Private Marketplace

Create a customized private catalog of pre-approved products from AWS Marketplace

Private Marketplace is a customized digital catalog that includes authorized software products from AWS Marketplace. With Private Marketplace, administrators can choose from thousands of listings in AWS Marketplace to create a curated list of products their users can purchase. Private Marketplace helps administrators govern which products they want their users to run on AWS by making it possible to see only products that comply with their company’s procurement policy. Once a Private Marketplace is created users can find, buy, and deploy products selected by their administrators, and take advantage of all of the benefits of AWS Marketplace.

To help users know they're in an approved and supported environment, administrators can also customize Private Marketplace with a company logo, color scheme, and messaging. Any new accounts added to an AWS Organizations associated with a Private Marketplace will automatically have access to all authorized products for their company.

Users in a Private Marketplace can launch products knowing that all products in their Private Marketplace comply with their company's procurement policies. When users search for products in Private Marketplace, they can see which products are labeled as “Approved for Procurement” and quickly filter between their company's catalog and the full catalog of software products in AWS Marketplace.

For more information, see the Private Marketplace Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Private Marketplace?

Enterprises and mid-market customers looking to control their third-party software procurement process on AWS should use Private Marketplace. Private Marketplace empowers companies to manage which products their users can purchase through a single master account, typically owned by an administrator. This helps legal, procurement, and security approvers oversee what products are used for cloud-based workloads.

Can I set customized user policies in Private Marketplace?

You can use a series of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to control which users can perform which actions in Private Marketplace. This includes which users can add products, remove products, purchase products, modify the look and feel, or enable and disable Private Marketplace. You can use AWS managed policies to assign permissions for common personas or use IAM to write custom policies for more control.

How does Private Marketplace work with AWS Service Catalog?

Private Marketplace and AWS Service Catalog are complementary, and can be used at different points of the procurement and deployment process. Private Marketplace governs what software users can procure from third parties. AWS Service Catalog controls what software users deploy, which includes approved configurations and instance sizes from both third parties and solutions built in-house.

Can I share my Private Marketplace via AWS Organizations?

After you configure Private Marketplace in your master account, it is applied to all the accounts in your AWS Organizations. You can create one Private Marketplace for each AWS Organizations.

How do I get started?

If you’re an administrator, visit Getting Started with Private Marketplace. Private Marketplace is already available for all master accounts in AWS Marketplace. You can also see the Private Marketplace Guide for more information.