

Sony Corporation of America, located in New York, NY, is the U.S. headquarters of Sony Group Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan. Sony's principal U.S. businesses include electronics, gaming, movies, and music. Sony was looking to make software and services more easily available to its staff. The company wanted employees to have the freedom to quickly adapt as needs changed.

With most of its needs focused around security and third-party monitoring, Sony had been working with Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader. The company moved purchasing of Trend Micro’s solutions from a purchase order process to an AWS Marketplace Private Marketplace, a customized, private catalog of approved products available in AWS Marketplace. By doing so, it reduced the time for users to procure approved software from 60 days to a few minutes.

“Turning to AWS Marketplace for the purchasing of Trend Micro’s solutions let us connect our AWS and Trend Micro bills to understand how the two were related. It helped us reduce procurement time on approved software from 60 days to a few minutes and made our billing and chargeback process much easier. We are now able to provide straightforward access to software in the cloud for our employees, streamlining the procurement process while still maintaining control. With Trend Micro solutions, we have improved our overall security stance as well as established an improved process for quickly and securely getting products into the cloud.”

--David Hofmann, Senior Business Manager, Sony Corporation of America


Formula 1 Increases Social Media Video Views by 245 Percent Using Grabyo

Headquartered in London, Formula 1 organizes international auto racing competitions. The company’s operations cover a wide range of disciplines and industry sectors to bring the excitement of Formula 1 to fans worldwide. To improve its social and digital workflows and distribute video highlights faster on race days, Formula 1 purchased Grabyo through a private offer in AWS Marketplace. Grabyo is a cloud video production platform that enables Formula 1 team members to collaboratively access live feeds and quickly publish highlight clips to social media. Since implementing Grabyo, the company has grown its video output by 40 percent and almost tripled the number of views its videos receive.

“Our video output has grown from 5,000 to more than 7,000 videos per year, and video views have moved from 1.8 to 4.4 billion – in no small part due to the more timely delivery and ease of access and editing afforded us by Grabyo.”
--Sam Tremayne, Editor in Chief, Social, and Digital, Formula 1

OneCup AI Livestock ID logo

OneCup AI Builds Livestock Recognition and Monitoring Platform with NVIDIA

OneCup AI provides Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance (BETSY), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, facial recognition, tracking, and surveillance platform for the ranching industry. By layering AWS services on top of NVIDIA’s solutions, OneCup AI was able to build, scale, and run hundreds of experiments. This allowed the company to create AIs that are simply fluid when it comes to processing video footage of animals. Read more>>

Beamable logo AWS Marketplace customer reference

Beamable Achieves Business Goals and Passes Efficiencies to Customers with and CloudZero

Beamable provides a creator-centric platform for building live games. While looking to strengthen its relationship with AWS as both a customer and AWS Independent Software Vendor, Beamable turned to AWS Marketplace. The gaming company purchased CloudZero and from AWS Marketplace, solutions that allowed Beamable to optimize its AWS cloud costs and accelerate the launch of its own AWS Marketplace listing. Beamable accomplished these critical tasks nine months faster than if it had built the solutions internally and gained procurement efficiencies in the process, including streamlined purchasing, onboarding, and billing. Read more>>

RapidRad logo

Rapid Radiology Drives Growth with Native PACS  on AWS with Emergent Connect

Rapid Radiology, one of the leading tele-radiology firms in the USA, has experienced steady growth over the last several years and throughout the pandemic. At the same time, many tele-radiology firms as well as most health care systems in regards to medical imaging have experienced downturns in volume and overall growth. One of the key reasons Rapid Radiology has been able to successfully navigate and thrive during this challenging time is the ability to be highly agile, specifically from a PACS and IT perspective. Rapid Radiology relies on a 100% native cloud PACS solution is available in AWS Marketplace from Emergent Connect to power its ability to be highly agile and in turn drive significant growth. Read more>>

Globe Telecom logo

Globe Telecom Drives Scalability and Visibility with AppDynamics on AWS

Globe Telecom (Globe) streamlined its procurement process and increased visibility and performance monitoring using solutions from AWS Advanced Partner AppDynamics and AWS Marketplace. The telecommunications company, which delivers data services in the Philippines, wanted to modernize its technology and scale operations. Globe saw an opportunity to optimize its solution on AppDynamics by purchasing it through AWS Marketplace. Globe is now running solutions for real user monitoring, analytics, and more—as well as migrating to an AppDynamics software-as-a-service solution on AWS. These innovations position Globe to further advance its monitoring, customer service, and business capabilities. Read more>> 

Moneytree KK logo

Moneytree Uses AWS Marketplace Private Offers for Cost and Resource Savings

Moneytree KK (Moneytree) achieved significant cost savings by using AWS Marketplace private offers. The cloud-native financial technology company had used AWS services from the start, but its payment relationships with other vendors were a burden on the company’s finance team. By integrating billing in AWS Marketplace, Moneytree streamlined its payment processes and achieved significant time and cost savings. Now, the company can focus its resources on engineering and product design. Read more>>

Banco Inter logo

Inter Expands Fintech Services and Serves 13 Million Customers on AWS

As Brazil’s first fully digital bank, Banco Inter S.A. (Inter) grew its customer base from 400,000 to 13 million in three years by migrating its computing infrastructure to the cloud on AWS. Consequently, Inter needed to assess its technology stack and identify ways to improve the customer experience. In 2020, Inter explored software on AWS Marketplace, which led it to adapt New Relic One, Amazon EKS, and Amazon Rekognition. Using this software, Inter has synthesized its data, bolstered its computing infrastructure, and implemented facial recognition technology. As a result, the company holds a Net Promoter Score of 84 and has plans to expand internationally. Read more>>

Emedgene logo

Emedgene Simplifies Bioinformatics and Security Deployment with Illumina and CIS

Emedgene’s completely automated genetic interpretation platform innovates by applying artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, scaling genetic interpretation and discovery. Requiring both level 1 security and bioinformatics solutions, the company turned to AWS Marketplace after trying several options for both needs. For the fastest time to market, Emedgene chose Illumina’s DRAGEN Complete Suite bioinformatics and Center for Internet Security (CIS) Level 1 security products in AWS Marketplace. The company found that these solutions not only met its needs, but also deployed simply and easily to its virtual private cloud (VPC).
“AWS Marketplace was easy to interact with. It was a simple path forward to select CIS and Illumina products, and an easy deployment to our VPC offered us the shortest time to market.”
--Niv Mizrahi, Co-founder and CTO, Emedgene

Guesty logo

Guesty Consolidates Solution Payments Using AWS Marketplace

Guesty is a cloud-based software service that helps property managers track guest check-ins and property revenue. Guesty also works with short term rental websites such as Airbnb,, and Vrbo by providing property hosts with a single platform. The company needed to find a vendor that would consolidate direct billing payments. Turning to AWS Marketplace solutions enabled this venture.
Guesty procured Coralogix, Salt Security, MongoDB Atlas, CircleCI, and Snowflake from AWS Marketplace. The company uses Coralogix to store system logs, Salt Security to secure production application programming interfaces (APIs), and MongoDB Atlas to manage production databases. Additionally, Guesty employs CircleCI for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) throughout all cloud environments, and Snowflake provides the company’s data lake. By procuring these services through AWS Marketplace, Guesty benefits by consolidating payments, having a more efficient way to track budgets, and an easier way to migrate existing contracts.
“Because AWS Marketplace budget is managed by the engineering group, financial logistics were decreased from approximately one week to one day. We decided to migrate most of our vendors to AWS Marketplace to ease our financial procedures and consolidate payments.”
--Rami Gluzman, Vice President of Engineering, Guesty

Basepaws logo

Basepaws Accelerates Genomic Data Processing Tenfold with Illumina

Basepaws’ at-home testing kits provide cat guardians with health, trait, and breed insights while supporting the company’s goal of improving cats’ lives around the world. As a pioneer in feline genetics, Basepaws wanted to accelerate genomic data processing and discovering Illumina, Inc.’s Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics Complete Suite (DRAGEN CS) through a free trial in AWS Marketplace. DRAGEN CS enables Basepaws to process data almost ten times faster than before. Procuring DRAGEN CS through AWS Marketplace offered Basepaws easier software integration at a 30 percent price reduction.
“Accessing DRAGEN Complete Suite in AWS Marketplace was 30 percent cheaper, and our clients can process their pets’ genomic information in one-tenth the time. AWS Marketplace solutions are as advertised. We can test out the software within a few days before committing to buying a license.” - -Damian Kao, PhD, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Science, Basepaws

Octopus Energy logo

Octopus Energy Fortifies Application Security and Streamlines Vendor Management with HackerOne

Octopus Energy Group is an energy technology pioneer based in the United Kingdom. The company supplies renewable energy to over 2.5 million homes and businesses. When Octopus Energy decided to fortify its security posture, the company turned to AWS Marketplace. It chose HackerOne Bounty and HackerOne Response to identify and resolve high-risk areas in its applications and increase customer confidence in the security of its platform. A key factor in Octopus Energy’s decision to purchase products from HackerOne was its availability in AWS Marketplace. By growing its portfolio of AWS Marketplace vendors, which also includes Okta, HashiCorp, Databricks, and Datadog, Octopus Energy has further streamlined its vendor management operations.

