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Consulting Partners Can Now Resell Software Solutions in AWS Marketplace

By Dave McCann, VP, AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog, and Migration Services at AWS

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows Consulting Partners to resell software solutions directly to customers in AWS Marketplace.

This new feature enables Consulting Partners to work with more than 1,400 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and expand the ways customers can purchase software in AWS Marketplace.

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Many AWS Customers prefer to purchase software solutions through Consulting Partners, benefiting from their knowledge of the customer’s business, localized support, and expertise. Partnering with Consulting Partners ensures that customers can deploy the right product at the right price for their business. Additionally, ISVs rely on Consulting Partners for scale, reach, specialization, and value-add services for their customers.

This new feature combines these benefits and enables Consulting Partners to work with customers from the start of their procurement process all the way to purchase.

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How Does it Work?

ISVs can now authorize Consulting Partners to be a reseller in AWS Marketplace. ISVs offer a wholesale price and enable Consulting Partners to create both high-volume transactions and negotiated register deals.

Consulting Partners can customize details like pricing, end-user licensing terms, and add professional services before working with an AWS Marketplace representative to extend an offer to customers with Seller Private Offers.

Through this new feature, Consulting Partners can compensate field teams more easily, as they now manage the customer relationship.

Once the customer accepts the offer, AWS Marketplace manages the billing and disburses to the Consulting Partner and ISV. This simplifies billing operations for both parties. Details on the transactions and payments are available in the monthly bill from AWS.

How Do I Get Started?

Here’s how to leverage this new feature if you are a Consulting Partner:

  • Step 1: Register to be a seller in AWS Marketplace if you’re not already. Learn more about registering on the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.
  • Step 2: Coordinate with the ISV to become an authorized reseller for a specific software solution. Check out our user guide for sellers to learn more.
  • Step 3: The ISV provides a wholesale cost for you to purchase the software in order to resell in AWS Marketplace. This enables you to create both high-volume transactions and negotiated register deals.
  • Step 4: Contact to create and extend an offer with Seller Private Offers.

Additional Resources

Please see the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide for details on how to become a reseller in AWS Marketplace.

You can also complete this form and an AWS Marketplace representative will reach out shortly to help you get started or answer any specific questions.