AWS Marketplace Channel

The AWS Marketplace Channel enables AWS Consulting Partners to recommend and deliver software for their customers to help build and grow their AWS-based business.

AWS Marketplace is a digital software catalog with 4200+ product listings from 1400+ ISVs for AWS Consulting Partners and Customers to use when transitioning software from on-premises to cloud, or when building and managing new solutions for customers.

This video provides an overview of the Channel Incentive Program (ChIP) and Seller Private Offers.

AWS Marketplace Channel Programs & Features

Leveraging AWS Marketplace Channel Programs enable AWS Consulting Partners of all sizes to recommend and deliver software to their customers, growing their AWS-based business. We’re building programs to help our ISV Partners build or migrate a cloud-native Channel ecosystem, the AWS Marketplace Channel Program reduces Channel conflict and makes procurement via a cloud software Marketplace simple.

Consulting Partner Private Offers

Consulting Partner Private Offers

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can authorize Consulting Partners to own and maintain the financial and contractual relationship with customers in AWS Marketplace. By adding support for Consulting Partners, this feature provides customers with access to a broad and global selection of resellers with specialized skills in a particular technology such as networking, expertise in a solution area such as security, or best practice knowledge of business verticals such as healthcare. Customers can also add professional services like enhanced support terms into their offer and work with their Consulting Partner to receive custom pricing and end-user licensing terms that meet the needs of their business. Offers from Consulting Partners are extended and managed through Seller Private Offers.

Participating Consulting Partners 

Participating Independent Software Vendors

AWS Consulting Partners can negotiate custom pricing, contract, and EULA terms with an AWS Marketplace Seller, and bill their customers for the purchase. This program enables buyers to receive private pricing on software solutions listed in AWS Marketplace software.

AWS Solution Providers can purchase software on behalf of their customers via AWS Marketplace, and receive incentives for doing so. Resellers participating in this program can build channel relationships with participating ISVs and use AWS Marketplace to grow their AWS-based business.

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Why leverage AWS Marketplace?


Speed of business

AWS Marketplace purchases appear as a line item on the customer’s AWS bill, so there is no need to create an additional PO. This can shorten the transaction time from months to days.

Breadth of choice

Customers have an approved software vendor list with pre-negotiated billing contracts.  Consulting Partners can introduce new software options to their customers.

Fewer legal objections

Seller Private Offers gives our Consulting Partners the ability to replace the standard software EULA with an existing MSA, a custom EULA, or our Enterprise Contract terms.

Operational efficiency

The increased speed of business, software choice & legal simplification of AWS Marketplace offers resellers the ability to spend more time engaging in higher value professional services.

Meet spend commitments

Certain purchases on AWS Marketplace can contribute towards AWS customer spend commitments, and can be recognized toward APN revenue goals.

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