“We’ve reduced vendor onboarding and payment times from weeks to days, as we no longer have to manually consolidate emailed invoices.” --John Storey, Head of Platform Engineering, Octopus Energy

Tier Mobility logo

TIER Mobility AG Reduces Costs and Prices by Procuring Solutions in AWS Marketplace

TIER Mobility AG is a Berlin-based micro-mobility company that provides people with shared modes of electric transportation such as e-bikes, e-mopeds, and e-scooters. The company utilizes software as a service (SaaS) solution to support its mission of providing sustainable, accessible, and seamless mobility for everyone. TIER Mobility AG wanted to increase its observability, site reliability, and engineering and developer experience. In addition, TIER Mobility AG enlisted the help of AWS Marketplace to bundle billing and payment procedures and to procure cost-saving software solutions. The company purchased Datadog, PagerDuty, and CircleCI solutions in AWS Marketplace. The company uses Datadog to provide metrics and observability of cloud infrastructure, PagerDuty for alerts, and CircleCI to accelerate development cycles.

“Utilizing solutions in AWS Marketplace allowed us to lower our products base rates due to gaining longer customer commitments.” --Daniel Ciaglia, Director of Engineering, TIER Mobility AG

Psi technologies logo

PSI Technologies Helps Customers Gain Visibility of Asset Health Data with

PSI Technologies is an innovation-led, engineering solution provider focused primarily in the areas of electro-pneumatics, vibration isolation, shock absorption, and dust and liquid control. The company works in collaboration with customers to innovate, resolve technical challenges, and deliver more efficient ways of working. PSI Technologies’ commercial and manufacturing customers have tens of thousands of disparate assets needing regular inspection and maintenance. Deploying employees to assess individual assets across multiple locations was expensive and inefficient.

After establishing’s offerings in their company’s AWS Marketplace Private Marketplace, PSI Technologies chose this Asset Monitoring IIoT Datastream Subscription to tackle this challenge. In combination with AWS Internet of Things (AWS IoT), this solution helped PSI Technologies support its customers by monitoring assets remotely. Customers gained visibility of asset health data, reducing the cost of constantly deploying employees for inspections across numerous sites. PSI Technologies’ customers are now able to detect failure pre-conditions, lower resource under utilisation, and reduce safety risks associated with maintenance.

“Our customers... are now able to detect failures before they happen, preventing damage and thousands of hours of associated production downtime. We are also seeing their onsite human inspection costs decreasing by 50 percent or more for certain asset classes. Customers are identifying wastage and under utilisation of assets, representing up to 30 percent of operational costs in buildings and offices. Lone worker health and safety risk exposure for remote asset maintenance is also decreasing by 70 percent or more.” --James Devereux, Managing Director, PSI Technologies

PTSB logo

Permanent TSB Increases Loan Approval Rate with Experian’s Affordability Checks from AWS Marketplace

Permanent TSB is a provider of retail and small and mid-size enterprise banking in Ireland. The company wanted to enable a richer experience for customers on digital channels by accelerating its credit decision making. Permanent TSB’s innovation team began with an on-premises proof-of-concept using Experian’s Categorisation as a Service (CaaS) private product. However, to achieve the processing needed for real-time decision making, the company needed to move to the cloud.

Permanent TSB used AWS Marketplace to procure the CaaS machine learning model via private offer and securely deployed it into its Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). CaaS' analytics helped Permanent TSB understand whether it needs to respond differently or change logic or inputs, thereby reducing additional information requests to customers.

“AWS and Categorisation as a Service (Caas) are helping us improve our customers’ journey. CaaS is one of many inputs helping us make richer credit decisions. In our first month, we’ve had a three and a half percent uplift in terms of loan approvals. In terms of high-value loans, we've seen a five percent uplift and draw-down. I’m confident we’ll get to a 10 percent uplift.” --Tao Baker, Head of Digital Innovation and FinTech, Permanent TSB

iPipeline logo

iPipeline Easily Tracks Software and Services Renewals via AWS Marketplace

iPipeline, Inc. provides no-code/low-code, content-based software solutions for the life insurance and financial services industries. Its iPipeline SSG Digital® end-to-end platform enables customers to accelerate and simplify sales, compliance, operations, and support. The global company chose to procure software from AWS Marketplace. In AWS Marketplace, iPipeline uses Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace and Private Marketplace to procure and deploy pre-approved software in minutes instead of days. iPipeline procures products from Aviatrix, CloudEndure, Check Point, New Relic, Securonix, and Splunk in AWS Marketplace. 


“I have found AWS Marketplace to be relatively easy to use and very convenient for storing and tracking renewals for basic software and services. A key benefit we’ve seen since using AWS Marketplace and Private Marketplace is the software being immediately available upon procurement.” --William Redmond, Global IT and Cloud Operations, iPipeline, Inc.

Samsung logo

Samsung Accelerates Server Monitoring with Datadog

Samsung Electronics, the world’s second-largest IT company by revenue, is the flagship company of the Samsung conglomerate. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and a major manufacturer of numerous other electronics and electronic components. The company needed to increase the speed of its server monitoring, and it turned to AWS Marketplace for its ease of procurement and deployment. Where a contract used to take six weeks to negotiate with finance and legal, Samsung used a private offer in AWS Marketplace and was able to complete a purchase with Datadog in under three weeks. The Datadog solution enabled Samsung to accelerate the monitoring of its servers, improving operational visibility.

“Datadog allowed us to put governance in place for our operations and enhance our workloads. We can now improve the security features of our servers while monitoring and fine-tuning our architecture. Through application performance monitoring and real-time alerts, along with infrastructure monitoring in large-scale applications on Samsung MC's Galaxy phone, our team is able to perform predictive maintenance.” --Dony Kim, Staff Engineer, Samsung Electronics

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance logo

Aioi Nissay Dowa Reduces Approval Process by 18 Months with AWS Marketplace

Aioi Nissay Dowa, a European subsidiary of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, offers insurance products, including life insurance, car insurance, and pecuniary losses insurance. Aioi Nissay Dowa wanted one common location to buy software, affordable pricing, and centralized billing management. The company achieved these benefits using AWS Marketplace, and now uses more than 10 products in AWS Marketplace ranging from security to cloud infrastructure.
The insurer uses HashiCorp open source tools Consul, Nomad, Packer, Terraform, Vagrant, and Vault daily for multi-cloud infrastructure automation. To manage and secure company data, it uses CloudCheckr. And DataDog provides metrics and monitors cloud infrastructure. Rounding it out, A Cloud Guru keeps the team’s skills up to date. By procuring these services through AWS Marketplace, Aioi Nissay Dowa benefits from reduced costs and shortened approval processes. What used to take up to 18 months to get approved can now be accomplished in a few weeks.
“Having a single point of purchase allows for easier management of the software contracts.” --Steve Wood, Cloud Solutions Architect, Aioi Nissay Dowa

DataBlend logo

DataBlend Streamlines SOC 2 Compliance through AWS Marketplace

DataBlend is an integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that automates data transfers and schedules key processes to run at any time. The company needed help with maintaining Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) compliance, specifically with getting through an SOC 2 audit. By procuring Dash’s compliance automation solution in AWS Marketplace, DataBlend was able to increase transparency around its scheduled security tasks. Dash works through a series of alerts, continual monitoring, and access management to detect misconfigurations and other potential events, while also removing any administrative bottlenecks. In one review, Dash even located five accounts that were not required, which ultimately saved DataBlend $5,000 in annual costs.

