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Organizations are increasingly adopting SaaS solutions to help them drive business objectives while lowering overhead. Line of business (LOB) leaders can choose from a catalog of commercial applications to transform the customer experience, enhance business agility, and drive operational efficiency. By using SaaS solutions available in AWS Marketplace, enterprises can offload infrastructure management and focus on the business goals that matter the most.

Business continuity in response to COVID-19


In this webinar, AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange join forces to develop plans to enable safe return-to-work.


Drive operational efficiency


Streamline operations and enhance cloud management by optimizing infrastructure, and resources to keep cost under control.

Transform customer experience


Take customer experience to a new level. Improve customer service and provide relevant, personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Enhance business agility


Enhance business agility with proven technologies and platforms. Modernizing from legacy to SaaS applications accelerates time to value.


Advance your digital transformation, and enable your business to:  

▶ Increase speed, quality, and return on investment (ROI): lack of visibility is often the root cause of operational inefficiencies manifested in unwanted bottlenecks, and poor financial results. Increase cloud usage efficiency while decreasing and eliminating redundancies, and waste, to drive better ROI.

▶ Deliver enhanced customer experiences: fragmented systems, scattered customer touchpoints, and opaque sales pipelines are common reasons why companies struggle to provide great customer experiences. SaaS-based solutions with easy integrations enable quick deployment that improves the overall customer experience.

▶ Adapt quickly to changing market needs: inefficient collaboration and gaps in the employee skill set can inhibit the adoption of modern applications and processes.

Business Applications use cases

  • Below is a sample of AWS Marketplace use cases for modernizing IT infrastructure, workloads, and business processes.

    Cloud cost management

    Deploy solutions to help optimize, visualize, and control cloud spend.

    IT resource optimization

    Deploy solutions that optimize AWS applications and resources.

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Eliminate data redundancy, inventory inaccuracy, and insufficient reporting.

  • Here are some use cases that help managing contact centers, and customer relationships.

    Workforce optimization

    Solutions that increase employee efficiency through planning, tracking, and overall schedule management.

    Contact management

    Solutions that improve customer experience across multiple channels such as email, voice, or SMS.

  • Here are some use cases that illustrate how to cost-effectively strengthen skills, and enhance productivity.

    Training and certification

    Develop expertise in cloud disciplines, and prepare for certifications.

AWS Marketplace Resource Hub 
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Why AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a digital software catalog that makes it easy to find, try, buy, deploy, and manage software that runs on AWS. AWS Marketplace includes over a hundred SaaS business applications listings from independent software vendors. These applications enable organizations to customize solutions that achieve their unique needs and business outcomes.

Buying applications from AWS Marketplace also makes it easier for organizations to:

Accelerate migration to AWS

Accelerate migration to AWS with the ability to easily find, purchase, and deploy matching software available in AWS Marketplace from an existing inventory of on-premises applications or alternative products in the same category.

Support security management

Optimize application management with control over your business applications portfolio. Drive consistency and policy compliance by reducing risk of one-off purchases. Lower maintenance costs with SaaS solutions and free up your team to focus on what matters most.

Simplify contracting, speed procurement, and get optimal software pricing
Simplify contracting, speed procurement, and get optimal software pricing with pre-reviewed standardized cloud license terms. These terms help businesses get faster placement and customized pricing from selected software vendors and consulting partners in AWS Marketplace. Learn more
Accelerate innovation and time to market

Accelerate time to market by choosing from deployment options that fit your policies, licensing terms, and more. Deploy software across global Regions to quickly scale up and meet region-specific workload requirements.

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