Together, AppDynamics and AWS are hugely strategic to our company’s continued innovation.
Scott Strickland Chief Information Officer, Wyndham Hotel Group

Wyndham Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest hospitality firms, operating more than 8,400 franchised hotels (including Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Ramada, and Super 8) worldwide. It also operates a vacation exchange and rentals segment, as well as Wyndham Vacation Ownership.

  • Enabled user session tracking
  • Enabled system performance alerts
  • Seamlessly migration 8,400 hotels to AWS
  • Increased mobile bookings by 75 percent

Wyndham Hotel Group (WHG), one of the world's largest hospitality firms, is dedicated to customer satisfaction. That means giving its hotel owners the right technology to deliver the best possible digital experiences for its guests. However, the company needed to improve systems, including a website for platinum users—the highest tier of customer reward members. The site experienced slow response times, which affected customer satisfaction for the company’s most critical members. Wyndham also had limited insight into how mobile users were engaging with Wyndham apps. “We knew we needed to evolve our digital platforms to meet our customers’ changing needs,” says Scott Strickland, the chief information officer of Wyndham Hotel Group.

Wyndham was in the process of moving to a collocated data center to host its websites and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it worked with AWS Partner Network (APN) partner AppDynamics to facilitate the process. Wyndham discovered, procured, and implemented AppDynamics Application And Business Performance Monitoring software directly from AWS Marketplace and immediately began monitoring its websites and applications in the AWS Cloud. For Wyndham, the partnership between AWS and AppDynamics—two of its top-five vendors—was critical. “AppDynamics is essential to everything in my business,” says Strickland. “Nothing happens in WHG IT without AppDynamics.”

With help from AppDynamics, Wyndham migrated 8,400 hotels across 18 brands to the AWS Cloud. Wyndham used the AppDynamics solution to transfer and monitor data across multiple applications—to understand data flow and to find out how long transactions took, benchmarking before, during, and after the migration. AppDynamics also helped to accelerate User Acceptance Testing during the migration process and ensured application performance and availability were maintained, validating the success of the migration.

Using the AppDynamics solution, Wyndham maintained optimal performance throughout the migration. It can now track user sessions to understand how much time users spend on each view, filter and analyze by geography or device type, and receive proactive alerts and analysis before applications crash. These additional metrics gave Wyndham a holistic view of its applications and more accurate data on how users interact with its apps, down to the design and feature level.

By enabling better performance and better customer experiences, Wyndham has also seen a 75 percent increase in mobile bookings. Strickland says, “Together, AppDynamics and AWS are hugely strategic to our company’s continued innovation.”

To find out more about how AppDynamics supported Wyndham, watch How AWS Partner AppDynamics Helped Wyndham Hotels Migrate to AWS.


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