“Dash is a great tool for managing a lot of complicated compliance tasks and executing them perfectly while eliminating administrative bottlenecks. It’s a reliable, holistic system that is always running silently in the background to keep your environment secure so you can focus on your business.” --Adam Kozaryn, Vice President, Special Projects, DataBlend

adesso logo

adesso Upskills Employees with AWS Certifications Using A Cloud Guru

adesso is an IT service provider for German-speaking countries. adesso needed to build up its team’s cloud competency and prepare personnel for AWS certifications. The company turned to A Cloud Guru, whose recognized skills development platform delivered effective, hands-on, and comprehensive learning to adesso’s team. Initially purchasing directly from A Cloud Guru, adesso eventually moved to purchasing through AWS Marketplace to improve efficiency and consolidate billing.

“In February 2021, we started using A Cloud Guru’s digital learning platform for preparing our team for AWS certifications, purchasing directly from the company. By June, we had switched to purchasing from AWS Marketplace. The ordering and delivery of the licenses were much more time efficient. We closed the purchase and delivery process within hours instead of days and also consolidated our billing process.” --Mohammad-Reza Gashtil, Head of Cloud Competence Center, adesso

Pymetrics logo

Pymetrics Achieves Data, Security, and Sales Goals with AWS Marketplace

Pymetrics is a talent matching platform that leverages behavioral science and artificial intelligence (AI) to help enterprises build diverse teams of top performers and reduce bias. The company needed a quicker way to move and transform data, more secure employee access to company systems, and faster overall time to market. Pymetrics turned to a number of solutions in AWS Marketplace to help achieve its corporate goals quickly and seamlessly. It used Talend’s Stitch Data Loader to manage data more efficiently, and OpenVPN’s Access Server provided secure employee access to internal systems. In addition, LimeSurvey Certified by Bitnami helped to quickly collect customer job questionnaire data. Through private offers in AWS Marketplace, Pymetrics brought these software features to market faster, reduced procurement time, and accelerated customer onboarding with nearly 33 percent cost savings.

“Our overall experience with AWS Marketplace has been fantastic. We decided to use Marketplace for procurement to take advantage of the cost savings, speed of purchase, and the expertise and network of our AWS account team.” --Mike DePuy, Head of Product and Engineering, Pymetrics

Ambra Health logo

Ambra Health Automates Customer Invoicing through AWS Marketplace

Ambra Health is a medical data and image management cloud software company committed to improving imaging and collaborative care workflows in the healthcare industry. The company needed to simplify its contracting and invoicing process to save on costs and optimize workflows. By utilizing AWS Marketplace’s Private Marketplace, along with Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace, Ambra Health was able to streamline its software procurements. Switching from a complicated product and service ordering process to a simplified approach using AWS Marketplace cut procurement time in half.

“The use of one process for getting the contracts and invoices signed, paid, and fulfilled cuts our procurement time in half.” --Fima Furman, VP of Operations, Ambra Health

CircleCI Speeds Up Software and Services Purchasing with AWS Marketplace

CircleCI is one of the world’s largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms and the central hub where code moves from idea to delivery. The CircleCI platform processes more than one million builds a day. The company has unique access to data on how engineering teams work and how their code runs. CircleCI wanted to simplify the administration of its vendors and accelerate the purchasing process. To meet this challenge, the company moved most of its software and services procurement to AWS Marketplace. CircleCI quickly realized benefits, including simplifying vendor payments, removing complexity from its internal procurement process, and reducing purchasing timelines from three weeks to one week.We decided to rely on AWS Marketplace as part of our procurement process. Our goal was to consolidate vendor management and contribute to the burn down of our spend commitment. We’ve started to move the larger vendors we work with over to AWS Marketplace as contracts come up for renewal. The process is simple and our support team at AWS Marketplace has been there to assist every step of the way. Our team has succeeded in streamlining vendor management.”—James Wagner, Director of Engineering, CircleCI

OneCup AI
OneCup AI Goes to Market Faster at Lower Cost with NVIDIA in AWS Marketplace

OneCup AI provides Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance (BETSY), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, facial recognition, tracking and surveillance platform for the ranching industry. A pipeline of interconnected AI models, BETSY monitors bovine health, activity, nutrition, and growth. Needing to scale production and save time, the company chose to procure software products from AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace, in conjunction with NVIDIA solutions, enabled OneCup to quickly create custom models and visual identification algorithm for each customer. Using AWS Marketplace and NVIDIA’s container solutions, OneCup reduced its model training time from hours – sometimes days – to 15 minutes. That reduction allowed OneCup to retrain its models daily at the customer level, providing the company with a “massive” competitive advantage. OneCup uses several NVIDIA products, including Deep Learning AMI, Transfer Learning Toolkit for Video Streaming Analytics, DeepStream SDK, and Triton Inference Server. “Using AWS Marketplace and NVIDIA's container solutions reduced our training time from several hours at best and days at worst down to 15 minutes, giving us a massive competitive advantage.” Geoffrey Shmigelsky, Chief Technology Officer, OneCup AI

Genesys Consolidates Billing and Accelerates Procurement with AWS Marketplace

Genesys provides cloud-based customer experience and contact center solutions to mid-sized and large businesses. AWS Marketplace proved to be a standout option when Genesys needed to negotiate more favorable contracts and consolidate billing for application and infrastructure monitoring tools. Through AWS Marketplace and the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), the company reduced its procurement cycle from days – sometimes weeks – to just hours, consolidated on a single AWS bill. This accelerated procurement became even more valuable when combined with AWS Marketplace private offers, which allow Genesys to negotiate directly with independent software vendors (ISVs). With private offers, Genesys retired 50 percent of its EDP commitment and simplified its billing with contracts tailored to its business needs. “Using AWS Marketplace private offers, we secured better contracts for application and infrastructure monitoring solutions that met our technical and compliance requirements. The Enterprise Discount Program allowed us to save money and consolidate billing for these tools.”

The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail Improves PCI Compliance with AWS Marketplace

The Globe and Mail is a Toronto-based news organization and one of Canada’s biggest outlets for national, international, and business news, available both online and in print. The company needed a payment card industry (PCI) compliant product to allow customers to safely enter credit card payments during agent assisted customer services on the phone. The Globe and Mail turned to SequenceShift’s Payline for Amazon Connect, which allows clients to enter payment details without customer agents seeing sensitive credit card data. Through a private offer in AWS Marketplace, The Globe and Mail was able to procure a service level agreement (SLA) based on customized pricing options. In addition, the implementation of agentless credit card payment processing has helped to improve PCI compliance and reduce risk across the organization. “With easy integration via AWS Connect, Payshield has enabled us to increase the security of our card payment processing while cutting risk across the organization. It has been a win-win at every level.”—Susan Kelly, Managing Director, IT Infrastructure & Business Applications

Agero Streamlines Procurement and Enables Innovation Using AWS Marketplace

With the goal of transforming the driving experience, Agero supports automotive manufacturers and insurance providers with software-enabled driver safety services and technology. Agero wanted to reduce the operational burden tied to software procurement and turned to AWS Marketplace in hopes of streamlining its software procurement process. The company increased its spend commitment in AWS Marketplace to obtain a greater discount percentage on its AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). As a result, its EDP helps Agero achieve annual savings on a year over year basis. Additionally, with the use of the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, which provides a view into the flexible payment schedule for each product procured through the marketplace private offer program, the company has reduced monthly invoice review and approval time by 75% and realized greater visibility of cash flow. “AWS Marketplace makes it easier to do business with our vendors in everything from simplifying our licensing to streamlining billing to accelerating procurements. This has alleviated a major operations burden and given us time back to focus on more innovative tasks.”—Stephen Pearson, Head of IT Vendor Management, Agero

SiteKick Doubles Software Accuracy with Deep Learning Containers through AWS Marketplace

SiteKick is a technology company that uses 4D simulation, digital workflow management, site security, and real-time camera monitoring and progress to optimize construction site management and reporting. The company needed the You Only Look Once (YOLO) pre-trained model for real-time object and person recognition. SiteKick procured Apache MXNet’s version of YOLO model in AWS Marketplace. Procuring and testing the model took only 15 minutes compared to a week of development effort to download and host the model on their own. “Choosing Apache MXNet’s machine learning solution was really an easy decision. Onboarding the product was equally as seamless, so that everything from procurement to deployment to testing was smooth and straightforward. We basically just flipped the switch, and it was done.” —Michael Shishkin, CTO, SiteKick

App Mastery
App Mastery Streamlines Machine Learning Deployment with VITech and AWS Marketplace

