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Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics-powered engagement solutions help contact centers create superior customer and agent experiences across all channels.

Contact Management Software for Businesses

Use contact management software in AWS Marketplace to improve contact center effectiveness, reduce supply chain costs, maximize ROI on web self-service, and deliver consistently excellent customer experience. 

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eGain Solve for Amazon Connect supports the contact management customer experience across multiple touchpoints. Its digital-first, omnichannel advisor desktop is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), organizational knowledge, and analytics. Analytics sources include messaging, SMS, in-app, social, web, email, cobrowse, video, click to call, phone, and virtual assistance through Alexa. The solution enables improvement in key business areas such as agent time-to-competency, Net Promoter Score (NPS), First-Contact Resolution (FCR), and self-service deflection.

 eGain Solve for Amazon Connect features include:

  • Digital-first, omnichannel desktop
  • Virtual assistant delivers Amazon Alexa-based self-service
  • Single-sourced content management with multi-step approval workflow
  • Auditable publishing of policies and procedures
  • Ready to use reports and configurable dashboards
  • Journey analytics for A/B testing

How it works

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A British digital communications company with thousands of advisors spread across several countries saw inconsistent customer service results for a variety of reasons. They implemented eGain's technology and realized customer service improvements such as FCR raised to 85%, NPS improvement by 20 points. Agent training time was reduced by 43%, and speed-to-competency of agents improved by 50%.

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You could prove it statistically time and time again. People long-term, new starters, that were following Guided Help had better performance metrics than those who didn’t follow it correctly.

            Head of Customer Technology and Innovation, Leading UK Telco


Gyst is a web API-based service for optimizing your Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex voice applications. Gyst enhances intelligent virtual agents (IVA), interactive voice response (IVR), and other self-service channels to help call centers achieve higher success rates with self-service. Call centers benefit from lower operating costs, increased satisfaction for voice self-service customers, and actionable insights that help guide digital transformation strategies.

Gyst features include:

  • Anonymous operation
  • Personalized menu navigation
  • Real-time behavior-based adjustments
  • Adaptive playback speed, response times, and prompting based on machine learning
  • Advanced interaction analytics
  • Intelligent opt-out

How it works

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A Turkish telco and hosted voice services provider wanted to improve self-service customer success rates in their IVR system. They turned to Gyst to help them reduce operating costs (OpEx), improve the customer experience (CX), and gain actionable insights into caller behavior. Since implementing Gyst, the provider realized a 20% increase in caller use of the IVR along with a 16% decrease in caller error/re-prompting rates. In addition, the average handle time (AHT) for self-service calls was reduced by 11 seconds.

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As a result of using Gyst, we were able to reduce costs, provide better customer service, and discover new ways to improve our existing call flows.

            – Head of Customer Experience Innovation, Leading Turkish Telecom Provider


Operata is a performance monitoring solution and experience monitoring platform for Amazon Connect. Operata continuously measures performance to deliver the best possible customer experience (CX). It gathers information across the environment, providing real-time consolidate insights for every voice interaction. Operata proactively manages end-to-end service quality by detecting issues, capturing the details needed to understand and resolve issues quickly.

Operata for Amazon Connect, Monthly features include:

  • Customized, hosted, and managed Amazon Connect-as-a-Service
  • Continuous performance monitoring to benchmark, analyze, and improve your CX
  • Automated testing validates scaling, troubleshoots issues, and analyzes fixes
  • CX insights and analytics collected across all calls and AWS Connect

How it works

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Healthdirect Australia

Healthdirect Australia needed to provide a national helpline for Australians to receive trusted information and advice about COVID-19. Knowing Amazon Connect provided the solution it needed, Healthdirect used Operata to create multiple campaigns that tested its performance and contact flow logic under load. After more than 21,000 test calls in two hours, only two failed to answer within 0.3 seconds at full load. The national helpline successfully launched within five days.

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Delivering the government's National Coronavirus Helpline on time meant we needed to work quickly and bring on agile partners that could provide assurance that we could scale up safely and with confidence.

            – Grant Sayer, Chief Technology Officer, Healthdirect Australia


SingleComm Intelligent Desktop allows contact centers to build, test, and deploy dynamic agent-customer guided interactions. Using a drag and drop query, the solution reduces the need for programming, creating simpler workflows, and more seamless engagement. SingleComm allows you to create bespoke interactions to help maximize outcomes and satisfaction scores for sales, customer support, and tech support calls without coding.

SingleComm Intelligent Desktop features include:

  • Integrated agent dashboard
  • Flow visualization
  • Flow creation
  • Complete business intelligence (BI) reporting suite
  • Custom integration support for customer relationship management (CRM) tools

How it works

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Beachbody needed to modify up to 75 promotional scripts across a dozen call centers to tailor customer offers during peak season. The SingleComm Intelligent Desktop solution helped Beachbody to drive revenue growth through increased staffing efficiencies and script validation. Beachbody has also reduced the time to market (TTM) of script changes from six weeks to a few days.

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[Technology] latency issues don’t exist with the SingleComm solution. We needed a provider who understood the direct response space and was very responsive and that is exactly what the SingleComm team is all about.

            – Lee Swanson, SVP of Telemarketing, Beachbody