Procurement System Integration

Integrate AWS Marketplace into your procurement system to help centralize governance for software provisioning.


Procurement System Integration is a feature that allow customers to integrate AWS Marketplace with procurement systems through an industry standard open communication protocol, Commerce XML (cXML).

With this feature, builders can find, buy, and deploy from thousands of solutions quickly, and IT Admins can streamline approvals and manage spend directly from their procurement system.

Introduction to Procurement System Integration (1:18)


  Centralize procurement

Customers can utilize their existing procurement system, Coupa or SAP Ariba, to manage procurement for their organization. Using Procurement System Integration, users can continue to use their existing processes when transacting in AWS Marketplace. Administrators maintain visibility and controls into the AWS Marketplace purchases made by their users. 

  Easily associate purchase order numbers

After the approvals are completed, the agreement in AWS Marketplace is programmatically created and the associated purchase order number is created in the procurement system. AWS automatically associates the purchase order numbers to cXML Invoices for Marketplace products transacted with either an upfront payment or a flexible pricing schedule (FPS).

  Streamline approvals

Procurement system integration uses punchout functionality, enabling users to bring the details of the requested subscription into their procurement system to complete the necessary approvals to transact. 

For Free/BYOL products, customers have the flexibility to enable auto approvals in AWS Marketplace.

How it works

A "PunchOut" integration is a common method that enables AWS Marketplace to make a direct connection with cXML procurement systems. AWS Marketplace supports punchouts to Coupa and SAP Ariba. Once a builder finds the software they need and clicks to request approval, AWS Marketplace redirects them back to their procurement system to complete a requisition request.

The details of the AWS Marketplace product listing are copied into the procurement system. The requesting user completes the purchase requisition, initiating approvals as configured within the procurement system. Once all necessary approvals are completed, the purchase order is transmitted to AWS through cXML and the subscription occurs programmatically, removing the need for a user to navigate back into AWS Marketplace to manually subscribe. The subscribing user’s account receives an email, notifying them that the agreement has been created. 

AWS Marketplace currently supports cXML invoicing only for Coupa. While pay-as-you-go products transacted through the integration are not supported with purchase order number associated cXML invoicing, customers may opt to utilize the AWS Purchase Order Management feature to govern the procurement and payment of these Marketplace products.  Read more details on the AWS Purchase Order Management page

Figure 1: Flow chart for "PunchOut" integration

Figure 2: Flow chart for approval and purchase processes

Coupa’s Open Buy Functionality
Builders can use their procurement system to find third-party software from thousands of software listings in AWS Marketplace through Open Buy.
Open Buy is a purchasing experience launched by Coupa, a leader in business spend management, which enables discovery of software listings from an in-tool search within their platform. This means search results from software listings in AWS Marketplace are shown directly in Coupa. When a builder wants to see more details about a software, they’re automatically redirected to AWS Marketplace through a " PunchOut" integration.
The combination of these methods provides a seamless experience for builders to find and buy software directly from procurement systems.


Users within Private Marketplace are defined by the policies AWS Identity and Access Management.

→ Administrators

Administrators configure the connection between AWS Marketplace and Coupa or SAP Ariba.

→ Users

User has access to subscribe in AWS Marketplace. When using procurement system integration, user submits subscription approval to initiative punchout to procurement system. User’s account is programmatically subscribed to product once required approvals are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can integrate with Coupa Software Inc and SAP Ariba.
  • You can purchase Amazon Machine Image (AMI), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Container products.
    Note: AMI contracts and container contracts are not currently supported.

  • A "PunchOut" integration is a common method that enables AWS Marketplace to make a direct connection with cXML procurement systems. This method enables you to discover the AWS Marketplace catalog in Coupa or SAP Ariba and get redirected to AWS Marketplace to learn more and buy the software you need. When you are ready to subscribe, AWS Marketplace redirects you back to your procurement system to complete your requisition request.

  • If the purchase requisition was approved, and you still do not see the subscription in the AWS Marketplace console, check to see if the private offer has expired, or if the seller changed the private offer expiration date. If you submit a private offer to Coupa for approval and the private offer expires or the seller changes the private offer expiration date while the approval is pending in Coupa, you must resend the revised private offer to Coupa for approval to successfully subscribe through the procurement system.

  • SAP Ariba customers can use their defined SAP Ariba purchasing process when transacting with AWS Marketplace. You initate a Supplier Relationship within SAP Ariba with AWS Marketplace. Once established and the AWS Marketplace catalog is published, you can PunchOut by selecting the AWS Marketplace which automatically redirects you into the AWS Marketplace website. When you are ready to subscribe, AWS Marketplace redirects you back to SAP Ariba to complete your requisition request.
  • AWS Marketplace and Amazon Business are separate and require different PunchOut integrations with Coupa and SAP Ariba. You can use Coupa or SAP Ariba to purchase the software and supplies you need for your business and centralize governance for your approval workflows and purchase order tracking. To learn more about the Amazon Business procurement system integration, visit here.

  • Private Marketplace is an optional and complementary feature to Procurement System Integration. With Private Marketplace, you can create a custom catalog of pre-approved software from AWS Marketplace. Once Private Marketplace is activated, your procurement system will automatically redirect to your Private Marketplace instead of AWS Marketplace. To learn more about Private Marketplace, visit this feature page.

  • If you have an account that has the AWSMarketplaceProcurementSystemAdminFullAccess IAM policy or an equivalent permission, visit the Procurement System Integration User Guide for detailed instructions on how to get started.

  • These are two separate features and customers can choose to enable either or neither, but not both simultaneously. Procurement Systems Integration enables an integrated experience for SaaS, AMI and Container products, and only supports cXML invoicing for AWS Marketplace products transacted with an upfront payment or a Flexible Payment Schedule (FPS). Purchase Order Management only supports SaaS Contract products as of now, with future capability of Purchase order support extension for all Product types. With Purchase Order Management for SaaS Contracts, the customer enters their purchase order number in a purchase order field immediately prior to contract / subscription creation in AWS Marketplace. The same purchase order number is referenced on out-of-cycle invoices for Marketplace subscriptions.

  • You can order PAYG products via either of the two options: 

    • Option 1: You can order directly through AWS Marketplace (for Coupa users that have "Redirect" enabled will need to first disable this feature).  Until AWS supports unique purchase order numbers for PAYG product subscriptions, eProcurement customers can follow the interim work around and procure PAYG products natively in AWS Marketplace. PAYG products are billed on the AWS Marketplace monthly anniversary invoice. 
    • Option 2: The current integration transfers the selected PAYG product to the Coupa/Ariba shopping cart at a default $10,000 blanket purchase order value. PAYG products are billed on the AWS Marketplace monthly invoice based on actual consumption. For more information about invoicing options for PAYG products please contact AWS Marketplace Procurement
    1. If you attempt to buy an unsupported product (for example, professional services) those do not get submitted back to the procurement system for approval.

    2. The redirect feature does not redirect purchases from other consoles (for example, EC2) to your procurement system.

    3. AMI contracts and Container contracts are not supported. The user will not see a "request for approval" button to route the purchase to the procurement system.

    4. For private offers with a flexible payment schedule, the total contract value is sent to Coupa as a single cart item. To view the flexible payment schedule, visit the private offer details on the AWS Marketplace website.

Why AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to find, testbuy, and deploy the third-party software you want, with the simplified procurement and controls you need.

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