App Mastery provides businesses with strategy and technology consulting to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experiences. To help its clients increase worker safety, App Mastery needed a machine learning (ML) model to detect personal protection equipment (PPE). Most solutions required upfront artificial intelligence (AI) training, making them both time and cost-prohibitive. Turning to AWS Marketplace, the company found VITech Lab’s pre-trained, pay-as-you-go ML model for PPE non-compliance detection. App Mastery then configured and deployed the ML model in Amazon SageMaker with no prior experience in under ten minutes. Having saved over $80,000 with AWS Marketplace and VITech Lab’s solution, App Mastery now plans to convert other services to this procurement model. “You don’t need to have previous ML experience to get started with AWS Marketplace and SageMaker. We're migrating from competitor's solutions because of SageMaker’s ease of use and interconnectivity.”—Brinthan Yoganathan, Co-founder, App Mastery

RealAML Saves One Year in Development Time with Machine Learning Models

RealAML is a New Zealand-based identity and biometric platform that provides global real-time identity checks and fully outsourced Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks. In need of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) templates for over 100 passport types, the startup knew that its speed to market hinged on the speed of its development process. To ensure the timely launch of its FaceMatch solution, RealAML procured GTRIIP’s Passport Data Page Detection API pre-trained machine learning model from AWS Marketplace, which is deployed in Amazon SageMaker. GTRIIP’s model eliminated the need for RealAML to develop the OCR templates for individual countries, saving the company an entire year in development time. AWS Marketplace also provided flexible pricing without minimum monthly commitments or setup costs, shoring up funds that RealAML reinvested into product development. “Using the ML models from AWS Marketplace allowed us to develop the bulk of the technology in house and be more competitive with a lower price point than our competitors. GTRIIP helped us launch 12 months earlier than if we had built the templates ourselves.”—Jordan McCown, Managing Director, RealAML

Spireon Streamlines Infrastructure with AWS Marketplace Solutions 

Spireon, Inc. is a North American connected vehicle intelligence company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage, and protect automobile assets. The company supports nearly four million subscribers across its suite of products for car dealers, financial institutions, rental car agencies, fleet operators, and consumers. Spireon wanted to ensure that it could efficiently evaluate, procure, and deploy AWS services to standardize its development practices and improve business outcomes. AWS Marketplace allows Spireon to manage a portfolio of vendors, including Snowflake, Harness, and MongoDB, and solve multiple business problems in one place. Learn more»


CloudCheckr Reduces Security Review Time with Cloud Storage Security

CloudCheckr is a cloud management solution that unifies IT, security, and finance teams by providing insights, automation, and governance. As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner, maintaining security is critical for the company. CloudCheckr needed a solution to help secure external data ingested and stored within the Amazon S3 buckets for its platform. CloudCheckr chose Cloud Storage Security’s real-time file scanning service for public cloud object storage. The service’s centralized dashboard allows CloudCheckr to reduce security review time from two days to one hour by displaying multiple application data sets in one place. Amazon S3’s flexible security features, along with centralized dashboards, assures CloudCheckr that data from outside sources is free from any threats. "Cloud Storage Security helps CloudCheckr reduce security reviews from two days to 60 minutes by actively scanning terabytes of data across multiple AWS accounts and presenting issues in a single dashboard that easily displays issues that we need to investigate." - Bob Pease, Chief Architect, CloudCheckr


Paf Analyzes Data Logs in Minutes Instead of Days with Sumo Logic

Paf is an international gaming company founded on the Åland Islands. The company uses funds generated from online gaming to benefit the Åland community. When Paf needed a better way to analyze data logs from several applications, the company turned to AWS Marketplace and its vast array of independent software vendors. Paf chose Sumo Logic’s cloud-native analytics platform to better understand all the metrics and logs collected. With this increased software visibility, Paf shifted its logging process from a central team that took days to fill a request to a self-service model that takes users a few minutes. Additionally, Sumo Logic’s prebuilt dashboards saved time and resources, increasing Paf’s time to insight. "With Sumo Logic, sizing up our log collection infrastructure is now done in minutes instead of days, compared to running it in-house, and no new physical infrastructure is required.” - Fredrik Wiklund, Head of IT Operations, Paf


GetYourGuide Reduces Time to Contract with AWS Marketplace Private Offers

GetYourGuide is a travel agency and online marketplace for tour guides, where travelers book professional tours and activities in major cities worldwide. When the company needed help migrating Spinnaker’s continuous delivery (CD) application management tool from on-premises servers to the AWS cloud, GetYourGuide turned to AWS Marketplace. Armory’s Spinnaker All-in-One solution enabled GetYourGuide to seamlessly migrate to the cloud and receive consistent, streamlined updates with commercial support. AWS Marketplace’s private offer program and simplified purchase and setup reduced GetYourGuide’s time to contract from two months to two weeks and its internal approval process from weeks to days. "Using Spinnaker on AWS Marketplace rather than running it on-prem was a natural choice. AWS Marketplace applications integrate easily with our setup with less to configure and worry about." - Alex Eftimie, Staff Software Engineer, GetYourGuide

Greenway Health

Greenway Health Achieves Quick, Easy Partner Onboarding through AWS Marketplace

Greenway Health is a health information technology (HIT) company that provides electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions. Greenway needed to streamline its integrated health technology infrastructure and data management capabilities. AWS Marketplace was a natural choice for Greenway because it offers an easy way to find solutions preconfigured for AWS. To meet its corporate IT goals and boost its procurement process, Greenway chose MongoDB to provide a global cloud database and commercial platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. It also turned to New Relic for its observability capabilities. Through these private offers in AWS Marketplace, Greenway is able to optimize its infrastructure and data management while streamlining the procurement process from seven days to just a few minutes. “AWS Marketplace not only makes it easy to find partners, but ones that are already pre-certified by our preferred cloud partner, AWS.” - Shivaji Sarkar, Senior Director Architecture, Greenway Health


Cloudar Accelerates Software Procurement 30 percent with AWS Marketplace

Cloudar is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner that designs, builds, and operates highly available and scalable cloud infrastructures based on Amazon Web Services. The company needed a proper Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform to keep its cloud environments secure. In addition, Cloudar needed a more reliable way to check customer accounts for security best practices and major compliance frameworks. NetApp’s Cloud Volume Service provided a fully-managed cloud storage solution, while Trend Micro offered comprehensive data protection and cloud compliance. Through these private offers in AWS Marketplace, Cloudar is able to provide its customers with secure cloud and compliance solutions, faster software procurement, and easier payment options."Thanks to our engagement with AWS Marketplace, we have accelerated our software procurements by 30 percent, increased our security posture, and simplified our billing process, reducing the number of vendors we interact with. One of the biggest benefits of AWS Marketplace is centralized billing for all our customers, so everyone has a clear view of what they’re paying for at all times.” - Tom De Blende, Managing Partner, Cloudar

Simple SEO Group

Simple SEO Group Improves Speed of Insurance Verification with Change Healthcare API

Simple SEO Group is a design, development, and marketing agency that helps companies streamline operations through customized software solutions. The company needed a secure healthcare API solution that was Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant and could improve insurance verification for its healthcare clients. By procuring Change Healthcare’s insurance API in AWS Marketplace, Simple SEO Group was able to achieve its corporate goals. The API enabled the company to develop custom software solutions for medical professionals that reduced administrative headcount, saved money, and enhanced the patient experience. The tool was easy to deploy from AWS Marketplace and is one that Simple SEO Group expects to use for future integrations. “Change Healthcare’s Insurance Eligibility API automated the insurance verification process – reducing it from 30 minutes to 30 seconds or less.” - Brendan Egan, Founder and CEO, Simple SEO Group

Baobab Group

Baobab Reduces Production Time and Costs by Procuring through AWS Marketplace

Baobab Group is a digital financial inclusion company that focuses on serving individuals, micro-entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Africa and China. Initially purchasing solutions directly from independent software vendors, Baobab discovered several benefits to licensing software through AWS Marketplace. Not only was the company able to accelerate production from one week to four hours, but it also reduced its annual licensing cost by 12 percent. After the smooth and easy installation of Palo Alto Networks’ firewall, the company plans on transitioning its procurement of Splunk’s solution through AWS Marketplace as well. “We were able to install the Palo Alto firewall software without the hassle of having to configure it ourselves. This reduced the time to put it into production from one week to four hours.” - Gerald Patterson, Senior Cloud Engineer, Baobab Group

Compass Bioinformatics

Compass Bioinformatics Improves NGS Analysis Speed and Reduces Costs with Illumina

