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Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Data Providers, and Consulting Partners can sell their software, services, and data in AWS Marketplace to millions of AWS customers.  AWS Marketplace, jointly with AWS Partner Network (APN), helps ISVs and Consulting Partners to build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical and marketing support.



Innovate with flexibility as you deploy your solution as SaaS, AMI, Container, or Data and make it available for customers around the globe or certain countries you specify.

Our seller guide provides a complete an overview of all the product types supported on AWS Marketplace.
→ Focus on building your product while AWS Marketplace manages metering, billing, collections, and payment disbursements.
→ AWS Marketplace supports numerous pricing options for your software including bring your own license (BYOL), pay-as-you-go and long-term commitment plans.



Grow demand for your listed solution in AWS Marketplace by reaching, engaging, and converting your prospective buyers.

→ Build your GTM foundation using self-service AWS Marketplace Seller GTM Academy to develop and execute campaigns.
→ Accelerate your GTM execution with standardized and custom demand generation packages and flexible GTM support.
→ Scale your growth with programmatic access to GTM investments, resources and AWS-led campaign inclusion.



Accelerate transaction time and reduce friction in the procurement process.

→ Customize prices, payment schedules, and licensing agreement terms through Private Offers and accelerate procurement with standardized license terms.

→ Expand your reach by partnering with Consulting Partners to sell your solution. Consulting Partners can customize pricing, license terms, and provide additional services they wish to include.

→ Seamlessly upgrade and renew existing SaaS contracts to keep up with changing business needs.

Unlock agility, alongside governance tools that improve transparency and control

Learn how to balance agile innovation with governance in the cloud with AWS Marketplace features such as Seller Private Offers, Private Marketplace, and Procurement System Integration, and data offerings from AWS Data Exchange, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Control Tower.

Benefits of selling in AWS Marketplace

Easy Software Delivery

Deliver your software as an easy-to-build AMI, SaaS, container or data product, and take advantage of quick deployment options. Enable customers to deploy your software in minutes.

Multiple pricing options

See the way your customers need to buy. AWS Marketplace supports pay-as-you-go and long-term commitment plans, Private Offers, and flexible payment schedules.  

Simplified Billing & Payments

Leave the metering, billing, collections, and disbursement of payments to AWS – focus on marketing and selling your software.

In-depth guidance

Take advantage of the Management Portal to better build and analyze your business. AWS Marketplace provides an in-depth guidance to help reach out to your customers.

Growth through Consulting Partners

ISVs can expand their business to new customers by inviting Consulting Partners to sell products on your behalf. AWS will take care of making payments to all parties involved.

Automated Integration with APIs

With over a dozen APIs, you can publish your software and integrate with AWS Billing, and receive reporting, disbursements and tax collection all through APIs.

What success looks like for sellers in AWS Marketplace

Your business growth depends on your ability to quickly respond to—and even anticipate—your customers’ needs.

Working with AWS Marketplace simplifies how we fulfill for our client. We can move the software providers that we prefer to work with more easily onto customer projects using AWS marketplace provisioning.
—Kevin Jones, CEO, Rackspace Technology
AppDynamics has seen 5X higher average subscription price (ASP) for deals transacted in AWS Marketplace, when compared to ASPs for our direct deals. This is a significant AWS Marketplace value proposition.
—Angie Mistretta, CMO,  AppDynamics
We've got a great partnership with AWS. It cuts the sales cycle down when we use the AWS Marketplace by almost 50%.
—George Kurtz, CEO, Crowdstrike

Leverage Snowflake and AWS Marketplace to increase profits and accelerate time to market

Read this study to understand the potential financial impact of Snowflake as a platform for building applications and AWS Marketplace for procuring software.

Why buy in AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to find, testbuy, and deploy the third-party software you want, with the simplified procurement and controls you need.

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