DevOps Tools in AWS Marketplace

Solutions available in AWS Marketplace can help you reduce cycle times from code changes to feature release and continuously improve on delivering more value to customers, faster.

Move ideas into production faster

Development teams are increasingly adopting DevOps practices to improve the speed and quality of how applications are built, tested, and delivered. Whether you are just beginning your journey, or are well on your way to formalizing core DevOps practices, AWS Marketplace offers the guidance and tools needed to help evolve your approach.

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Core DevOps practices

See how to use modern application development tools and techniques with AWS and third-party solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

CI/CD pipelines

Analytical platform
CI/CD pipelines

Integrate and automate the flow of code across all phases of delivery from development to customer value in production.

Code repos & artifact

Analytical platform
Code repos and artifact management

Optimize integration, code quality, and collaboration with a single source of truth for artifacts as they move across the pipeline.

Continuous testing

Analytical platform
Continuous testing

Implement automated testing at the right phase across the pipeline to ensure high quality experiences for users.


Analytical platform
Incident management

Manage risk and application security across every phase of your software delivery pipeline.

Incident management

Analytical platform
Incident management

Provide immediate feedback to Ops, Dev, and QA teams when incidents occur so they have the information at hand for a quick fix.

Infrastructure as code

Analytical platform
Infrastructure as code

Manage infrastructure deployment, destruction, and configuration for consistent, automated dev, test, and staging environments.

Observability and monitoring

Analytical platform
Observability and monitoring

Know how elements of your applications interact and perform, when and where issues arise, and how to fix and prevent them.

Key benefits of using AWS Marketplace

Building your DevOps practice with third-party solutions in AWS Marketplace provides the following benefits:

Find solutions 46% faster*

Find the market-leading tools you need to orchestrate your ideal DevOps toolchain.

Adopt new tools 53% faster*

Try leading-edge developer tools and simplify procurement with integrated AWS billing.

Deploy your way, 48% faster*

Deploy DevOps solutions with methods that best fit your use-case using containers, SaaS, AMIs, APIs, CloudFormation Templates, and more.

Trust AWS interoperable technologies

Count on tools that are designed for AWS interoperability and are regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities.

*2020 Amazon Web Services Marketplace online survey with 500 IT decision-makers and influencers in the U.S


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