Compass Bioinformatics provides next-generation sequencing (NGS) services for biotechnology, science research, and other life science organizations. The company sought to improve the speed and accuracy of its NGS data analysis. After evaluating various solutions with the assistance of its consulting partner, eCloudvalley, Compass Bioinformatics selected Illumina Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics Complete Suite (DRAGEN CS). Compass Bioinformatics chose to procure DRAGEN CS via AWS Marketplace to gain more flexibility in building web applications and a more simplified integration with existing AWS services. As a result, Illumina enables Compass Bioinformatics to reduce the time to generate variant calling results by over 90 percent—from 16 hours to one hour. Additionally, on-demand pricing helped the company lower its costs compared to its previous platform. “We have seen a huge improvement in our NGS analysis with DRAGEN. Our previous computing platform took about 16 hours to generate results. Now, we only need about one hour for the same results.” - Chenyu Chen, Co-founder and UI/UX Designer, Compass Bioinformatics

Digital Virgo

Digital Virgo Centralizes Contract Management with AWS Marketplace

Digital Virgo is a telecom payment, monetization, and digital marketing provider that needed a better way to manage its software and platform vendor contracts. By adopting several strategic solutions in AWS Marketplace, Digital Virgo was able to boost efficiencies and meet corporate goals. Snowflake provided data storage and data lake capabilities, castLabs’ DRMtoday provided the gateway to protected digital content, and Unified Streaming managed the video transcoding. Fortinet’s FortiGate provided the Virtual Private Network (VPN) for connecting to telco billing systems. Together, these solutions helped Digital Virgo better manage its direct contracts while enabling the company to retire 50 percent of its Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment. “Thanks to our engagement with AWS, we were able to streamline our direct contracts management while adding 50% of our turnover to our EDP commitment.” - Julien Menard, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Virgo


Taplytics Selects Snowflake in AWS Marketplace to Scale Database Performance

Taplytics is a mobile A/B testing, push notification, and analytics platform that helps companies create personalized and engaging customer experiences. After rapidly growing to process data from billions of devices worldwide, the company sought a database solution that could help it continue to scale. Taplytics evaluated numerous products in AWS Marketplace and selected Snowflake for its blend of performance, industry adoption, and cost effectiveness. Taplytics quickly aligned on terms with a private offer from Snowflake and consolidated the cost of Snowflake onto its existing AWS bill, saving five percent on costs. With Snowflake and AWS Marketplace, Taplytics gained speed and efficiency in both its database performance and procurement process. “As our business grows, we seek to find performance increases wherever we can. The speed of Snowflake and ability to consolidate our billing with AWS Marketplace saved five percent on software costs and brought new ways to scale efficiently.” - Andrew Norris, COO, Taplytics 


FactSet Increases Engineering Proficiency with Customized Training from A Cloud Guru

As a provider of financial data and analytics, FactSet is used by bankers, hedge fund managers, and chief financial officers to provide insights into constantly shifting markets. After migrating its infrastructure to the cloud, FactSet turned to AWS Marketplace for a solution to address learning gaps and support AWS certification for its engineers. A Cloud Guru not only designed educational paths for the company’s teams, but also provides FactSet with ongoing training, support, and administration tools to track learning trends for over 70 engineers. Furthermore, AWS Marketplace private offers allowed FactSet to customize pricing, consolidate billing, and simplify its deployment of A Cloud Guru’s training platform, accelerating its transition to a cloud-first future. “A Cloud Guru is a very robust and content-rich platform. We’re able to understand patterns and trends and what courses are being taken. We see individuals evolving from taking basic classes to more advanced classes and we’ve seen a maturation on our teams with A Cloud Guru.” - Demetry Zilberg, Chief Technology Officer, FactSet

Tackle Slashes Software Procurement Time by 50% with AWS Marketplace understands the importance of AWS Marketplace. As an AWS Marketplace seller, the startup helps onboard and optimize other independent software vendors (ISVs) to list products on the very same AWS Marketplace where Tackle procures software. When Tackle was working hard to meet deadlines around Security and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 compliance, the company turned to AWS Marketplace and Blackberry to procure its Cylance Endpoint solution. Within a few days, Tackle sourced and deployed the solution across its entire organization. For Tackle, Blackberry and AWS Marketplace validate the company’s entire business model by proving that cloud marketplaces provide superior sales, support, and implementation processes for all customers. “AWS Marketplace standard contracts have reduced the cycle time for deals by well over 50%. We no longer engage with legal teams either as a seller or a buyer. When we look for software to procure, we immediately filter by ‘AWS standard contract’— One of the largest time savers for procurement related to AWS Marketplace.” - Brian Denker, Founder and COO, Tackle


ActiveProspect Deploys Datadog Monitoring to Servers in Seconds Instead of Minutes

ActiveProspect is a marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides lead optimization and compliance solutions for organizations engaging in online lead generation. Seeking to increase the reliability of its services, the company turned to Datadog in AWS Marketplace. Implementing Datadog provided ActiveProspect with a single platform that helped it identify, address, and stay ahead of problems with real-time alerting. Datadog’s 400+ integrations made it possible to deploy monitoring to new servers in seconds instead of minutes, keeping the company’s team focused on product innovation instead of configuration. With AWS Marketplace private offers and flexible payment scheduler, ActiveProspect procured Datadog with favorable contract terms to preserve cash flow. “We’ve seen a lot of benefit in the short amount of time we’ve used Datadog. Every layer of their monitoring solution offers additional insight to help us stay ahead of issues. We are excited to see what else we can learn going forward.” - Dean Daskalantonakis, Sr. DevOps Engineering Team Lead, ActiveProspect

Redsson case study

Redsson Streamlines HIPAA Compliance and Policy Management with AWS Marketplace

Founded in 2001, Redsson helps companies maximize revenue through identity verification, returned mail processing, electronic billing, medical claims processing, and document management services. Redsson needed to ensure its healthcare applications adhere to all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. In 2019, Redsson decided to procure Dash in AWS Marketplace, allowing the company to triple its monthly application deployments and achieve 50 percent savings in engineering time. Dash also helped Redsson centralize its policy information while ensuring each scanned policy met all HIPAA standards. “AWS Marketplace provides a quick and seamless way to deploy to the cloud, with the ability to purchase and launch a wide range of add-on tools easily and with pay-as-you-go options in many cases.- Jacob Parsell, CTO, Redsson

Holler case study

Holler Reduces Incident Resolution Time with

Holler is a messaging technology company that enriches people's conversations by creating and delivering visual content that adds texture and emotion to messaging environments. Holler sought a managed Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) provider that would enable its engineering resources to focus on product goals instead of in-house ELK management. Turning to, Holler was able to increase observability and reduce incident mean time to resolution (MTTR) from weeks to minutes. By procuring through AWS Marketplace and using private offers, Holler reached a favorable agreement that included monthly billing on an annual contract. In addition, Holler streamlined its contracting process and spent less time in legal reviews by using standard contracts for AWS Marketplace solutions. "As a startup, we want to spend more time building our product rather than our own observability stack. not only provides the ELK management we need, but also expertise we can rely on.- Daniel Seravalli, Lead Engineer, Holler Technologies, Inc.

Lightspeed case study

Lightspeed Saves 15% in Costs by Procuring through AWS Marketplace

Lightspeed POS is an all-in-one, cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for retail, restaurant, and hospitality businesses. Through AWS Marketplace, Lightspeed POS can now oversee all of its infrastructure solutions in one convenient location. From identity management through Auth0 to performance monitoring from New Relic to’s log management, it has a single place to facilitate its infrastructure costs and invoices. This has enabled Lightspeed POS to cut purchase time, finalize deals with one click, and realize a 15% savings. “Through our engagement with AWS, we were able to significantly reduce our customers’ purchase time, while also saving 15% off subscription costs.” - Didier Ernotte, Senior Director of Infrastructure, Platform, and Quality, Lightspeed POS

Vonage case study

Since 2001, Vonage Holdings Corporation, a global communications leader, has helped businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Initially, the company offered residential service only but has expanded its presence in the business-to-business marketplace through a series of acquisitions. When Vonage began modernizing its infrastructure, the focus was mostly on shifting from on-premises solutions to serverless and container-based AWS services that offered architectural flexibility. Teams at Vonage needed visibility into all service data to easily detect problems and resolve them quickly. The company turned to AWS and Epsagon to gain insight into all its microservice workloads, go to market faster, and reduce troubleshooting time. Learn more 

