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How to set seller disbursement preferences in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace now enables sellers, including independent software vendors (ISVs) and channel partners, to set disbursement preferences to receive their outstanding balances.

You can select either daily or monthly disbursements. In addition, for the monthly disbursement option, you can select the day of the month to receive the disbursement. Previously, disbursements were only monthly.

These options help you by:

  1. Minimizing the time between a buyer purchasing your AWS Marketplace product or service and you receiving the payment.
  2. Aligning your AWS Marketplace payments to your existing accounting processes. With shorter disbursement cycles, you’ll experience improvements in accounts receivable collections, cash flow cycles, and sales compensation cycles for your business.
  3. Improving your revenue recognition with earlier disbursements and decreasing your days sales outstanding.

You only need to set your disbursement option once, and it will apply to all your products and services in AWS Marketplace.


The following prerequisites are required to schedule disbursements:

Solution overview: Using the daily disbursements feature in AWS Marketplace

To set your disbursement preference, follow the instructions outlined in the  AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: Which sellers are eligible to receive daily disbursements?
    A: All sellers in AWS Marketplace, including ISVs and Channel Partners, can opt in to daily disbursements.
  2. Q: Are daily disbursements automatically enabled for all sellers?
    A: No. Enabling daily disbursements is an opt-in feature. You must explicitly select your preferred disbursement frequency (daily or monthly) in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.
  3. Q: I’m a seller. How do I opt in to daily disbursements?
    A: To select the daily disbursement option, refer to the  AWS Marketplace Seller Guide. To access the Disbursement Preference options, the Seller should be granted access via fine grained IAM permissions, refer to the Policies and permissions for AWS Marketplace sellers.
  4. Q: How does my reporting experience change after switching to daily disbursements?
    A: The reporting experience will not change. The disbursement reporting will reflect the disbursement frequency selected by you (daily or monthly).
  5. Q: Can I customize the selection at an individual product or service level?
    A: No. This feature is applicable at the account level.
  6. Q: After I configure disbursement as daily or monthly (with a specific date), can I change it later?
    A: Yes, you can switch between daily and monthly disbursements at any time. With the monthly option, you can change the specific date as well.


In this post, we introduced a new feature that will enable you to select between a daily or a monthly disbursement of payments from your buyers. With monthly disbursement, you can also select the date on which you would like to receive the disbursement. We also showed you how you can set or update these disbursement preferences using your AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

For more information, visit the  AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.

For information on how to get started on AWS Marketplace, visit the AWS Marketplace getting started guide.

As the next step, we encourage you to configure this feature in your AWS Marketplace account using your AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

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