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Reselling AWS Marketplace Professional Services

AWS Marketplace Professional Services help customers find and get professional services from trusted providers to manage third-party software running in AWS or to build on AWS. Whether you need help with deploying new services, migrating applications, or supporting existing applications, AWS Marketplace connects you with AWS Partners with professional services that can help.

ISVs use professional services in AWS Marketplace to sell implementation or premium support services for their products to optimize customer experiences. ISVs also want to give channel partners the ability to resell their professional services with their products to provide a holistic offering to end customers.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of AWS Marketplace professional services resell in AWS Marketplace. This new feature lets both ISVs and channel partners resell professional services using Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO).

This feature lets customers purchase professional services through their preferred partners, so professional services sellers can let partners resell their implementation and support services to expand offerings to customers.

Tom Evans, VP of WW Channel Sales, Palo Alto Networks, said, “This collaboration offers partners an expanded opportunity to tap into the swiftly evolving security landscape. With the ability for Palo Alto Networks to authorize our professional services to be resold by partners, we can let partners furnish their clients with top-tier security solutions, safeguarding networks against the latest threats. It’s a mutually beneficial proposition, enabling partners to expand their business while delivering cutting-edge protection.”

Palo Alto Networks offers implementation, assessments, and premium support for various security products. Now, with CPPO for professional services, Palo Alto Networks can let channel partners resell these services, as part of a security solution for customers.

As highlighted by James Beasley, VP of AWS Alliance, Palo Alto Networks, “The partnership between Palo Alto Networks and AWS unifies cloud security and networking expertise. By offering our resellers the capability to provide clients with a comprehensive and secure cloud solution through AWS Marketplace, we can work with channel partners to provide end-to-end security for end customers.” This feature enhances the channel’s ability to offer value-added services and allows trusted partners the services to address dynamic cybersecurity requirements of an increasingly cloud-centric world.

How it works

AWS Marketplace Sellers, including ISVs and channel partners can now authorize other AWS Marketplace Sellers to resell their services through CPPO. These services can include implementation, assessments, managed services, training, and premium support. Professional services sellers can create a resale authorization for another ISV or channel partner to resell their professional services in AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). Once a resale authorization is created, the reseller can customize pricing, contract terms, and billing options on the private offer and send it to customers.

This feature is unique, as it is the first time both ISVs and channel partners will be able to resell through the CPPO feature. This feature unlocks the ability for:

  • Channel partners to resell another ISV’s professional services.
  • ISVs to resell another channel partner’s professional services.
  • Channel partners to resell another channel partner’s professional services.
  • ISVs to resell another ISV’s professional services.

Let’s walk through how an ISV can authorize a channel partner to resell implementation services:

Create a resale authorization for AWS Marketplace professional services product

The ISV can create a resale authorization in the Partners tab within the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. Here, they can include opportunity details such as: partners authorized to resell services, discount type, services to authorize for resell, opportunity duration, buyer account ID (optional), and legal terms.

Resale Authorization

From this page, you can add:

  • Opportunity details for easier tracking in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal and seller reports.
  • Resellers that are able to take advantage of the resale authorization opportunity you created.
  • Discount types that can be issued in multiple ways:
    • Individual pricing applies specific discounts to specific services.
    • Flexible Payment Scheduler (FPS) is a custom payment schedule.
  • Time duration can be authorized in a CPPO for one of three following duration options:
    • Single use applies to one opportunity and is no longer applicable once the partner creates the private offer.
    • Specific time duration lasts for a period that is no longer applicable after a date selected by the ISV.
    • No set time duration lasts until ended by one of the involved parties.
  • Buyer account ID can be optionally added for specific buyer accounts.
  • Legal terms can include a statement of work (SOW) for services, and inclusion for an optional reseller agreement.

Once complete, you can review the opportunity and choose “Create opportunity.”  This will now show up as an active opportunity in your Partners tab.

For a complete walkthrough of creating a resale authorization, refer to the ISV Self-Service Authorization Guide.  

Create a CPPO for AWS Marketplace Professional Services

Offer for CPPO proserve

Once the resale authorization has been created, the channel partner will see the resale authorization created by the ISV in the Opportunities received section of the Partners tab. They can choose the opportunity to resell and click “create offer” on the top right.

When the channel partner creates the offer, they can include details such as time duration, payment schedule, SOW, and offer expiration date. After these details are submitted, the channel partner can review the offer and extend the offer to the end customer.

For a complete walkthrough of creating a Channel Partner Private Offer, refer to the Channel Partner Private Offer Creates guide.  

Offer created and buyer acceptance

After the channel partner has published the offer, the buyer will receive a notification with the relevant offer details and a link to accept the offer. The notification will be sent to the email address associated with the buyer’s AWS account ID. Buyers will also be able to view the offer on the Private Offers page in the AWS Marketplace Console.

Once the buyer accepts the offer, it’s time to deliver these services to the customer.

Invoicing and payment

The AWS account will pay AWS based on the identified payment schedule and pay the ISV and channel partner for the wholesale cost and margin. AWS Marketplace sellers can choose either a daily or monthly disbursement cadence based on their disbursement preferences.


Check out the Channel Partner Private Offers page to learn more about reselling professional services through AWS Marketplace. To start selling professionals services on AWS Marketplace, visit the AWS Marketplace Professional Services page.

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