Petplan River case study

Petplan Deploys New Software Faster with AWS Marketplace

Petplan is an insurance company that provides comprehensive insurance for pet owners to cover costly veterinary bills. Already building on AWS, the company purchased solutions from Talend and Snowflake to support its growing data management needs. With private offers, the company’s internal teams can centralize their requirements and approvals, avoiding time-consuming negotiations. To simplify Petplan’s accounts payable, the new products are added to its monthly bill rather than invoiced separately. For the implementation, Petplan deployed the AWS CloudFormation template for Talend Remote Engine and began using it within an hour of contract acceptance. “The simplicity of using AWS Marketplace has made our lives a lot easier. Being able to purchase and deploy AWS CloudFormation templates in under 10 minutes helps our teams quickly get the tools and software they need.” - Adam Cortez, IT Infrastructure Manager, Petplan

Chrome River case study

Motion Auto Insurance Streamlines Time to New Software Adoption

Motion Auto Insurance strives to break through the traditional insurance pricing models that rate drivers based on location and credit score. The company’s smartphone app tracks driving behavior to help consumers save on insurance costs. Already an AWS customer, Motion Auto looked to AWS Marketplace for preconfigured software solutions to optimize its AWS cloud. By sourcing software from AWS Marketplace, Motion Auto found that it could reduce research and evaluation times for new acquisitions. Using AWS Marketplace reduced the time and effort required to adopt new software by 50% when compared to direct vendor sales. Additionally, Motion Auto gained flexibility in pricing and favorable contract terms through AWS Marketplace private offers. “I am excited that AWS Marketplace looks for and houses all of these products. This gives me the support and confidence I need to make decisions on new tools and software.” -Brooks Benson, VP of Internal Strategy, Motion Auto Insurance

Chrome River case study
Chrome River' s travel and expense management solutions automate and streamline accounts payable processes by enforcing compliance and delivering actionable insight. The company needed a single place to store and reference data from thousands of customers while removing the internal infrastructure associated with the data logging process. In AWS Marketplace, Chrome River found solutions for both its data storage and log management needs with Fivetran. The services have increased efficiency and eliminated manual data maintenance – saving the company $38,000 and 40 working hours per month. Learn More 

Cimpress case study

Cimpress Technology Accelerates Procurement through AWS Marketplace

Cimpress Technology, an Ireland-based conglomerate of businesses that design individually customized orders for a broad spectrum of print, signage, and apparel products, needed to simplify its procurement process as well as manage external partner commitments. AWS Marketplace solutions like Coupa’s procure-to-pay (P2P) enabled Cimpress to shorten its payment cycle and increase accountability. As AWS usage increased, Cimpress turned to private offers from New Relic, Sumo Logic, and CrowdStrike to procure enterprise security controls for its software partners. Because of AWS Marketplace, Cimpress has optimized its workflows significantly with easier procurement integration of products and services, faster payment cycles, and better transparency. "Because of AWS Marketplace, Cimpress has been able to shorten procurement cycles of software and services needed to build solutions effectively in AWS by putting Marketplace’s expansive catalog directly in autonomous teams’ hands. This has shortened the time teams spend discovering and procuring solutions, and has produced faster payment cycles thanks to integration with AWS." – Jeremy Potash, Director of Technology, Cimpress Technology

Siemens Energy case study

Siemens Energy is a German-based industrial manufacturing company that offers solutions for virtual power plants, grid management, and storage solutions. Siemens Energy uses Amazon Neptune to oversee a fleet of thousands of large gas turbines operating in multiple countries across the globe. Siemens Energy procured metaphactory through a free trial in AWS Marketplace, which enabled it to go to market quickly and saved 1,500 hours of manual processing in the first year. Learn more

iFeu case study

Informàtica Feu, SL (iFeu) is a leading Spain-based managed services provider that offers cloud and infrastructure strategies to small and medium-sized businesses. iFeu uses N2WS Backup & Recovery from AWS Marketplace to reduce customer compliance costs by 60 percent while giving them 24x7 secure data access. iFeu procured N2WS through a free trial in AWS Marketplace to quickly and easily service their customers across 100+ AWS accounts from a single console. Learn more

i-360 case study

i360 Relies on AWS Marketplace for Fast, Compliant Software Solutions

Founded in 2009, i360 sought to fill the innovation gap between political campaigns and organizations that promote free-market candidates. The company offers actionable insights on voter behavior using real-time analytics and predictive modeling. When i360 needed to consolidate its billing and more easily maintain compliance standards, the company turned to AWS Marketplace. Procuring software through AWS Marketplace allows i360 to find prepackaged solutions and have everything billed through a single source, creating less paperwork for the accounts payable team. AWS Marketplace and solutions like Qualys, CrowdStrike, and Patch Manager allow i360 to maintain its SOC 2 certification with ease. Purchasing on AWS Marketplace also makes deploying to AWS easier with little to no setup. "The greatest benefit is that it is easy to use. Our data services or infrastructure teams can browse AWS Marketplace and find preconfigured applications with licenses included. Orders require fewer touches to complete, and everything is on a single bill." - Ian Binder, Director of Infrastructure, i360

RebelMouse case study

RebelMouse reduces costs by 25% with CloudZero private offer

The platform offers users distributed content strategies, editorial tools, and analytics to improve content creators’ marketing efforts across social sites. Relying on AWS services for scalability and security, RebelMouse needed to better monitor its AWS budget. When the company needed a faster turnaround for service pricing changes, it turned to AWS Marketplace to find a solution. CloudZero’s real-time cost anomaly and waste detection tool enables companies to identify why a resource price has changed within minutes. This capability has allowed RebelMouse to optimize its systems and reduce AWS service costs by 25 percent. The software, procured via a seller private offer, has reduced analysis time for price changes on all AWS services from one day to one hour. "We’ve reduced overall costs on AWS services by 25 percent, and now we’re able to react to service changes within minutes." – Roman Manchenko, Chief Technology Officer, RebelMouse

Zalando case study

Zalando simplifies data processes and procurement with AWS Marketplace

The company adopted Databricks in 2018 and Starburst in 2019 to optimize and simplify its data processes. Zalando chose to procure Databricks and Starburst from AWS Marketplace to streamline their supplier base by procuring several solutions from one supplier and getting unified payment terms. In addition to receiving a single bill for AWS Marketplace services, the company could apply 50 percent of the charges towards its annual volume commitment. Starburst has enabled data analysts to access and combine data from all data sources more efficiently, without the need for customized extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines to ingest data into a data warehouse first. Databricks helped Zalando increase overall productivity of its data engineers and analysts due to its large-scale data transformation capabilities. "With Databricks, we observed increased productivity in our data builder community, and appreciate the simpler payment experience of procuring this product through AWS Marketplace." – Djordje Stevanovic, Director of Indirect Procurement, Zalando

The Wag case study

The mobile app is available in all 50 states providing instant access to experienced and trustworthy dog walkers, trainers, boarding hosts, and sitters. Faced with the challenge of collecting and analyzing business data from several sources, the company turned to AWS Marketplace software vendors, Fivetran and Sumo Logic. Wag! utilizes FiveTran to extract and warehouse cloud data and Sumo Logic to visualize data across the company. Wag! was able to procure these services through AWS Marketplace private offerings. Learn more

BankUnited case study

AWS Marketplace private offers enable BankUnited to negotiate more favorable terms from software providers

BankUnited, an American financial services company, embraces cloud computing to provide both consumer and commercial banking services. The company depends on various cloud features, ranging from security tooling to Amazon Machine Images to maintain its agility. However, BankUnited needed flexible pricing to sustain its business model and procurement workflow. The ability to engage with independent software vendors, as well as integration with the bank’s accounts payable system, made AWS Marketplace the perfect solution. "BankUnited was looking for more flexible pricing and engagement terms than what was offered via the public marketplace. AWS Marketplace private offers provides a more mature procurement workflow and approval process than the point, click, purchase methodology of the public marketplace." – Michael Lehmbeck, Cloud Architecture and Operations Manager, BankUnited

OuiCar/New Relic case study

OuiCar uses New Relic on AWS to decrease performance troubleshooting from hours to minutes and increase backend response times by 40 percent. OuiCar, a Paris-based car sharing service, offers over 30,000 private cars across France. OuiCar procured New Relic’s Application Performance Monitoring Solution from AWS Marketplace to get a 360-degree view of system performance. Learn more

Veolia/NetApp case study

Ellie Mae provides mortgage professionals with a platform that guides lenders, investors, and service providers through loan origination and business management. Ellie Mae uses AppDynamics on AWS to accelerate decision-making, decrease mean time to repair (MTTR), and simplify its engagement with other integrations. The company procured its AppDynamics upgrade through a private offer in AWS Marketplace to optimize the customer experience and decrease service disruptions. Learn more

Software AG/Trend Micro case study

Software AG Cuts Costs by 50% with Trend Micro

Software AG provides end-to-end software, platform, and infrastructure services to help enterprises execute their digital transformation strategies. To maintain its competitive edge and save costs, Software AG needed to secure its AWS infrastructure and move away from a perpetual license model. After evaluating vendor options, it turned to Trend Micro because of its mature suite of tools and pricing options available in AWS Marketplace. Trend Micro Deep Security offered Software AG the full range of infrastructure security capabilities from staging all the way down to production. Furthermore, by switching its licensing framework and procuring directly from AWS Marketplace, Software AG was able to realize 50% cost savings in well under a year. "We secure our systems with a single suite from Trend Micro. It not only secures us from malware but also prevents malicious behavior and delivers insights into security related events from a single console. Due to the adaptive scaling of our production environment, we have encountered an ever-changing number of systems to protect. Procuring the software and support services in AWS Marketplace offered us the needed flexibility and helped us to realize massive cost savings—up to 50% compared to our classic procurement model." – Alexander Schnellhardt, Head of Cloud Service Operations, Software AG

Veolia/NetApp case study

Veolia Improves Recovery Point Objective Values with NetApp

Veolia Deutschland GmbH provides water, waste, and energy management solutions for building sustainable communities and industries worldwide. Veolia needed a way to migrate its on-premises filing system to the cloud while also expanding its managed services offerings. After evaluating other solutions, Veolia turned to NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS Marketplace because of its ease of synchronization with the cloud. The storage tiering feature enabled Veolia to cut costs for data not immediately in use. As a result, Veolia achieved better Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) values in its disaster recovery strategy. "With NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP from AWS Marketplace, the setup and migration from on-premises to cloud was very smooth. Thanks to NetApp, we've moved the needle in our digital transformation journey and cut unnecessary costs." – Patrick Sann, Head of IT Operations, Veolia Deutschland GmbH

Aria Systems/FlashGrid case study

Aria Systems Increases Uptime to 99.995 Percent with FlashGrid

Aria Systems provides a cloud-based billing and monetization platform for enterprises. The company needed to run Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on native instances in AWS, but options were limited. To manage its requirements for high availability and performance functionality, Aria Systems procured FlashGrid’s SkyCluster for Oracle RAC, available in AWS Marketplace. This enabled the company to add capacity and perform maintenance on its Oracle cluster without any outages. As a result, Aria Systems has increased its cluster uptime from 99.9 to 99.995 percent. "With FlashGrid and AWS, we can now deploy a new application within two weeks instead of six months, without compromising our availability Service Level Agreement." – David Urban, VP Operations and Security, Aria Systems

Wyndham case study

Wyndham Hotel Group uses AppDynamics on AWS to gain real-time business insights, ensure optimal user experiences, and increase mobile bookings by 75 percent. Wyndham, one of the world’s leading hospitality firms, operates more than 8,400 franchised hotels globally. Wyndham Hotel Group procured the AppDynamics solution from AWS Marketplace to monitor critical websites and apps. Learn more

TrueBlue case study

Brillio helps TrueBlue use AWS Service Catalog to automate new AWS account creation, build new accounts in 1 hour instead of weeks, and increase developer efficiency. TrueBlue is an American global firm that provides staffing, workforce management, and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. TrueBlue runs its Account Vending Machine solution on AWS Service Catalog. Learn more

University of Notre Dame case study

The University of Notre Dame protected its critical systems while maintaining compliance using N2WS software from AWS Marketplace. The school is a 176-year-old private research institution and one of the top religiously-affiliated schools in the U.S. It uses N2WS Cloud Protection Manager to back up its systems and restore Amazon EC2 instances when needed. Learn more

Ströer case study

Ströer Reduces Development Time with Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift 

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA provides out-of-home media and advertising solutions to its customers. The company must extract data from a variety of sources and load that data into its Amazon Redshift data warehouse. To manage this extract, transform, and load (ETL) workflow, Ströer used Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, found in AWS Marketplace. Matillion’s data integration tool offers a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to load and transform data. Ströer deployed the solution in under three weeks. "Since implementing Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, we’ve reduced our development time by 50 percent, and we serve business data to our customers more quickly. We can now handle large data transformations with ease and use visual representations to solve our most complex workflows." – Lars Reimann, Senior SysOps Manager, Ströer

Starling Bank/Genymobile case study

Starling Bank accelerated its CI/CD pipeline using Genymotion from AWS Marketplace. Starling Bank is a mobile-only bank based in the United Kingdom, providing rich banking services with mobile convenience and speed. It uses Genymotion to simulate Android devices on Amazon EC2 instances to rapidly scale the test pipeline for fast results. Learn more

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Spring Venture Group/AWS Service Catalog case study

Using AWS Services, Spring Venture Group meets the growth demands required of the sector it serves. Spring Venture Group is the largest U.S. direct-to-consumer brokerage of Medicare insurance services. The company uses AWS Service Catalog to ensure fast server provisioning that complies with Amazon HIPAA BAA. Learn more

Ibotta/Cloudability case study

Ibotta gains better visibility into AWS costs, saves $1 million, and fuels business growth by using Cloudability on AWS. Ibotta, an AWS APN Partner, provides a mobile app that consumers use to get cash back on purchases with receipt and/or purchase verification. Ibotta takes advantage of the AWS-based Cloudability solution, available through AWS Marketplace, to get detailed reports about AWS spending and usage. Learn more

TEG/AWS Service Catalog case study

AWS Service Catalog enables self-service deployment of TEG live events. TEG is and integrated live entertainment, sport, and lifestyle business focusing on live content, hospitality, sponsorship, and event management. By using services from AWS Marketplace and AWS Service Catalog, TEG business units spin up highly available infrastructure for live event ticket sales. Learn more


Deloitte adopted an infrastructure-as-code approach to reduce deployment times for its ConvergeHEALTH Miner solution, which enables organizations to analyze vast amounts of disparate data to speed discovery, time-to-market, and safety testing for new personalized medicine therapies. Deloitte is a global consulting firm with more than 245,000 professionals serving clients across 150 countries and territories. Deloitte uses AWS CloudFormation to embody infrastructure in code and AWS Service Catalog for automated deployment of the entire solution. Learn more

Riteway/TIBCO case study

By using TIBCO Spotfire for AWS, which is available in AWS Marketplace, Riteway finds insights in data 93 percent faster than before and won enough new business to achieve 100 percent ROI in the first year. Riteway helps companies that sell consumer packaged goods strategize for success with retailers by using point-of-sale and other data to identify ideal price points and planogram locations. The company is using TIBCO Spotfire for AWS, a software-as-a-service analytics solution designed for data exploration. Learn more

Reach/NetApp case study

Reach moved its disaster-recovery solution to the AWS Cloud using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS Marketplace, achieving greater reliability at lower cost. Reach is the largest newspaper publisher in the United Kingdwom and has more than 70 websites serving more than 110 million unique visitors per month. For disaster recovery, the company uses Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS for storage and AWS CloudFormation for reliable, repeatable, automated provisioning. Learn more

GetSmarter/Denodo case study

By using Denodo Platform in AWS Marketplace, the GetSmarter data team provided its business users with real-time, self-service analysis and reporting capabilities and simplified data governance and security across more than 15 disparate data sources. The company works with universities to provide short, online courses for working professionals. GetSmarter is using Denodo Platform in AWS Marketplace as a business intelligence layer and to impose granular access rules by user and system. Learn more

CrayonData case study

By using AWS and AWS Marketplace, Crayon Data gained access to leading open-source software solutions to build out its technology stack and reduce testing times from one and one-half weeks to two days for every release. Crayon Data provides a recommendation engine—called Maya—that businesses can use to increase conversion rates for marketing activities. The company uses AWS and AWS Marketplace to run Maya and access software products to complement and improve the efficiency of its infrastructure. Learn more

MovieStarPlanet case study

Gaming company MovieStarPlanet migrated from hosted servers to AWS and gained easy scalability for high-volume peak periods as well as cost efficiency for periods of low volume. Additionally, the preconfigured software solutions offered on AWS Marketplace saved 25% on software procurement costs. Learn more

Siemens/Matillion case study

Siemens Power and Gas division was looking for ways to accelerate its data-analytics and customer-digitalization projects. After choosing Amazon Redshift, it wanted to build out the solution with best-in-class software. A search through AWS Marketplace led Siemens to run a free trial of Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, which took less than one hour to try, buy, and implement within its existing AWS environments. Learn more

Version 1

IT services provider Version 1 adopted the CloudRanger solution from AWS Marketplace, enabling it to meet the cloud backup and recovery needs of enterprise customers while simplifying management. Version 1 is a trusted technology partner to major domestic and international customers across all industry sectors in the UK and Ireland. CloudRanger runs entirely on AWS, using Amazon EC2 for compute, Amazon RDS for managed database services, and Amazon CloudFront for content delivery. Learn more

Club Automation/Barracuda Case Study

Club Automation drives new business growth, safely migrates its health club management application to AWS, protects customer data, and provisions firewalls in 15 minutes instead of several hours by using Barracuda NextGen Firewalls on the AWS Cloud. The organization provides cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for health and athletic clubs throughout the United States. Club Automation migrated its applications to AWS and uses Barracuda firewalls provisioned through AWS Marketplace. Learn more

Loyalty Lab/Mangrove Case Study

Loyalty Lab delivers more value to its customers—and gets more value out of its own AWS services—by using the machine learning solution Mangrove in AWS Marketplace. The company analyzes its clients’ customer data to help them better target their marketing and loyalty programs. Loyalty Lab uses Mangrove on AWS to analyze data it stores in Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. Learn more

MatchMove Case Study

MatchMove is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company providing a fully supported mobile wallet that businesses can easily integrate with their own systems or applications. In addition to four AWS core services—Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon RDS—the company uses AWS Marketplace to quickly deploy third-party software from Sophos, NGINX, and Trend Micro that enhance product performance and protects clients’ financial data. Learn more

City of Newport/Pinacl case study

Using AWS, the City of Newport in Wales, UK, deployed smart city Internet of Things solutions to improve air quality, flood control, and waste management in just a few months—as opposed to the year or more it would have taken using traditional server infrastructure. Newport is a vibrant city seeking to invigorate its economy and improve quality of life for citizens and visitors using forward-thinking technology. Through AWS Marketplace, Newport licenses Davra Networks, which runs on AWS IoT. Learn more

City of Newport/Pinacl case study

By using AWS and ScaleArc to power its sensor ingestion services, Sixgill is able to analyze and process on average 3 TB of sensor data per day from 50 million devices. Sixgill provides a complete platform-as-a-service solution that enables unified ingestion and processing of sensor data for the rapid and uniform development of enterprise applications. Sixgill uses ScaleArc load balancing software acquired from AWS Marketplace to scale their underlying SQL Server databases and handle underlying platform challenges, subsequently enabling Sixgill to ingest and analyze sensor data more efficiently and effectively. Learn more

Rent-a-Center/AlertLogic case study

Using AWS Marketplace, Rent-A-Center adopted Alert Logic cloud security as a service to reduce management overhead, simplify regulatory compliance, and gain the freedom to innovate rapidly while protecting data. Rent-A-Center operates more than 3,000 stores in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, offering name-brand furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers through easy, affordable rent-to-own agreements. Rent-A-Center uses Alert Logic from AWS Marketplace for complete protection across its AWS environment, including advanced threat detection, monitoring, and alerting, fully managed 24/7 by security experts. Learn more

Technip Service Catalog case study

TechnipFMC enhances security, provisions IT services quickly, and creates a repeatable foundation for future application migrations using the AWS Service Catalog. The company offers global project management, engineering, and construction services to organizations in the energy industry. TechnipFMC will use the AWS Service Catalog to provision and deploy IT services through a central console. Learn more

VergeHealth Service Catalog case study

Verge Health empowers more than 900 healthcare organizations to proactively protect and defend patients, caregivers, and organizations against errors, adverse events, and policy violations in order to achieve optimal quality and safety results. The Converge Platform is a comprehensive, enterprise software solution offering a secure workspace with built-in workflow for high-risk and high-liability data. With Converge, hospital systems have a cross-functional, proactive surveillance tool that is always on—highlighting issues and supporting a rapid response to any and all events. Learn more

SimplePay Customer logo

SimplePay, based in Sydney Australia, lets businesses and consumers securely send and receive payments online or through their mobile phones. Using Riverbed SteelConnect in AWS Marketplace, SimplePay has deployed several gateways in AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to handle thousands of transactions per second — with heavy database use that must replicate and synchronize throughout the world. Watch the video to learn more. Learn more

Wiley Service Catalog case study

Wiley is using AWS to give developers self-service capabilities, launch new applications in minutes instead of weeks, and enable the creation of new digital publishing platforms. The largest publisher on behalf of scholarly societies, Wiley publishes peer-reviewed scholarly research across many disciplines including science, technology, and social sciences. The company uses AWS and AWS Service Catalog to enable next-generation publishing platforms to accelerate its growth in scholarly publishing. Learn more

Philips/Redshift case study

The healthcare division of Philips provides solutions for diagnostic, treatment and preventative care in the U.S. The division uses data to drive decisions, and when its on-premises database solutions couldn’t handle the amount of data in 37 million records, the company turned to AWS. Philips set up Attunity CloudBeam, an AWS Marketplace product for Amazon Redshift, in less than one minute to simplify, accelerate and automate data transfers to the AWS Cloud. Before AWS, the company’s fastest data transfers were 434 records per minute. Using AWS, the company transferred 37 million records in 90 minutes and can optimize large data sets within two hours. Learn more

Sage Human Capital/TIBCO Jaspersoft case study

Sage Human Capital, based in San Bruno, California, provides a cloud-based “talent-as-a-service” recruiting platform for businesses seeking to fill executive and non-executive rolls. Sage doubled its business revenue with half the staff using a solution from AWS Marketplace. The company uses TIBCO Jaspersoft, a reporting and analytics platform available in AWS Marketplace, to provide its HR clients with an analytics solution that accelerates hiring by delivering a detailed view of each stage of the job candidate pipeline. Learn more

Europol/Barracuda case study

Using AWS, Europol made its anti-ransomware website available in three days, supported 2.6 million visitors on the first day, and has supported 12 million visitors since the website’s launch. Europol, the European Union’s law-enforcement agency, assists European Union member states in their fight against international crime and terrorism. A joint effort between AWS, Intel Security, and AWS Marketplace seller Barracuda Networks helped deliver Europol’s website solution. To learn more, watch the video. Learn more

Apposphere/ case study

Using AWS and from the AWS Marketplace, Apposphere can scale 50 to 60 percent month-over-month while keeping customer satisfaction high. Based in Austin, Texas, the Apposphere mobile app delivers real-time leads from social media channels. AWS supports Apposphere’s complete technology stack—including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, mobile services that support the company’s mobile app, as well as deep-learning solutions. Watch the video to learn more. Learn more

Vango/Nventify case study

Using Nventify's Imagizer Media from AWS Marketplace, Vango can now build its digital-media products faster to generate more revenue. Located in San Francisco, CA, Vango is an online marketplace that helps art lovers find and purchase art online. Vango uses Nventify's Imagizer Media Engine for AWS to efficiently manipulate and manage images, support new interfaces in its applications, build images for its branding and digital assets, and prototype new designs. Learn more

Using AWS and HPE StormRunner, Codefresh reduces support cases by 40 percent and identifies performance degradation much earlier in the product lifecycle, allowing staff to focus on developing features, working with customers, and growing the business. Located in Mountain View, California, Codefresh is a container platform that accelerates the building, testing, and deploying of containers as applications on demand. Codefresh uses HPE StormRunner Load from AWS Marketplace as its load-testing solution. Learn more

Goodwill/N2W case study

Goodwill Industries has increased uptime for its stores, schools, and offices, can back up servers hourly, and can restore servers within moments of failure using AWS. Headquartered in Maple Shade, New Jersey, Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to put people to work and help them realize their economic potential. Goodwill uses Cloud Protection Manager by N2W Software—a seller in the AWS Marketplace—for backup and disaster recovery to protect all of its data, systems, and assets. To learn more, watch the video. Learn more

Makerbot/Matillion case study

Headquartered in New York City, MakerBot is a desktop 3D-printing company with more than 100 thousand customers using its 3D printers. Additionally, MakerBot hosts an online community website with more than two million active users per month and more than 1.5 million 3D-printing projects. Using AWS Marketplace and Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift to understand exactly what its customers need, MakerBot is able to test, innovate, and go to market faster, fulfilling its vision to become truly customer-centric. Watch the video to learn more. Learn more